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When the first 2 gods descended, they fell in love at first sight, and the moon god created several roses to gift to the sun god as a sign of his affection. Those same roses were then passed down to their descendants, mortals, to take care of them. Roses are usually red, but the first roses exist in different colors, and whenever a mortal pluck one of the original roses, they are blessed with unimaginable power. A few of the roses have been found, and several others are waiting for their chosen one, but one, in particular, has never even been spotted, the black rose. **************************************************************** P.S. Yes, as the tags said, there will be romance, but this is also action and comedy. All characters' art will be posted in the paragraph comment. All arts are AI-generated. **************************************************************** Disclaimer: Disclaimer: This novel contains depictions of various views, beliefs, and ideologies that are solely for fictional and narrative purposes. They do not necessarily reflect the personal views, beliefs, or opinions of the author. This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to real events, persons, living or dead, is coincidental. The author's intent is purely to create a work of fiction and not to endorse or promote any particular viewpoint or belief. **************************************************************** Created a Ko-fi account: Any dono is appreciated: ko-fi.com/perseus_silver

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Chapter 497: Silence (2)

|Author's note: No Ahmed_Hajwani, I will not make his parents join the harem, just putting it here if you haven't seen my reply.|

Perseus POV

We really located in a great location, we're surrounded by a bountiful forest while also having a lot of water sources nearby, though if the war does reach the tree, they'll definitely destroy those water sources, taking out the dangerous sea creatures along with them as well.

At least we've teleported a specific amount of the beasts, both on land and underwater, away in time to preserve them just in case we lose. If we lose, meaning that I die, the village will have to find a way to live underground till we emerge again someday when everyone weakens.

Or simply releasing our local wildlife into foreign ecosystems to infect it, shouldn't be that hard for us to get revenge one way or another.

I met with Grandpa Laker and other leading authority figures of the village who were now discussing how we're moving things forward. In the chief's will, he left out some plans and all the other things and pretty much the strategies have been the same.

Reiner has been making a name for himself as there's a rumor of Mark and Terrence working with a red knight, destroying every human and demon extremist out there. Tartia is also in the dumps as their king has been very depressed.

Angry too since I 'killed' his sons.

"What are your chances against the demon lord and heroes?" one of the aides asked

"I can win against either the heroes or the demon lord, but combined...I won't live, I'll need help."

"Hmm, alright, we'll have to change our plans on dealing with the other roses and generals."

"Yeah, the heroes are strong, I can tell that based on their strength, they can win against the demon lord if I wasn't involved, all they're lacking is teamwork, so we can exploit that."


Maple found us a nice cliff to overlook the sea and the sunset or whatever nearby, this woman really prepared since she brought along everything, she must have thought about this for a long time.

We just sat and ate there quietly for the so-called picnic date, we didn't say nor talk much and just focused on the scenery. My mind is just filled with whatever is happening around us during this time.

I know that I've prepared years for this war, but I thought that I'd be the guy cleaning everyone up, not having everyone gang up against me. Even then...it's definitely more exhausting than I've ever thought it to be, especially mentally.

She had insisted on this picnic to help me relax, yet my mind remained a battlefield of its own. How could I let my guard down when the next wave of the enemy could be just around the corner? How could I find solace in a moment of peace while my comrades depended on my unwavering focus?

"I know it's hard for you, but you can't carry the weight of the world on your shoulders. You're not alone in this." Maple said

"I know..."

"Just talk to us if you need to vent your frustrations, it can be the most mundane of things and I'll still listen to it."

"Thanks for the offer, but...for now, I think that I'm fine, I'm going to come around eventually. I always have."

"If that's what you prefer." Maple then leaned in to kiss me, "I'll wait."

"...well...I think I do have one confession..."

"What is it?"

"Lilith is having twins."

"She's WHAT?!"

"I know, she went from hating the so-called 'twin' comparison and having all that inferiority complex and isolating herself to being with the same guy her older sister is with, and well, she's now having twins."

"Does she know?"

"She doesn't...Dawn noticed it and told me. Lilith just thinks it's a regular pregnancy since she's never been pregnant before."

"Will you tell her?"

"Of course, but I'm scared to."


"When she asked me to...you know...give her a child, she said that she wants to have one and that's it, if she finds out, she's going to slap me and panic."

"That's...a fair reaction, but doesn't she deserve to know?"

"She'll find out eventually?"

"Yeah, but why not tell her now? Have her prepared for it?"

"She will slap me, you know that. She's more scared of being pregnant than anyone I know when even thought of having one of you be a surrogate mother. Took her a lot of courage to ask for a child."

"Come on, I'll be there with you, it's now or never. Don't worry, she has a very soft spot for me, she even dated you just so that she could protect me..."

"That's partially an excuse to get with me physically, you do know that, right?"

"...I know, but still, trust us."


"WHAT?!" Lilith exclaimed, "I'm having TWINS?!"

My cheek really hurt, like I think I blacked out for a moment from that slap, though Maple healed me.

"Oh my me, I already heard that one is the most painful experience and I'm having 2 of them?!" Lilith was showing a really funny and embarrassing side of herself, but I'm not going to say that aloud.

"Come on Lilith, calm down, having twins isn't bad." Maple attempted to calm her down

"This is your fault." Lilith pointed at me, "I told you that I was sensitive, but you just kept going, what kind of stamina do you have?!...wait...I'm sorry, you're not feeling well...I'll take this up with you after you've recovered, damn it."

She then kissed the cheek she slapped earlier and walked away fuming.

"For the record, she was the one who asked me to keep going."

"Let's just go to sleep." Maple sighs, "Though, unlike the others, I'm not ready to get pregnant, so don't try anything funny."

So much happened to such a short time that I did forget about what I was feeling throughout the day.

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