194 Chapter 194: Sports (1)

[Edward POV]

It was a nice and quiet morning. I sipped a cup of coffee while looking outside the window of my bedroom, into the direction of the window of the house next door. As I was reading some of the 'love letters', my dad walked into the room.

"Here. I found it. It was in your Aunt's room." My dad said while handing me a jockstrap cup.

Confused, I took the cup from him and asked, "What's it doing there?"

"I don't know. But it was powered with chilli flakes. It's either she used it to have pizza, or she has some schemes. I had already washed it, but…" He said in an unconfident tone.

I scowled disdainfully and then threw the jockstrap to my bed. "I'll just buy a new one. I can't believe that she's still vengeful. I only asked her to take a shower. Wait, dad, as long as you're here, take a look and tell me if that's an invitation or rebuke."

"What?" My dad was puzzled and he turned to look outside the window. Then, he saw the word, 'Fucking Asshole' written on a paper and was stuck to the glass. He widened his eyes, then came to a realisation, and turned towards me with disgust. 

He smacked the back of my head and said, "Don't be disgusting. Apologise to her properly."

"???" I was wide eyed as I looked at him with exasperation, "But you don't even know the story."

"I'm sure you're the one who did a stupid thing. She's a nice girl." 

I scoffed, causing him to smack the back of my head once more. It wasn't a hurtful smack, but still an offensive one. 

While rubbing the back of my head, I asked, "Will you make it to the match today? We're really competing instead of just doing it for the sake of filming. A friendly match with the SeaHawks."

My dad's eyes lit up and he asked excitedly, "How did you get LA Harbor College to agree to a match?"

"Well their coach followed me on Insta. And I gave him a DM. He was glad to make it happen." I explained a bit before I asked, "You and Dwayne always go to watch college football matches right? Why don't you bring him with you to the game?"

I thought he would be glad to come to the match, but instead he looked a bit troubled and hesitant. "You know what? I'll try to make it to the game. I just have something to do first." He replied.

I rolled my eyes at him and said, "You know, I have access to everyone's schedule. I know that Frankie took a day off too."

I continued with a teasing tone as he widened his eyes, " You can come when you're finished with your date– Oh, but if you have a chance to go all the way and you stopped it to come to my match, just know that I won't be glad that you did. I will surely look down on you if you do that."

He rolled his eyes at me but he didn't protest anything. Then, after I showered and changed my clothes to a simple Cat cotton shirt and jeans. The cat was making a high face from weed and there was a psychedelic rainbow behind her.

It wasn't because I wanted to wear simple clothes, but I was still unsure whether my aunt had booby trapped my other shirt, so I wore something that I usually never wear. 

"She made me want to turn her in to the cops by myself." I muttered with some irritation before getting out of the house. 

As I approached the house next door, I took a deep breath to gather my thoughts. I knocked on the door, and after a moment, Selena opened it, wearing an eye-catching top that immediately caught my attention. It wasn't just because the top was alluring or revealing—though it was—it was because we both had the same cat picture printed on it.

"Hey twinsies," Selena said with a smile, looking into my eyes and giving off a welcoming vibe. However, her expression suddenly shifted to one of distress as she realized something. "Oh, right. I was supposed to be mad at you. But just to be clear, I understand what you're feeling. 'Bitches do be crazy'."

My attention was then drawn to Taylor, who stood behind Selena with a clearly irritated expression. Confusion filled the air as Selena turned to Taylor, whispering to herself, "Oh no. The crazy bitch heard it."

Taylor's frustration boiled over, and she couldn't hold back her anger. "Who's the crazy bitch?" she exclaimed, directing her words at Selena.

Selena, seemingly unfazed, chuckled and casually walked away, running her hands through my chest as she did. "If you're over with her, call me~"

Taylor's jaw dropped in disbelief as she watched Selena's actions. Selena giggled, realizing the effect she had on Taylor, and turned back to her, saying, "I was joking."

With a mischievous smile, Selena continued walking away, but before disappearing from view, she turned her head to look at me and pointed at Taylor, mouthing the words, "She's crazy! Call me!"

"I can see you in the reflection!" Taylor turned around and threw a tissue box near the entrance to her best friend.

Selena's aim to diffuse the situation succeeded as Taylor didn't seem hostile to me anymore. All of her anger was directed to Selena for a short while, giving me a window to explain myself. 

Taylor's gaze met mine, her expression a mix of anger, confusion, and vulnerability. She seemed torn between holding onto her anger and to take accountability for her own decision.

"Last night was…surprising." I said with a teasing expression. "I had to sleep on it for me to actually process what happened." 

Taylor crossed her arms and her gaze softened for a bit. "And then?" She asked with an obvious pouting in her tone.

"It…I don't know…I am torn between feeling creeped out, and also excited that you're right next door." I said honestly.

Taylor bit her lips and her eyes reddened, "But you don't care if Haley lives nearby! I guess you're only creeped out because it was me!"

I shook my head and objected, "That's not comparable. Haley lived here for a long time. You moved in without telling me. And also, what happened to my past neighbour? How did you even get this house? You…." I narrowed my eyes and asked with a whisper, "You didn't kill that family did you?"

Taylor pinched my bicep in anger. I exclaimed in pain and laughed while I looked at her before trying to calm her down, "If you did, then tell me. I know an effective way to hide a body."

"I bought this house from them— Wait a damn second. How in the hell did you know how to get rid of a body!" She exclaimed in disbelief. 

I shrugged and said casually, "Eh. It was one of those pieces of knowledge you learn, but you never use. Well…until you do..."

She took a step back and narrowed her eyes at me with suspicion. I chuckled and grabbed her chin, "You look quite sexy looking disappointed. Wait–"

I was astonished with myself as I said that. It reminded me of one of Phil's Phil-osophy, a compilation of life lessons he gave to his children. One of the rules there was 'Marry someone who looks sexy disappointed', which was the embodiment of Claire.

Taylor was nervous, "W-What?"

I held my chin in contemplation and then looked into her eyes, "Nothing. I just had a thought in my head that you're marriage material."

Her face blushed and all of her resentment melted instantly with that one short sentence. Her face changed from shy, to angry again, to shy but with a bit of anger, then the determination in her eyes went out, making her look dazed for a second.

"You don't think I'm crazy?" She asked hesitantly.

I grabbed her arms and then tried to use the most polite tone I could muster, "Taylor. I already know you are cray-cray."

"We still need to have a talk about the whole moving next door thing though. But, I guess we can wait till tonight, after we finish up your mv." I said as I grabbed her hand. Then, I teased, "Now if you'll excuse me, while you go change, Selena invited me for a make out session."

"She did not!" She retorted and pinched my arm for the second time, at the exact same spot. "Owww!" I exclaimed exaggeratedly before escorting her to the stairs.

"You can go change first, I want to tour the house. I'll come to your bedroom later."

"Tour?" Taylor was confused. "Why?"

"Well, I grew up next door. I caught glimpses of the place, but never entered it. So I want to see it." I confessed. Taylor was baffled then she sighed tiredly. "I'm going to take a shower."

"Sure. I'll wait for you in the kitchen." I said with a warm smile. She was stunned for a second before she smiled widely. She nodded and said, "Okay!", and ran upstairs quickly.

I went to explore like I wanted to. It wasn't that big, so I finished the tour in less than 3 minutes. Then, I walked into the kitchen, where I was met with a mesmerising sight.

Selena had apparently spilled some milk on her clothes, and she was taking it off at the exact same time I turned the corner and entered the kitchen. She was wiping her bare skin with a tissue when she saw me.

She widened her eyes and let out a cute grunt before crouching to hide her body. "AHH! Why are you here!? Why didn't you go to Taylor?"

"She's taking a shower. Great show by the way." I teased. Selena grunted in anger and then yelled, "Get out! No– Hand me that thing." She nervously pointed to the blanket on top of the rack next to where I was standing.

"What thing?" I asked her teasingly.

"That thing!!" Selena yelled with a blushing face. Then, her hand hits the edge of the kitchen island as she waved them around. She yelped and automatically stood up while holding her sore hand, revealing everything on her top half.

"You have a mole there." I said casually. She covered her breast with her arms quickly and then gave me a deadly stare. I smirked and then turned to the blanket and pretended, "Oh, you mean this thing." I shook my head as if gesturing 'it was obvious', causing her face to fall in disbelief. 

I grabbed the grey towel and handed it to her slowly. She snatched the towel midway and critized me while covering her body up. " I can't believe you. I thought you're a kind kid. You're a freaking pervert."

"Hey, you're the one taking off your shirt when you know that there's a guest around. If anything, you're the pervert here." 

Selena's eyes shook and then she defended herself, "Hey! I didn't pour milk on my shirt on purpose."

"Yeah–" I wanted to tease, then I suddenly remembered something about her. "Hmm…" I looked at her closely, causing her to blush.


"Have you been exposed to the sun for a long time recently?" I asked her.

"What–" Selena was baffled.

"Answer my question." I asked again.

"Well– Yeah, I just finished shooting a beach episode for Wizards of Weberly."

I nodded and then put my palm on her forehead to check for a fever. Her head does feel a bit warm, but it wasn't at the level of her having a fever.

"Have you ever felt weakness in your muscles, did you get any infections recently that you had to take antibiotics or other drugs to treat it?"

Selena rolled her eyes and then turned around. She wanted to hide her face and also wore some clothes at the same time, so she pretended that she was tired of my questions. 

"Go away. You just want to peek at my titties."

"I already have a good view of that. Also, I have a photographic memory, so that image will be immortalised in my brain forever, so I don't need to get a second look– Well not that I will get bored of it, but I don't have to do what you think I wanted to do right now. So, can you answer my questions first?"

After 20 minutes, Taylor walked into the kitchen with a short miniskirt and a tank top while having her hair tied up in a ponytail. She sashayed with a smirk on her face, but her prank came to a halt when she saw me and Selena sitting together on the couch really close together. From her point of view, she could only see our head and just slightly under our shoulder. 

Taylor's brain short circuited on whether to ask why she was only wearing a blanket, why she was moaning, and why her face was flushed. She stomped over angrily, "Are you fingeri- Oh, you're massaging her hand." Her tone changed quickly as she saw what was really happening.

I raised my eyebrow at her and then said, "Yeah. She hit it on the kitchen island after spilling milk on her shirt. Also, what in the world are you wearing? You know we're going to a public school to meet a group of horny jocks, right?"

She giggled and said, "Of course I'm not wearing this. I'm just searching for my dress. But…do you like it?" 

She turned around left and right with excitement. With each swift turn, the skirt twirled and billowed gracefully around her, revealing a little bit of what's underneath.

"You know what? I am mad that you didn't tell me you're staying close to me sooner." I said with a solemn expression, causing her to freeze. My next sentence made her smile widely and sat next to me, "If you did, then we could've played a lot more of these games."

Selena rolled her eyes at the blatant flirting before pouring cold water on the atmosphere, "Taylor, didn't you say that you will be gone for 3 months after the VMA for your tour? Where will you spend your Christmas?"

Taylor and I looked at each other awkwardly. What Selena had pointed out was one of the reasons why I could let go of her decision to move closer to me before. We would not see each other again for a while, so why waste the time we could have played around with a silly fight? 

"Well, You need to go get a checkup after this. I'll see if Dr. House can take care of you." I patted Selena's hurting arm twice before letting it go as I was done with massaging.

"Wait! No! It's still hurts!" Selena whined.

"Bitch you're almost cum–" Taylor wanted to blurt out, but Selena pushed her face with her hands instantly.

With a blushing face, Selena stammered, "Wha-What are you talking about? I'm not feeling anything-"

"Ah. Too bad." I said with a fake sad tone. Selena was baffled and then replied, "NOT THAT IT WAS NOT GOOD! It was really great to be massaged by your fingers. I really love your fingers— Ahh damn it! Screw you guys!"

Selena ran off quickly as she was embarrassed, completely forgetting the fact that she was topless. Her hand instinctively pulled on the blanket and set it aside on the sofa before she ran away.

Taylor was stunned while I enjoyed the jiggling view. Suddenly, Taylor's hand 'fall' into my lap. "Ah. Sorry." She said, pretending that she was clumsy and couldn't stabilise herself.

I scoffed and exposed her, "You just want to see if I have a boner."

She smiled mischievously and then wrapped her arms around my neck before she said in a fake manner, "Dang it. You caught me. I guess, you need to teach me a lesson."

"Well, first, we will start with Biology." I said before leaning closer to her face. Then, we made out for a while on the couch and did some light petting before she went to change her clothes. 

We finally arrived at the location after the crew had finished setting everything up. Taylor changed into a band uniform and sat by the bleachers while I was in my football uniform and was throwing the ball around on the field. 

The filming went smoothly on account that Taylor's bleacher's scene took less than 10 seconds, and then she changed into a cheerleader outfit. She stood by the field, and while I was looking at her, she raised her pom poms and started to dance. 

"Gimme an E! Gimme a D!" Her cheering was awkward and uncoordinated, lacking the precision and skill of others. I laughed out loud, which made her smile even wider. 

"Give me a W A R D! GOOO EDWARD!" She shook the pompom on her left. Our interaction was seen by the football team and the students who took part in being the audience. They giggled and squealed before shouting their support at us.

However, our shipper glared at those who tried to destroy the atmosphere and even went so far as to establish patrol to escort those misdemeanours out of the bleachers. 

"Well, there's only one scene left. We've finished with the final bleacher shot too, right?" I asked.

Taylor turned to the staff member beside her. The coordinator ran towards me to give an answer, "Yeah. We only have the final football match scene, and the scene where Brunette Taylor broke up with you on the field after the match."

"Alright. Taylor, wants to do something more? We can use the hallway and shoot some casual scenes." I asked her, as she is the creative director.

She thought for a while and said, "We can shoot some scenes where you were the one watching me at school, and Oh. Um…Can we do that after the match? It's hard for me to squeeze into this cheerleader outfit…"

I nodded and said, "Whatever you say My Lady."

She kissed me on the cheek for goodluck. Stifled giggles and squeals could be heard from the audience, but no one shouted anything. The college teams had finally arrived, so I went to prepare for the friendly match.

I walked to the college coach and shook hands with him. The guy was fit and healthy, with a head full of hair, and tan on his skin. 

"Hi Edward.. Don't worry, we will go easy on you guys today." He said teasingly. 

I smiled and said, "What? That's the opposite of what I wanted. Today, I want you guys to destroy this team into pieces."

The coach was stunned. I added with an evil smile, "If you don't break them, then how will I be able to build them back up in my image?"

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