Re: Rise of the Strongest Hero in the Apocalypse

Author: NoWoRRyMaN
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What is Re: Rise of the Strongest Hero in the Apocalypse

Read Re: Rise of the Strongest Hero in the Apocalypse novel written by the author NoWoRRyMaN on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy stories, covering romance, adventure, r18, system, magic. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


In a post-apocalyptic world transformed by mysterious towers and interdimensional portals, 15-year-old Reed Ross, driven by an unwavering hero complex, yearns to follow in the footsteps of elder twin siblings, hailed as humanity's strongest heroes. Each year, the enigmatic gates of the towers open, granting access to incredible abilities, system, skills, and magic to combat the relentless tide of otherworldly creatures. While the towers promise unparalleled power, they conceal perilous trials within. As the annual tower gate opening draws near, Reed's life takes an unexpected turn, with the future of humanity resting on his young shoulders.

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Hello Readers Author here, just letting you know this is my first Fan-Fic and it will be like if I was reincarnated so don't get your hopes up for an incredible Fan-Fic. MC will have insane luck and a system that will help him along his way. Fan-Fic will probably be pretty Cliché. I'm not the best at writing so do expect some mistakes. If you find any mistakes feel free to let me know, oh and by the way please give constructive criticism no bullshit, please. Thanks, Enjoy. Disclaimer: I do not own the worlds the MC will travel to, I only own the MC and some Original Powers. The names of some abilities shown in this Fan-Fic might already be used. ********************* MC gets hit by Truck-Kun meets god and gets three wishes he chooses to go to the world of My Hero Academia and then travels the Multiverse. ********************* Just in case you want to know the wishes beforehand here they are. 1. Infinite Luck with the ability to control exactly how high or low it goes with absolutely no drawbacks whatsoever where he can also gain whatever he wants with just a thought, such as if he wants a bloodline or skill, it gives him a system interface asking are you sure Yes/No. It cannot be stolen, copied, or suppressed. 2. A super system with a shop, status, inventory, lottery, Multiverse Travel, and quests, this system has unlimited system/shop points for the shop so he can buy anything, it has no drawbacks whatsoever and no quest penalties it has an AI helping him along his journey, the quests also give very high-quality rewards, and it cannot be stolen, copied or suppressed, the AI can gain a personality if named unless it already has a name and will be loyal to him no matter what. The shop has bloodlines, skills/abilities, items/equipment, and information on all sorts of things, the bloodlines, skills/abilities, and items/equipment come from all sorts of Fiction and Non-Fictional worlds. The Multiverse Travel function will have no drawback except for him not being able to go to the main timeline but an exact replica that doesn't have any big differences except for any differences that his Infinite Luck allows such as his desires for a character to be removed or gender-bent or something else entirely. 3. The ability to choose any and all of the innate abilities/skills he gains from being in any Fiction or Non-Fictional world such as Quirks from My Hero Academia or STANDS from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure even before he goes to those worlds. This ability cannot be stolen, copied, or suppressed.

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This is a story about two brothers, Yin Chae-Yeong and Yang Chae-Yeong, the strongest beings in the 9 realms. The two are complete opposites, but they fight for good against the evil power growing in their world. When the two try and destroy the entity, they have to sacrifice themselves to destroy it and its army. Once they die, they got reincarnated into two high schoolers, coincidentally, their names are still Yin and Yang. The parents of the kids were rich but died in a car crash and their uncle stole all their money not leaving a single penny. The two have also been left with a little sister with an incurable illness. When their parents died, they got dumped by their girl friends and since they couldn't afford their school anymore, they were kicked out of that too. Then a new opportunity showed up, the new hot game Realm of the Past and Future showed up, it was the only way that they could get out of the dumps. When the previous boys went to get the VRMMORPG with all their savings, they died to a car crash. Then, they got reborn by Yin and Yang's souls entering them. "Bro Yin, is that you?" "Oh, Yang! I though we were dead!" "Thats funny, whats this, we are in a place called Earth, what an ugly place compared to all the 9 realms, even the death sanctuary is more beautiful than here, but I can survive." "Whats this brother Yang, something called a VRMMORPG? Wait a minute what are these memories... AHGAGH!" The previous soul's memories entered their heads "So thats how it is.. that bastard uncle, we need to take revenge, become number one in this game, and most importantly, cure our sister." "Yes, let us do all this, once we get out of this hospital..." And that is how the journey of the two brothers began, but what will they do when they realize that The Realm of the Past and Future is not as simple as it seems. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Hello, it is me, the author, this novel is inspired by game novels such as RML and Omega Summoner. I made this novel from boredom, please give honest feedback, I hope you enjoy this journey. (Be aware that there will be grammar mistakes) Checkout my new novel! My Charm System!

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This book has some influence from ROTSSG, Overgeared, Overlord, Log Horizon, The game Minecraft, RLCraft and Warcraft 3. You might notice them in the future. Our MC was once a guild leader of a prospering guild, but after being betrayed by her friends and subordinates she fell from a rich guild leader to a homeless bum. After dying of unknown means she finds herself back in time, just before the launch of the game she was playing. Faced with the problem of money, she decided to play again but not for fame and glory but for money. She tackles the problems she had with her family and more importantly her sister. Changing and fixing every mistake she made in her previous life. She promised herself to be no longer shackled by any organisations and instead play the game for pleasure and money. Though in her return, she unexpectedly unleashed a beast hidden inside of the game. Enemies who caused her downfall is still lurking behind the shadows. Note: I may mention some wacky real life martial arts and fighting scenes but they're rare since our MC will always be active in game and will not greatly influence the outside world. Note: There will be no supernatural powers that will break the world here, like martial art techniques that can knock out 10 dudes in an instant. And in the event that happens, there would be a sufficient explanation. Note: I am too lazy to add numbers here and there so ima make most PVE and PVP action based and not number based. Example is " the mc dealing 10567 damage using divine punishment having his equipment boost his damage by adding additional 2k damage and having the potion effect that adds 10% damage and his passive skill wolves grace adding an additional damage boost of 6%,but the boss have darkness armour plus the terrain bonus reducing 8% of any damage and the boss having its passive skill ice bulwark further reducing damage by 4.696969% so the damage was reduced to 6345." nooo way im doin that, im too lazy for that. Note: Tiers and ranks are hardly necessary in both game and real life but what the hell, its a video game so... And tiers in real life is necessary to divide social rankings and what not. Note: Im a highschool student who decided to write novels as a hobby, so chapter release may not be consistent. Note: This is the second book that i have written so sorry for my mediocre writings and crappy English, my first book is kinda crappy and im too lazy to polish it, maybe i'll publish it polished in the future? Note: English is not my first or second language, it's actually my third, so you may notice some wrong grammars here and there so i apologize in advance. Note: I don't have any editors and i write on my phone so deal with my crappy English and repetitive words.

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OMG!! OMG!! OMG!!! My number one author is writing another amazing story [img=gift][img=gift] I can't wait to get started with your new book. I'm certain it's going to be as amazing as your previous novels. Personally I love secret killer, God's impact online and Esper. So I know this is going to be even better than those three novel.Moreover it's another apocalypse novel. I'll write a more appropriate review once more chapters are released.Until then, I'll wait patiently and read the ones you've released.


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