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A world full of magic and strong people. Everyone born with a unique ability of their own. A world filled with dungeons, monsters and demons. In the World of [The Third Calamity] humans are powerful enough to trample on mountains and pierce the sky into bits. What will happen when a 22 year old man named Ray finds himself in his favourite novel one day as an extra? Someone who's there just to be a spectator. Will he use his majestic ice powers and the knowledge of the future to become the most powerful or will he die like an extra? Is he an extra or a force to be reckon with? Come find out!! ---------------- 100 PS = 1 extra ch 200 PS = 2 extra ch 300 PS = 3 extra ch and so on *I advise y'all to read till ch 10 if you are considering to drop it. And I promise y'all that the quality of chapters increase over time by leaps and bounds. (Cover is not mine, if you want me to change it then just DM me on AuG#5623) https://discord.gg/SccHN48pey Join if you want, discord link. We can have some fun there!!


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