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Edward was given a chance to start over in a new life after he had given up on the previous one. By some scheming, he suddenly finds himself being in the same world as the character from the Modern Family tv series. He decided to live his life to the fullest while changing the future of the younger generation of the tv series. Author: What you can expect going in? Its gacha what more do you expect? There will be a few shounen-type situation, and familial bonding between the mc and the cast members. I planned to write chapters daily for this fic, but a situation came out and I could only write it on the weekends. I couldn't estimate the upload regularity yet, but its a minimum of 3 chapter a week. Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters or the songs used in this fic. You can find up to 10 advanced chapters at my patreon https://www.patreon.com/relifewithkarmicgacha

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Chapter 231: Tree Network

(Sorry for the late chap. I've been feeling down and depressed after completing my Head-Patting In Marvel Fic that I couldn't bring myself to do anything.)

[Edward's POV]

It was 10 am, and I had been awake for a couple of hours. I found myself in the lab, engaged in the task of mixing chemicals and distilling them into a small liquor bottle. The resulting drink emitted a mesmerizing light blue glow, reminiscent of a serene lake.

As I sealed the bottle with a cork, a sense of concern washed over me. "This is rather worrisome," I muttered to myself as I twirled the concoction in front of my eyes. "Perhaps it's due to the substitutions I made in the ingredients."

But I had no choice but to make those substitutions since none of the required components existed on Earth. Here's the recipe I followed:

Extract the juice from one bottle of Ol' Janx Spirit.Pour into it a measure of water sourced from the seas of Santraginus V — Ah, the Santraginean seawater! And those Santraginean fish!Allow three cubes of Arcturan Mega-gin to dissolve into the mixture (ensuring it's properly iced to retain the benzene).Let four liters of Fallian marsh gas bubble through it, as a tribute to all the joyous hikers who met their end in the Marshes of Fallia.Gently float a measure of Qualactin Hypermint extract over the back of a silver spoon, capturing the intoxicating aromas of the enigmatic Qualactin Zones—subtle, sweet, and mystical.Drop in the tooth of an Algolian Suntiger and witness its dissolution, as it infuses the drink with the fiery essence of the Algolian Suns.Sprinkle Zamphuor.Finally, adorn the concoction with an olive.

Thankfully, the last gacha I had gotten last night, which was the way to create a Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster drink from the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, had the chemical compositions of the ingredients too. Some, which was almost impossible for me to get.

I placed the drink into my black suit's trouser pocket. I walked to the living room to get my double breasted black jacket, and left for the company in a hurry. Before I walked out the door, I muttered as I remembered something, "Oh, that's right. Robin, Max is here today, so don't come out. When I get back tonight, I will upgrade your projection."

I called Max early in the morning to get the ingredients for me, mostly alcoholic drinks. She made me promise to give her the leftovers from my experiments, but too bad for her, the 2 big crates she brought over were all gone now and turned into small vials of drink. The drink couldn't even be called the pan galactic gargle blaster anymore. "I think I'll call the drink; Humans Essence."

Robin said, her voice resonated in the living room, "I will allocate maintenance time for the upgrade." Then, she added, "Congratulations on creating your drink Sir. However, I need to remind you that you're still underage, and it would be against the law for you to–"

"Robin, what did I tell you?" I asked with disbelief.

Robin was silent for a while before she replied, "It's not illegal if you do not get caught?"

"Exactly. Also, I'm not drinking this, so you can put your mind at ease. It's still untested. Maybe I'll let Max become my lab rat."

"Please adhere to the Nuremberg Code when you're conducting human experimentations Sir." Robin replied.

My face contorted weirdly, "That's…Not what I meant. You still have a lot of things to learn Robin."

"I'm sure I will finally get it one day as I'm learning under your tutelage Sir."

I smiled and replied, "That's right. Tell my dad I'm leaving too. Thank you Robin."

Today I have a meeting with a representative from the military and the government for the communication network project. It would start in…around 10 minutes?

As the car was approaching a traffic light, "Robin, can you make my way there smoother?" I talked to the AI as I wore a bluetooth earpiece.

"On it Sir." Robin replied. The red light turned green immediately without my car even needing to stop, and it happened all the way until I reached the company. The half an hour journey was done in just 10 minutes with Robin's help.

As I arrived at the main entrance, the representatives were already gathered in the company corridor. I handed my key to the valet and strode confidently towards the group of important people, my hands open wide in a welcoming gesture. With a cheerful tone, I greeted them, "Welcome, everyone!"

I proceeded to shake hands with the first distinguished guest, the Colonel. He was a serious-looking black man with a buzz cut, and a noticeable scar marked his nose bridge. His stern gaze met mine as he introduced himself, "Colonel James Hewlett, US military research and development. Today, I'm also the representative for the Department of Defense. "

Next, I extended my hand to the other smiling woman who eagerly reached out first. She introduced herself as Senator Layla. Dressed impeccably in a professional pantsuit, her short black hair and caramel-colored skin radiate confidence and authority despite being over 50 years old. However, I noticed a slight tic in her eyes, hinting at a sense of insecurity or unease for today's meeting. 

"Why don't we first walk to the tower before we start our discussions. I'll lead the way, Senator, Colonel." I walked with the duo while getting to know the both of them, smiling and laughing, trying to make them feel more at ease and to figure out the source of unease in the Senator. 

In the United States government, the department primarily responsible for overseeing and approving new telecommunication projects, including continent-wide network services, is the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). 

The FCC is an independent agency that regulates and supervises various aspects of the country's communication systems. It supposedly plays a crucial role in ensuring the availability, accessibility, and fairness of telecommunications services across the United States.

The FCC has the authority to grant licenses, allocate radio frequencies, enforce regulations, and make decisions regarding telecommunications policies. They review proposals and applications for new projects, evaluate their feasibility, and determine if they meet the legal and technical requirements. I needed to get the license first before I could proceed on my new business. 

As the department representatives walked towards the tower, they were taken aback by its appearance.

"It looks... like a tree," Senator Layla exclaimed. "A metal tree!"

With its silvery luster, the metal tree resembled a palm tree, its trunk spiraling upward. The leaves, in a mesmerizing display, moved gracefully as they received signals, creating an ethereal sight that seemed straight out of a fantasy film. Senator Layla stood in awe, her mouth agape, captivated by the view. Only when the cough of another senator broke the spell did she snap back to reality, her wide-eyed wonder giving way to the present moment.

The Colonel had a different focus. "It's quite small. That's a positive point on my list." He was thinking about ways the tower could be hidden from the enemy, and how to protect it in case there was an attack or an act of terror in the country.

"Yeah, it only has a diameter of 2.5 meters and a height of 10 meters," I added.

Both of them turned towards me in confusion, which puzzled me. "Ah, right. Americans. The diameter is approximately 8.2 feet, and the height is around 32.8 feet," I explained. Only then did they nod in understanding. I offered a wry smile as I proceeded to explain a few aspects of the tower to them.

"The receiver, resembling leaves, plays a crucial role in this tower. Hypothetically, a single tower has the potential to handle the immense load of communication traffic across this entire continent."

"Not only that, but its signal strength and transmitter range could encompass the entirety of the American continent. However, envision this: if we were to construct seven of these towers strategically placed on every major continent, then... we could potentially forge a network that connects the entire world, without even needing to launch satellites into the sky."

"Can we test it?" The Colonel interjected before I could finish my presentation. "Certainly," I replied with a bright smile. "Do you still have the SIM cards I provided?"

The Colonel nodded affirmatively. "I do."

"Then, by all means, let's test it."

The Colonel inserted the SIM card into a new phone and began making calls to his subordinates. I pointed to the cable next to the mainframe and suggested, "If you connect your phone here, we can all listen to the test."

The Colonel pondered for a moment before nodding in agreement.

"Jeckyl, can you hear me clearly?" the Colonel asked as the call connected.

"I can hear you clearly, sir," the soldier, known by that codename, responded.

"Where are you located?" the Colonel inquired.

"Well, you asked me to go somewhere where no one can contact me. Right now, I'm in the middle of the Grand Canyon, sir," Jekyll replied, his voice panting from running.

The Colonel nodded and commanded, "Mission accomplished. Return to base immediately."

"WHAT? What is even the mission—" the soldier attempted to ask, but the Colonel abruptly ended the call.

He proceeded to call a few more of his subordinates. One was in a rainforest, another in an underground base in Nevada, one in an aircraft, and one in the White House.

The test went on for a while, and even when someone was in a military bunker that had a device that could block the phone signals, the call could be connected instantly. It made the Colonel both impressed and alarmed at the same time.

After thorough testing, the Senator and the Colonel shared a glance with each other before both of them turned to look at me again. "We're very…impressed, Mr Newgate." Senator Layla said as she glanced at the Colonel.

"Yes, we are. But, we also have…some concerns about this…new technology…" The Colonel added. "In fact, if POTUS hadn't vouched for you himself, we would already have confiscated the entire thing by the authority of the Department of Defense."

I smiled and said, "This seems like a long conversation, so why don't we move our party to somewhere we can discuss this matter, in a more comfortable setting."

"But first, I need to do something, and I need your cooperation." The Colonel said before he took out some sort of radar, and started scanning my body.

"Hmm?" I was confused as I saw him reading the data on the device.

"Good. You're not an alien. We can proceed." The Colonel said.


Inside the CEO's office, I took a seat on the couch, facing the two individuals across from me, with a coffee table separating us. Crossing my legs and interlocking my fingers, I patiently awaited their remarks. Senator Layla withdrew a few documents, donned half-frame glasses, and began speaking.

"There are several crucial components of your technology that need to be addressed before we can grant the license," the Senator explained. "Firstly, we need to know if you will disclose the technological blueprints—"

"Of course not," I interrupted.

Senator Layla was taken aback, releasing a few nervous coughs before continuing her point. "In our country's economy, we have concerns about monopolies—"

"That argument doesn't hold water in this case," I interjected. "I am not preventing others from entering the industry. In fact, my company is a newcomer itself, striving to make a name in this already saturated market. Each company has its own specialization. If they want access to my technology, especially the giant conglomerates seeking to benefit from my hard work without putting in any effort, it amounts to bullying. If they expect me to disclose my tech, they should first disclose all their business secrets, and only then will I consider revealing mine."

The Senator coughed awkwardly, her voice faltering as she nervously requested, "I'll have some water first."

Taking a stern approach, the Colonel addressed another key concern. "Another crucial component is the potential threat posed to national security by your technology—"

"Ah, you mean they won't be able to track 'potential' terrorists and hostiles, peek into their call histories, or block them?" I interjected once again. The Colonel sighed and advised, "You really should let us finish speaking before you—"

"Harvey, please come in," I called out, interjecting yet again and summoning my backup. Harvey entered the room, carrying a slim tablet that I had personally designed, and handed it to the Colonel.

"Hmm?" The Colonel appeared confused, and his eyes widened as he saw the screen. 

A mischievous chuckle escaped my lips as I began to explain, "I understand that the Department of Defense's desire to confiscate the technology extends beyond national security—rather, it's about maintaining control over the population."

My words, dripping with venom, were delivered with such grace that not even the sternest Colonel could object.

"So, I'm offering you an opportunity to preserve the status quo. Go ahead, scroll to the next slide using your finger, and you'll see several technologies I've developed for you to continue with the current state of affairs. Of course, I'll only provide them to the DOD at a reasonable price."

"Let's face it, the DOD doesn't want to change the status quo because they consider every single citizen a threat to this country, don't they?" I sarcastically remarked, while maintaining a sincere tone.

"After all the effort they've put into spying on the people, why waste all that hard work and embark on a whole new technological path, right? But if their efforts can be saved, I don't think the upper echelon of the DOD would object to it."

"Now that we've set aside the 'con' list, let's talk about the 'pro' part of this deal," I said, shifting my gaze towards Senator Layla. Between the two of them, she appeared more susceptible to persuasion.

"Imagine if we were to release the news that our country has a new type of communication channel—one that couldn't be blocked or detected. How do you think our allies or enemies would react?"

"I don't think that's an appropriate topic for discussion," she replied, her eyes quivering as she sought help from the Colonel.

"Why not? Just humor me for a second," I cloyingly requested. "What would they do? Would they...start a war?" I pretended as if I didn't know the answer, and asked with shock. 

"No, they wouldn't start a war," the Senator replied quickly.

"Then how would they react?" I asked innocently. The Senator hesitated but eventually responded, "At most, they would try to reverse engineer the technology to use it for themselves."

"And who would decide which countries actually get that technology, rather than just the service?" I pressed further. "Who holds the power to decide in which countries the tower will be built?"

Her eyes widened in realization as I stood up and walked behind her. Placing my hand on her shoulders, I leaned in and whispered devilishly, "Just imagine, the leaders of the free world, all of them having to cater to your every whim just to get a chance at obtaining the technology. They would hang on your every sigh and light up at the sight of your face. How does that feel?"

"It feels...great," she muttered, her breathing heavy. Judging by her personality and evident need for recognition, whether it came from the Colonel or myself, she had likely been pushed around quite a bit in the bureaucratic arena. Powers like the ones I've whispered, were intoxicating to her. 

Returning to my seat, I looked at the Colonel with a smile and said, "And Colonel James, the concerns that the DOD has, I don't think they would be a problem if those issues had to be faced by other countries, not our own, right?"

The Colonel nodded subtly, and just as suddenly, I crossed my legs, leaned back in my seat, and remarked, "So, for today's meeting, rather than trying to stop me, if I were you, I'd figure out how you can get a piece of the pie, shouldn't you?"

Both of them widened their eyes as I chuckled and added, "I mean, the 'pros' are enticing and all, but you guys don't really have anything to do with the tech...unless you manage to convince me. That's supposed to be the focus of your meeting today. So, ladies and gentlemen, shall we stop playing games and instead, discuss your offers?"

As the meeting stretched on into the evening, the sun began its descent, casting long shadows in the room. While the final decisions had not yet been reached, I had already managed to siphon off over 2 billion dollars from the DOD as upfront payment, along with numerous special benefits from the government, including a substantial research grant for my company.

Leaning back in my chair, I let out a heavy sigh and suggested, "Let's continue the meeting next week, same day."

Senator Layla removed her glasses and rubbed her temples wearily before agreeing, "Yes, we should."

The Colonel nodded in assent and added, "If there are any drinks available, that would be greatly appreciated."

"Oh, um, I can't legally serve you, but I believe there's some whiskey in Pepper's drawer." I walked over to Pepper's office desk and opened the drawer. "Nope. Only white champagne."

Harvey, who had been by my side throughout the meeting, spoke up, "I have some." She returned from her office with three glasses and a bottle of whiskey.

"Ed, you can't drink," she playfully reminded me. I exclaimed in disappointment, "Aww." 

The Colonel looked puzzled for a moment before sighing heavily. "I forgot. You're just a teenager. I cursed you a few times during this meeting for being a nightmare, but I forgot that you're only the same age as my son."

I smiled at Harvey and said, "If you guys like, I have something special here that will take the drink to another level."

"Pfft, you've never even tried whiskey before," Harvey chuckled to herself

Both senators snickered at my misery, which satisfied their inner resentment a bit from being thoroughly oppressed during the meeting before. 

Smiling mischievously, I pulled out a vial from my pocket and said, "I won't say anything that could get me in trouble, but I'm not joking about this." I twirled the vial in front of Harvey, capturing her attention.

"Oh, but it's such a small amount," Harvey remarked. I opened the vial, instantly filling the room with intoxicating aromas. The Colonel even swallowed his saliva as he watched me drop a small amount of the solution into his whiskey-filled cup.

"What is that?" he asked, curiosity piqued.

"It's just something I cooked up myself. Don't worry, the solution doesn't contain any dangerous chemicals or drugs."

The trio didn't hesitate for long before they raised their glasses, clinking them together in a toast. As the liquid touched their tongues, their eyes widened, and their bodies trembled with euphoria.

"Ueughhh!! AHH~~~~ WOOOWWW!!" the Colonel exclaimed. Senator Layla held her head and let out a pleasurable exclamation, while Harvey emitted soft moans. The effects lasted only a fleeting five seconds before fading away.

"That's the best drink I've ever had in my entire life," the Colonel proclaimed. "What do you call these additives?"

"I call it—"

"Euphoria," Harvey interjected unconsciously. I looked at her and suddenly felt that my choice of name, "Human Essence," sounded rather lackluster and suspicious.

"Yeah, I call it Euphoria," I replied, concealing my internal embarrassment.

After the Senators left, I talked to Pepper and gave him the details of the meeting. He froze for a while, and asked with a shaky voice, "2 b-Billion?"

"Yeah. DOD is hella rich. But, we still don't have the money yet. Not until the sales agreement and joint cooperation are finalized." I added. "I'll leave the other details to Harvey for her to explain it to you."

Pepper was still blanking out, and then he said weakly, "D-Drive safe."

I looked at him weirdly before waving goodbyes to everyone. As I arrived at the valet, a crowd of paparazzis snapped my photos, filling the sidewalk. Security members had to build a line around me to block them.

"Edward! Did you move out of your house!?!"

"Why are Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgen on your Live Stream?"

"Who did you have a meeting with?"

They shouted multiple questions into my direction. But I just smiled and waved before getting into my car and drove away. 

Back to my new home, as I was tinkering with Robin's new body, Max incessantly badgered me about the drink. She got the information from Harvey, and left behind the hot date she had to get a taste of the drink.

"No. You can't drink it on its own." I replied non-committedly as Max whined.

"Come on. A hot girl is begging to get drunk at your house, and you weren't even trying to look in her direction." Max complained playfully.

 I took off my goggles and turned my head, "There I have looked in your direction now. My answer is still no."

Harvey told me that she almost had an orgasm when drinking the mixture. She might be joking, but there was no way I was going to take the chance with Max, especially since we were left alone in the house tonight.