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When the first 2 gods descended, they fell in love at first sight, and the moon god created several roses to gift to the sun god as a sign of his affection. Those same roses were then passed down to their descendants, mortals, to take care of them. Roses are usually red, but the first roses exist in different colors, and whenever a mortal pluck one of the original roses, they are blessed with unimaginable power. A few of the roses have been found, and several others are waiting for their chosen one, but one, in particular, has never even been spotted, the black rose. **************************************************************** P.S. Yes, as the tags said, there will be romance, but this is also action and comedy. All characters' art will be posted in the paragraph comment. All arts are AI-generated. **************************************************************** Disclaimer: Disclaimer: This novel contains depictions of various views, beliefs, and ideologies that are solely for fictional and narrative purposes. They do not necessarily reflect the personal views, beliefs, or opinions of the author. This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to real events, persons, living or dead, is coincidental. The author's intent is purely to create a work of fiction and not to endorse or promote any particular viewpoint or belief. **************************************************************** Created a Ko-fi account: Any dono is appreciated: ko-fi.com/perseus_silver

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Chapter 495: Chief (5)

|Just 5 chapters till chapter 500, I don't know how those other authors write up to 1000 or 2000 chapters, I included fillers and everything. My brain is just not capable enough to come up with a plot that long.|

3rd Person POV

As the frenetic exchange of blows continued, the demon lord, though unable to match Perseus' speed and agility, adapted to intercepting the relentless onslaught fist-to-fist. Each clash reverberated through the battlefield, and the demon lord, while managing to parry some strikes, found himself gradually losing ground.

Doubt crept into Lachlan's mind as he questioned the origins of this newfound strength. The relentless offense, combined with the overwhelming power exhibited by Perseus, fueled the demon lord's uncertainty.

Was it a forbidden ritual, an ancient artifact, or some hidden source of power that had granted this incredible strength?

He knew of the theory of the 11th star, but to him, it was nothing more than a legend, and to think that someone found the secret and not just that, attain it...it was nothing more than incredible.

Especially since Perseus went from being the 2nd strongest individual fighter after him who would lose in any advantageous matchup to being the strongest that can overpower him like this...it was a scenario no one dreamt of.

Despite the demon lord's attempts to intercept and counter, Perseus' unyielding assault pushed through, leaving the once-invulnerable adversary staggered and battered. The air was charged with tension as the demon lord grappled with the reality of his waning dominance.

He was only supposed to be matched by the entirety of all the heroes combined, and now he's going to need those heroes to beat Perseus since Perseus was definitely twice his strength.

What sacrifices had they made? The fake roses?! What forbidden paths had they tread to attain this level of power? The uncertainty gnawed at the demon lord's mind, but there was little time for contemplation as the relentless barrage showed no signs of abating.

He started to activate his fake rose and used them to strike Perseus, but Perseus countered with his superior black rose combined with the blue rose, only damaging the demon lord further.

But hope was not lost as there were shouts and screams nearby filled with familiar voices. The sudden arrival of the heroes marked a shift in the tide of battle. More than a dozen heroes leaped into the fray, weapons drawn and determination etched on their faces.

With each strike, the heroes attempted to intervene, but Perseus proved to be an unstoppable force. Their attacks landed with precision, rendering the heroes momentarily incapacitated, they came here in a rush and they weren't fully prepared, so Perseus overwhelmed them.

The battlefield became a chaotic dance of clashes and strikes, with Perseus seemingly impervious to the combined efforts of the valiant defenders.

However, a figure emerged from the group of heroes, Sarah. Clad in gleaming armor, she wielded a shield with unwavering resolve. Sarah, the leader among the heroes, leaped into the fray, positioning her shield to intercept the onslaught.

Sarah's shield, though successful in blocking some of Perseus' attacks, bore the brunt of the relentless assault. The air crackled with tension as the two forces clashed, the heroes attempting to regroup and strategize amidst the chaos.

It was clear that the heroes were not smooth in their teamwork and group fight, especially against such an opponent.

Sarah continued to valiantly tank Perseus' relentless assault with her shield. The other heroes, seizing the opportunity, launched a coordinated offensive. Arrows sailed through the air, and long-range magic crackled and burst forth, attempting to blast through the openings in the Perseus' defenses.

He pushed them toward the sea and called the wind spirits to separate them and isolate them so that Perseus could attack them one by one, but it was somewhat unsuccessful as the heroes were superior to those spirits.

As the heroes strategized and exploited their various abilities, one among them attempted to cast a teleportation spell, aiming to whisk the group away from the battlefield for a retreat. Even though the spell should be somewhat cast within an instant, Perseus was somehow impossibly there to stop it.

But that was bait, they knew of his speed and that mage was only a distraction as another mage successfully teleported their whole group in a cunning retreat.

Fueled by anger and frustration, Perseus' wrath manifested in a powerful kick, sending the very water beneath him into a torrential force. With a violent surge, the water surged upward, taking on a life of its own. A colossal wave formed, crashing against the enemy boats with a force that left destruction in its wake. The torrent swept over the vessels, capsizing them and sending the adversaries scrambling in disarray.

Perseus, still enveloped in an aura of dark energy, watched as their unintended attack wreaked havoc on the remaining enemy forces.

"Damn it!"


After arriving at a safe spot in Tehios, the heroes and the demon lord found themselves regrouping, forced to reevaluate their strategies against Perseus. It became evident that if they could collaborate effectively, pooling their resources and abilities, they stood a better chance of overcoming the singular force that is Perseus Silver.

Heck, they could easily win as he's just one person.

However, a new challenge emerged, and that was the question of trust and the willingness to share the extent of their capabilities. The alliance, though forged out of necessity, was strained by the inherent distrust among the diverse group of heroes and the demon lord.

Each one guarded their unique skills and powers, hesitant to disclose too much in this temporary and fragile alliance.

As they discussed strategies and potential tactics, the air hung heavy with the unspoken tension of conflicting interests. The heroes, with their diverse abilities, and the demon lord, with his generational prowess, weighed the benefits of collaboration against the risk of revealing too much to their uneasy allies.

The success of the alliance hinged on their ability to find common ground and overcome the hurdles of trust. The heroes and the demon lord faced a pivotal moment, where the choice between cooperation of this alliance.

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