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When the first 2 gods descended, they fell in love at first sight, and the moon god created several roses to gift to the sun god as a sign of his affection. Those same roses were then passed down to their descendants, mortals, to take care of them. Roses are usually red, but the first roses exist in different colors, and whenever a mortal pluck one of the original roses, they are blessed with unimaginable power. A few of the roses have been found, and several others are waiting for their chosen one, but one, in particular, has never even been spotted, the black rose. **************************************************************** P.S. Yes, as the tags said, there will be romance, but this is also action and comedy. All characters' art will be posted in the paragraph comment. All arts are AI-generated. **************************************************************** Disclaimer: Disclaimer: This novel contains depictions of various views, beliefs, and ideologies that are solely for fictional and narrative purposes. They do not necessarily reflect the personal views, beliefs, or opinions of the author. This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to real events, persons, living or dead, is coincidental. The author's intent is purely to create a work of fiction and not to endorse or promote any particular viewpoint or belief. **************************************************************** Created a Ko-fi account: Any dono is appreciated: ko-fi.com/perseus_silver

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Chapter 496: Silence

Maple POV

We all got home after the attackers decided to retreat after hearing that the heroes and demon lord ordered them to fall back once again in order to prepare for the second wave, I managed to fight Lust off for now but it was so tiring to do so since she had Roxa and VIolet to help her after Ruka losing to them.

Alban held Leilah off while God held Llith off, their ultimate plan for the first wave was always to target the chief, and if possible, eliminate one of us, just to get to Perseus.

They succeeded at the very least because we lost a good 5% of our forces despite using the wild beast to our advantage in order to limit our losses, but...it seemed that they actually succeeded in taking the chief away as Perseus brought back his body to the tree where Laker then arrange an immediate honorary funeral.

One of his aides, Noah, took over as the temporary chief for now while Laker took over the commander-in-chief role, Ruka led the funeral as she held the position as one of this village's founders and called on some important members from the main village bunker to attend the funeral.

Perseus was silent all the way through, but he was furious, anyone could tell. he was the last one with the chief, and it must have taken quite a toll on him, first his grandparents, and now his mentor.

But this is war, losses like these are sadly expected. The pursuit of victory often came at a steep cost, only ones that left scars on the land and the souls of those who bore witness to its relentless onslaught.

It's really like how the saying goes, it doesn't determine who is right, but who is left.


"Need some company?" I asked as I approached him

"Yeah, that'll help wonders." he replied

"You know...this isn't your fault, they planned this from the beginning, whether you came here earlier or not...the result might have been the same."

"I know." he sighs

"You're not going to actually become chief, are you?"

"No, still too young to have any position like that, I'm only good at fighting, so I'm just going to keep doing like how I've been going on like usual...Can you handle Lust?"

"Yes, but it'll be very difficult since Violet is joining in."

"Yeah, that's a problem...Violet and Roxa have more fighting experience than Ruka, Ruka can't win in an isolated fight. Holding them off is possible, but winning is another."

"Let's just stop thinking about the war, it's only going to agonize you further."

"I don't know what else there is to think about...te second wave is going to be deadly for all of us. The chief was right about one thing, the tree will fall...we're too outnumbered and it's not like you can just interfere in regular fights since you swore that oath."

"I can help keep the angels at bay, and I can technically attack the roses since they attacked me first."

"What about Cassius and Saber?"

"They're just standing by...and I heard that they've arranged a meeting with the heroes. They're neutral if it comes to you, so...yeah, I can't stop them."

"Do you know what they're discussing about?"

"You. They know of you using weapons belonging to gods and they're arguing that it's unfair, so...in return, they're making a deal for their blessing to increase their strengths."

"At least I know that you and Buddy are on my side, so that's good."

"Of course...if you want, I can arrange our date today or tomorrow, we can just have a nice picnic."

"What if they attack again?" he asked

"They won't...you know it too...the next one is going to be the final one...it won't hurt to relax for a day or two, they're taking a least a month of rest and preparations."

"Alright, thank you...though I wish that our first proper date could've been done at a better time, I'm a bit...well...I'm not in the best headspace to flirt or tease you."

"That's fine, I'll take the initiative for once."


Dawn POV

With a wave of my hand, I summoned a colossal barrier, a shield of sunlight that wrapped around the settlement like a celestial embrace. It was a safeguard, a symbol of my commitment to shield the village from harm. 

There were many angels flying outside and ready to attack us at any time, we're surrounded with no way out and had to isolate ourselves for safety, the angels were very dangerous and I didn't know what to do...God is more prepared and takes the role of holding Lilith at bay, he's playing the long game, hoping that the remaining sins will go to him and team up for an actual chance of victory this time.

I had Leilah snuck in on Saber's conversation and he is making a deal with the heroes and demon lord, blessing their weapons to have them stand a chance against Perseus, it's somewhat understandable, but this is bad, I told him to just attack the cult and the angels and stay out of the rest...but it's a bit...well...I can't stop them.

Jerah is saying that this might be against their oath of interference, but it's not like they're going to listen, apparently, since Perseus is wielding weapons of other worlds, he can be considered a world invader, though not fully, so they can only bless the weapons and give them light blessings on the body.

Perseus will need the help of those 2 future saints, Terrence and Mark if I remember correctly. So I had Leilah go and locate them and bring them back.

They're currently helping Reiner though since the ex-prince contacted them for help in his secret mission. This war is taking a toll on everyone, I'm just going to try my best to eliminate the angels if possible, but it's going to be hard, God is just going to produce more and more everyday.

We can't go on offense other, we'll lose...this is hard.

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