1 Subaru The Ass

Subaru is buying at the nearest 7 eleven.

He's probably buying drugs.

i don't know what he does.

he's a bitch.

"Wow this is such a good comic book. I do wonder why there's so many boobs in it. I mean I don't like it because there's boobs in it."

Subaru said with his raging hard boner erecting.


Subaru looks at the window.

"Did I just hear something or Is it me just being a dumb fuck."

Subaru scratches his ass as he goes to the counter of the Seven Eleven to buy the shit he just picked up and so the manga with boobs in it.

-Subaru, I know it hasn't reached like 2 minutes yet, but I'm just going to stupidly walk inside of this dangerous house okay?

-D-don't! Y-you'll get!-

Subaru scratches his head as he looks around before asking the cash guy infront of him.

"Hey are you hearing those voices too?"

"I don't hear anything. Except your stupidity"

"You can hear stupidity?"

Subaru asks.

-Gee sure is dark here.

I hope I don't get my abdomen sliced by a lady with big boo- Aukh!-

Subaru is now out of the Seven Eleven.

He's very tired.

"Jesus Christ, I hate my life..."

He rubs his eyes and he suddenly sees weird stuff like he's on drugs.


He rubs his eyes and its back where he was.


He rubs them again but this time he starts walking.

"I don't wanna live in real life anymore. I actually prefer to be in this world that is not going to torture me more"

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