79 Chapter 79: some days later

  It was already three days later since the Patriarch of the Bai Family came around.

Things once again regained it's calm.

  The bustling streets of Iron Crow City was filled with people from different works of life and some oxcarts carrying heavy goods slowly drive through the noisy streets to an alleyway not too far from the Gu family's [Broken Blade Rice Shop].

As the oxcarts stopped in Front of a newly emptied warehouse, the hired coolies that followed the oxcart began to move the goods into the warehouse.

  The one in charge was Fatty Zhu, he was wearing a plain hat and a black round-neck robe.

He sat at a table sipping some rice wine, looking at the strong coolie with what he thought was a smiling expression.

  "Those who steal or play tricks will have a part of their wages deducted, and those who work hard will get an extra bowl of rice for lunch...if you are caught more than once, you lose a finger." He yelled from time to time as he slurped his drink before smacking his lips.

  A bold coolie got closer and bowed his head before offering to help pour him a drink, he slowly said "Hey, Master Zhu, everyone knows the rules, so don't worry, I promise you won't miss a box of goods."

  Fatty Zhu eyed the coolie amusedly, his  expression eased a little, and he said lightly, "The boss is very strict in this aspect. If there is a mistake, be careful of about your future in this city."

  "Don't worry, Don't worry, we won't disappoint the Young master".

"The more you say this, the more I'm suspicious of you... come over, let me check something " Fatty Zhu suddenly sounded serious as he acted as though he was about to stand up from his seat.

The coolie suddenly laughed lightly without care, while urging the other coolies, "Hurry up, didn't you eat?!!".

This made fatty Zhu chuckle before relaxing again.

  At this time, a beautifully decorated carriage with the Gu family crest drove from the street outside the laneway.

  The carriage stopped, and a fair skinned youth with pitch black nails and a snow feathered fan came out. Seeing this, Fatty Zhu became excited, "Bos..., young master looks better than yesterday again."

Looking up, the coolies understood that it was Gu Yu Xing that arrived.

  Gu Yu Xing, was dressed in a navy blue robe, his face looking like it was polished jade and an emerald pendant on his waist, he stepped on the wooden stool and got off the carriage.

He looked nothing like when Gu Lin Fang first found him.

Gu Yu Xing looked at the dozens of bull carts parked at the entrance of the laneway, and was dumbfounded, "fatty, you really went all out with this cargo alone. I heard that the Manor ware house is already full."

  Although most of the clan members were martial artists, they still needed to eat, especially those in the lower realm.

Not to mention, Gu Lin Fang ordering them to gather young orphans two days ago.

  And if you want to practice martial arts, you have to sharpen your muscles and bones from an early age and spend a lot of medicinal materials in order to achieve something.

  For this, Gu Yu Xing was somewhat confident in his decision on stocking up on food and medical supplies, as a matter of fact, Gu Lin Fang applauded his vision.

  "Boss Yu, why are you able to come around today?" Fatty Zhu looked around before getting closer to Yu Xing and said, "why aren't you at the spirit mine?".

"The Patriarch has ordered to start gathering the business owners around the manor, so I came here to check on things as I wait for Jiang Qin.

Any news from the valley?".

  As soon as he said this, a Gu family guard quickly came from the other side of the street and ran to Gu Yu Xing, before whispering something to him.

  "The Patriarch has called for you to return, young master."

Hearing this, Gu Yu Xing frowned slightly before pointing at the goods on the carts, and said, "Guanshi, get more people to hurry up with these ...by the way, fatty, are these goods really able to be stored for the second half of the year?"

some medicinal materials really can't be stored for a long time, so Gu Yu Xing couldn't help but worry.

Fatty hesitated for a moment, before replying, "Boss, it has already been processed before packaging, so there's no problem with those perishable foods staying half a year. Besides, there is still a batch of goods that are still at the Zhao family pharmacy. It seems it was from Yanjing, which is weird because of the situation of the old official road during this period... it's ok to travel but moving heavy goods is almost impossible.

  what's more, they are all wrapped in special oiled paper, so they will not be affected by water."

Gu Yu Xing immediately thought about it"that means, there's another way..."


  Fatty Zhu followed behind Gu Yu Xing towards his carriage.

  The coolies carrying the goods seemed curious and kept watching secretly.

  "What are you looking at, look again, I'll dig out your eyes!" Fatty Zhu suddenly  scolded, then walked quickly to Gu Yu Xing's side, bent over and said, "Boss, news of a spirit pool is circulating recently...do you want me to look into it?."

  Gu Yu Xing waved his hand, "It's okay, the Patriarch is already aware of this."


  at the same time.

  There was also a reminder sound in Gu Lin Fang's mind.

  he raised his eyebrows in surprise.

[Ding~! Successfully made modifications on the <Balki's zombie refinement method>!


40% improvement...

Technique upgrade from (Blue) to (Purple) ]

 [Reward: +15000 experience points, 20% reputation store discount in your next transaction...]


  This is simply a blessing from heaven!

  Gu Lin Fang couldn't help but want to laugh out loud, but seeing Gu Jin Hung front of him, and other people around him, he managed to hold back.

  After a perfunctory turn around in the main Hall, he adjusted his posture and read through the notification once again.

'Good, both of my hypothesis were indeed correct...hmm'

He restrained his thoughts before speaking to those in the main hall, "I believe you all have noticed that your group is made up of all the business owners who shares the area with my Gu manor!".

  The crowd began whispering softly as they looked at each other with recognition.

Gu Lin Fang watched them impatiently, after all he had something better to do.

His first experiment was if he could make modifications to techniques and the rest, while the other was the possibility of pulling out Wu Luoyang's Nascent soul and consciousness, this had taken him a while before, he was able to swap them out with Lin Huang's perfectly.

So getting a system notification, marks the beginning of an unprecedented Discovery!.

Amongst all techniques he had on himself, he believes the most outstanding and unpredictable right now would be this [Balki's zombie refinement method.]

It has repeatedly given him surprises, as long as you are willing to be creative, it's usefulness seems practically limitless!.

"Patriarch Gu, I don't know... but why have you brought us here?..." A middle aged woman asked with caution as she saluted calmly.

Gu Lin Fang's attention was brought back by her voice, "hmm, it's simple... from now on you don't have to pay these gangsters 20-30% of your monthly income anymore"

After speaking, he gave them time to digest the information in.

Hearing his words, there was some uproar but Gu Lin Fang simply suppressed them with a mocking sneer.

"As for the protection, this would be handled by my Gu mansion, all I ask is 15% of your monthly profit... would that be a problem?".

Gu Ji Hung, Gu Ji Wan and Gu Lan Tian looked at each other without saying a word, they didn't see anything wrong with the Patriarch's words. In fact, they felt like he was being lenient with them, but they remember him saying that this was only for the beginning...

Also they were already making plans on how to build their own Gu family's city in the near future.

After a few minutes, an elderly man who seemed to be one of the leading figures in the group came forward, "Lord Gu, after careful consideration, we have agreed with your plans..."

"Good Good Good, what is your name?"

"This little one's name is Na Mingjie, I'm the owner of the only grocery store nearby" as Na Mingjie spoke their was a proud smile that was slowly creeping up to his face, giving Gu Lin Fang and the others, the urge to beat him up.

Luckily with his perks and traits, there was no change in Gu Lin Fang's expression, "Alright Mr Mingjie, you all go back first... I'll send someone over later".

"""Yes Lord Gu""" immediately, they all began to leave the Gu mansion.