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An invasion like no other. Dragons destroying everything in sight. A new world rising from the ashes. Blake lived through it all before he died, but now he was back, back to the time before things had ever happened. A strange place with a strange girl.... Blake had no idea how it happened, but he suddenly had one of the enemies of mankind, a dragon girl, as his girlfriend. --Extra Info-- Yuri tag is for his wives. Everyone in the harem will love each other. Extra tag: NO NTR Updated 2x Daily **Higher Daily Chapter Goals*** For 4 chapters a day the novel needs to stay in the top 150 in Power stones. For 6 chapters a day, the novel needs to stay in the top 20 in Power stones. For 8 chapters a day, the novel needs to stay in the top 5 in power stones. For 1 extra chapter a day on top of current daily chapters, the novel needs to reach the top 10 of golden tickets. ***Super Gift Chapters!*** Magic Castle = 1 extra chapter Spacecraft = 2 extra chapters Golden Gachapon 3 extra chapters ***Voting Goals!**** Power Stones: Every 1000 votes = 1 extra chapter a week. Golden ticket: For each month we stay in the top 15, I will do 1 bonus chapter per month. For each month we stay in the top 10, I will do 3 bonus chapters per month. For each month we stay in the top 5, I will do 6 bonus chapters per month. Join my Discord! https://discord.gg/79yyJSD Show your support and buy me a coffee or join pat-reon! https://ko-fi.com/invayne https://www.pat-reon.com/invayne (take out the ‘-’ in the address. Webnovel censors the word pat-reon) Follow on twitter: https://twitter.com/AuthorInvayne Follow on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/invayne/

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On The Run Part 3

Blake picked Jeff up off the ground and dragged him back to his car. He then handcuffed him to his steering wheel and gently laid his head on the headrest of his seat. After searching the car for a bit, he pulled out two 9mm and some ammo along with the gun that Jeff originally had pointing at him and the one he stole from the other police officer. Why he had so many guns, Blake did not know, but it was helpful to him.

This made four guns in total and about one hundred rounds of ammo. This was not for dragons but for the humans he would have to encounter in the coming days. He took the holsters off Jeff's body before rolling the window down and closing the door. He then turned and handed two pistols and the ammo to Lillia. "Store these away for now. We may need them later."

"Hmmm? Why would I need such useless items?" Lillia asked with pursed lips. She looked at the gun in her hand and did not really find it worth writing home about.

"For humans later on. There will be no mana until the Magic Age arrives, so we will need to conserve the mana we have." Blake explained.

Lillia thought for a moment and felt that what Blake said was right. While they did have mana crystals, they were not exactly easy to use when in combat. She could use her dragon breath which was not based on mana or her physical strength, but she felt that maybe these things would not be too good to expose right away either, or else they might be chased down left and right. With these thoughts, she stored both guns away.

"Alright, let's go upstairs. While small, it is still the place I lived before the apocalypse." Blake was not ashamed of his way of life. He actually led quite a clean life. He was not the richest man, but that did not matter as he was working hard to get through college.

"Then let's go!" Lillia excitedly grabbed Blake's hand and pulled him towards the building. Blake smiled and let her lead the way.

When they got inside, he brought her to the elevator. She had never been in one before so she was quite interested in such things. "When I get my phone and laptop, you can begin making the golems."

Lillia's eyes lit up. She had been waiting for this. She wanted to see the faces of the smelly humans who were looking down on her Blake. "Leave it to me! I will show you just how great I am!"

Blake chuckled as he opened his door. He frowned as soon as he walked into the room. He saw that his phone and laptop had been moved. "It seems the Morgan family is really going all out this time around. They even had them get a warrant to search my house."

Blake walked over to the bed and picked up his phone, but as he did, he noticed a piece of paper lying underneath it. He picked it up and unfolded it. "Hmmm, this is…."

'Blake Harris, my name is Tina Wellings. I was in charge of searching your room. It may sound strange coming from a person who has just ruffled through your belongings, but I think you should give me a call. I will do what I can to protect you.'

Below the short note was a phone number. Blake let out a light laugh as he shook his head. He then tossed the note aside. He could only guess that maybe this Tina girl was new to the force. Because in the face of those who have power, you really can't do anything even if you did fight back. That is, if things were still the same. "Lillia, can you store these for me too, please?"

"Yep!" Lillia took the strange objects and put them in her space. She was ready to show her stuff! She had always loved creating golems since it was like creating life from any substance.

After Lillia put Blake's things into her space, she cracked her knuckles and neck a few times and was about to begin her show to impress her boyfriend in name only when the sounds of police sirens filled the air.

"Oh, they showed up faster than I thought. Lillia, it's time. Do your thing. Use as much of the building as you need." Blake did not care what happened to anyone else in this building. Many of the residents in this building were also college students, and half of them were people that just watched on as he got bullied or joined in. So if some of them came to harm, it was karma slapping them in the face.

Lillia grinned from ear to ear as her body slightly lifted off the ground. She waved her hand, causing a magic circle to appear under Blake's feet causing him to float as well. With another wave of her hand, exactly one hundred magic circles appeared all over the room and other parts of the building, one after the other, lighting up the walls, floors, and ceilings. "Now, time for the real fun to begin. Rise!"

With a loud shout, the walls and floors of the building began to crumble and slowly came together, clumping into a solid mass before it started to take form. First the feet, then the legs, the torso, fingers, arms, and then finally the neck and head. At first, they just looked like mashed up bits of materials made from everything in the vicinity, but these humanoid shapes began to slowly take on the appearance of Blake. Seeing this, Blake couldn't help but be a little shocked. "So this is golem creation…."

"Hehe! What do you think? Good, right? Good, right?" Lillia stood there floating in the air with her hands on her hips with a proud expression.

"Yes, very good," Blake replied with a smile. He looked at the gaping holes in the building, listened to the screams of those around him, and felt that this magic was a bit more than just creating golems. It had a wide scale destructive ability.

"Alright, I will send them out, and then we can get out of here." Lillia said as she waved her hand. The once lifeless dolls that looked exactly like Blake all had magic circles appear under their feet, and seconds later, they took off in all directions. Landing on the ground and running away.

"If I recall correctly, there should be an abandoned house just outside the city. We can hold up there for the time being." Blake did not wish to bring Lillia to such a place, but he figured that in the future, this was something that was going to happen a lot more than he wanted, mainly because everything would become basically abandoned or burnt to the ground by dragons.

He did have some worries about Lillia revealing herself at a later time. She was the last of her kind and was the enemy of the Dragonic. If they knew about her then she would definitely become their main target. And the last thing he wanted was that. "Lillia. No matter what, until I am strong enough, do not reveal who you are."

"Hmm?" Lillia looked at Blake with a confused expression, she did not understand what he meant by that.

Sighing, Blake continued: "Let's say the Dragonic finds out about you. What would be the first thing they would do?"

"Ah! Right…." Lillia frowned. She now understood what Blake meant. "Don't worry I will keep myself restrained. But that means you will have to do most of the fighting… And they might instantly come after us when they see the golems."

"Then we will only use golems in emergency situations for the time being. We can also use other magic as well. While it may be a bit more boring, it can at least get us by. And I guess when I do get strong enough, there may be some cooler spells later on." Blake replied with a slight smile. He hoped this new life of his would definitely be better.

Lillia chuckled as she held onto Blake's arm and flew through the air with him. They rose high up into the sky above the clouds. "Blake, the world of magic is much more than you can ever imagine. I do not know how much you understood about magic before you died, but I can say this for sure. There are spells out there that could easily destroy this world in a single cast. There are spells that can even resurrect the dead at the cost of millions of lives. There are many things you still have yet to learn and Blake…."

Lillia blushed as she interlocked her fingers with his. "I will walk alongside you as you journey into this new realm of understanding. Every mile. Step by step."

Blake held the hand that was smaller than his own and smiled. "Then I will show you just how strong I can become. How I will become truly worthy of being called more than just your boyfriend in name only."

"I will be waiting…."

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