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When the first 2 gods descended, they fell in love at first sight, and the moon god created several roses to gift to the sun god as a sign of his affection. Those same roses were then passed down to their descendants, mortals, to take care of them. Roses are usually red, but the first roses exist in different colors, and whenever a mortal pluck one of the original roses, they are blessed with unimaginable power. A few of the roses have been found, and several others are waiting for their chosen one, but one, in particular, has never even been spotted, the black rose. **************************************************************** P.S. Yes, as the tags said, there will be romance, but this is also action and comedy. All characters' art will be posted in the paragraph comment. All arts are AI-generated. **************************************************************** Disclaimer: Disclaimer: This novel contains depictions of various views, beliefs, and ideologies that are solely for fictional and narrative purposes. They do not necessarily reflect the personal views, beliefs, or opinions of the author. This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to real events, persons, living or dead, is coincidental. The author's intent is purely to create a work of fiction and not to endorse or promote any particular viewpoint or belief. **************************************************************** Created a Ko-fi account: Any dono is appreciated: ko-fi.com/perseus_silver

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Chapter 490: Crumble (2)

Perseus POV

I then took out this small orb containing a god's essence that I could use to kill Cain once and for all, I applied it to my sword and stabbed him right in his chest. I then used Jonathan's power to explode and erase all of his body out of existence.

He tried to resist, but it was no use...after all this time. I had waited for this moment, planned every detail meticulously, and now it was time to savor the taste of retribution. The air was thick with tension, and my heart pounded hard against my chest.

I sealed his fate, and the burden I had carried for so long can finally be lifted.

Cain POV

As the life drained from my body, I felt the cold embrace of death drawing near. A shiver of fear coursed through me, a fear that went beyond the threshold of mortality. Immortality had been my curse, and now it was becoming my eternal prison.

The darkness loomed before me, an abyss void of light or redemption. I had danced with immortality, but in doing so, I had surrendered my soul to an endless night. There was no reincarnation, no death god to receive me, only the emptiness of a void that awaited me.

I was scared, more than I had ever been in all my ceaseless existence. The unknown gripped my fading consciousness, and I recoiled from the thought of what lay beyond. I lived for so long that immortality had severed the ties to my soul and now I faced the abyss alone, with nothing but the echoes of my own regrets.

In the final moments, as the last flicker of life dimmed within me, I grappled with the terror of what awaited. The simplicity of the void was daunting, a stark contrast to the complexity of the world I was leaving behind. I longed for the warmth of oblivion, but the cold darkness awaited, indifferent to my pleas.

I had evaded death for eons, but now it claimed me with a finality that sent a chill down my spine. The fear lingered, even as my consciousness faded, leaving me to confront the endless night without the solace of a soul.

In the silent void, I tried to call out, but my voice betrayed me, lost in the vacuum of nothingness. The words I wished to scream were swallowed by the emptiness, leaving me with the echoing silence of my own despair.

No sound returned to me, no reverberation in the desolate expanse. I was alone, trapped within the confines of this soulless darkness. Panic set in as I realized I could no longer feel anything. The sense of touch, once a conduit to the world, had abandoned me, leaving me adrift in a numb void.

The fear intensified, clawing at the edges of my fading consciousness. I strained to hear even the faintest whisper, yearning for any sign of existence. But the silence persisted, engulfing me in a suffocating embrace.

I reached out, or at least I thought I did. But there was no sensation, no feedback from the void. I was disembodied, a mere specter stripped of the senses that had once defined my perception of reality. The darkness pressed in, and I struggled against the overwhelming sense of isolation.

In this cold abyss, time lost its meaning, and fear became a constant companion. I was a prisoner of my own immortality, condemned to drift in this desolate void, devoid of sound, touch, and any semblance of connection. The relentless blackness became my eternal companion, and the fear, my eternal torment.

What...did I do to deserve this?

Perseus POV

It was over the torment, the hatred, the ceaseless pursuit. I had waited so long for this moment, and now it had arrived like a bitter, twisted gift.

I had spent years consumed by thoughts of payback, each day a painful reminder of the wrongs that pushed me forward. The wait had been tough, a test of my patience that left scars. Now, looking at him lifeless, I felt disoriented. It was like a chapter closing, leaving me to deal with the aftermath.

I can't kill Envy despite having the home ground, it's still a god, I have the godly essence to do it, but Envy is still beyond my reach...However, I should be more than capable enough to keep it trapped till I release it on its own allies or kill the sin when I get proper help.

3rd Person POV 

Near the village, the demons landed on the island after defeating boats that were filled with ferocious creatures, thanks to the humans attacking from one side first, their side had it easier, and what was even more unexpected was that the demon lord himself came along.

The demon lord then put his hand up and ordered the demons to do something, and the demons ran into this circular formation of sorts while he took a scope out to check out the chief running in their direction, ready to intercept and attack all of his subordinates.

He then helped Aminu out by teleporting the chief into the middle of their formation where he is surrounded by the demons on all sides. Now, he found himself completely surrounded, facing the menacing horde with no way to break free.

The eerie silence settled over the chief as the demons closed in, their malevolent forms creating an impenetrable ring around him. The air tingled with foreboding energy, and the chief realized there was no conceivable escape from the encroaching demonic forces.

'Without you, this whole village will crumble under my feet." Lachlan declared

"Hah, as if I'd let you." Aminu replied, "Besides, are you going to attack the village of your goddess' lover?"

"We already got approval to attack it and we will continue to do so, regardless of 'his' relationship status with our goddess."

"So, you're all not going to leave if I ask you to leave politely, are you?"

"What do you think, chief?"

"I think that my village will remain standing while all your your hopes and dreams crumble, my successor is just that absurd after all."

"Well, it's about time he step up, since you're not going to live by the time he returns."

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