1 Chapter 1: Truck Kun?!!

Peng Shui, a 38-year-old pick pocket and Con artist, who for some reason enjoys duck herding, the Rubix cube and badminton.

Adaptable, calm and collected most of the time, but had slight paranoia, delusions which usually makes him sinister and a bit murderous.

He is a somewhat healthy Chinese male who defines himself as real straight man!, Not surprising as He didn't finish school, saying he was smart enough already.

He is obsessed with gang life, web novels, Death note and most importantly, villains.

The idea of having people's life or death in his hands intrigued him, Being powerful enough to beat down everyone to the point that they no longer cared about dignity and decided to gang up against you, on the other hand, He hated heroes.

As long as he found someone playing the hero in real life, he does everything in his power to deal with him.

There were several cases of him messing up people who tried to play hero saving the beauty. This introduced him to a young gangster during his high school years, Song Sachin.

They hit it off instantly.

Physically, Peng Shui was in a pretty good shape. He is tall with olive skin, brown hair and honey brown eyes. He has a tattoo of Psy on his left shoulder to make himself more intimidating in the streets.

He grew up in an upper class neighborhood. But His parents separated when he was young, but remained friends to provide a happy, stable home for him...but it didn't matter.

He is currently single. His most recent romance was with a legal secretary called Xiao ling er, who was way younger than him but stayed anyways because of his money. Eventually though, she broke up with him in a violent manner because Peng shui hit her and called her a 'gold digger!'.

A week later though, she ended up missing and the case remained unsolved till today.

At some point, he began craving the idea of having a child with the now ex-girlfriend but it didn't work out. A year later, his father, Father Peng died of cancer and Peng shui stopped trying to hide his lifestyle...

Didn't take long for relatives to appear like hungry wolves, So he resorted to intimidation, threats, schemes and so on, only then did peace come, But it didn't last long.

His best friend, Old Song who was already an underboss, was exposed to have been suppressing his opportunities for years, he was the reason he had been stuck as a simple footman all this while.

One faithful day, his paranoia kicked in and he burnt down a stash house belonging to Song San chin's district, escaping with some cash and a few burns.

He was hunted down for months and was forced to appear on hearing the news of his mother being kidnapped. He became enraged, wondering about the fact that he had somehow become the hero of some third rate movie.

He struggled with himself, on whether he should save his mother or not...Made a few calls and fulfilled a request before he finally decided on what to do, only to be intercepted by a rival gang.

A gun fight ensued as they fought all the way into an open market, though he managed to escape during the commotion before the police appeared but not without adding to his body count. He then broke into Song sachin's villa while the latter was waiting for him at the docks.

He killed his way up the mansion to find the wife and son trying to escape through a hidden passage, the boy looked to be six.

He went for the child but the woman wouldn't let go as she repeatedly begged. During his internal struggle, a phone call came in and it was Old Song...

"Crazy bastard, if you hurt a single hair on my family...I will" at this point, Peng shui was already elated...he wasn't the hero anymore!!!!.

"BASTARD!!!Do you hear me!!I'll kill you!!" Old song roared in frustration and fear, feeding Peng shui's ego.

"YES!!YES!! CONTINUE!!" his gun quickly pointed at the sobbing woman!, the child cried loudly as well, He quickly put it on loud speaker.

"PENG SHUI!! WAit wait!! hold on!! I'll let your mother go...just don't do anything to my people!!"Old song yelled desperately as he knew how Peng shui was, the man was not just right in the head at all!.

"Old Song, so you actually know what to do!. Bring her here! a single hair must not be missing!!"Peng shui threatened with an intoxicated laugh.

Old song couldn't help dropping cold sweat all over, "How can I bear to hurt an elderly!?...Big brother Shui, I'm coming!".

When he hanged up the call, Peng Shui picked up his phone and made another call.

"It's done" He says but no one responded before he ended the call.

20+ minutes later, several vehicles drove into the villa's compound aggressively.

They found Peng Shui seated at the balcony with another man, drinking wine while having a chat as they laughed loudly at random times.

Confused, Old Song along with everyone gathered all bowed and shouted, "Greetings BOSS Lao!!".

That's right, the other man was the Boss of their North river Gang. He looked at all of them with a sneer before saying, "Peng Shui, will be your equal from now on, old Third...".

"What???!" Of course Song sachin understood what the Boss meant by this statement but he didn't want to believe it, it was not until the others shouted, "Greetings, Lord Fourth!!".

Peng shui raised a cup of wine at Song San chin with a smirk on his face.

"also old Third, Let go of his mother for crying out loud will you?, how can you not be filial to your brother's mother" upon hearing Boss Lao's words, everyone's face except Peng shui's expression was wonderful.

And so the whole thing came to a close, too bad His mother died two years later under mysterious circumstances.


Now presently, at exactly two years later.

In a massive villa, at a location unknown, A 40 year old male with messy was sprawled on his gaming chair while groaning repeatedly.

"Bored Bored Boooorrrreed!"

"shitty Novels, shitty game, shitty anime... it's always a hero!!."

After complaining some more the man closed the webpage he had been and gave himself a good stretch but ended up kicking the sides of the PC table, which made it shake lightly in defiance.

He leaned back again on his pod shaped gaming chair and looked at the ceiling of his Massive room in which he slept. Due to laziness, His mansion had been filled with police guards and maids... So at the end of the day, his posture was no longer that great but wasn't bad either, he had eye bags under his eyes kind of giving him that tired look but at this point, he was more irritated than tired.

He was presently under investigation and has been mandated by the court to show up tomorrow, but it's all part of his game plan...

While he sat up once again, a soft bell rang out from the send of his bed before being accompanied by a voice.

"M... Master Peng, dinner is ready".

"Is that so..."he responded lightly as a strange Pop up appeared on the laptop screen.

It had a background design of a black skull placed on the center of a palm.


'Congratulations on being one of the chosen as an alpha tester for our new wuxia/Xianxia themed game, immerse yourself in our faction based narrative, build or support your faction, sect or clan up and become the number one under the heavens.'

"Sect or clan building? is this some kind of strategy game?..."A mocking sneer appeared on his face.

"Probably another one with the hero theme."

Reading through the description, his assumption was proved wrong as a mischievous glint flashed through his eyes.

"one main character?Hmm" as he clicked the create character option, a question popped up...

[Good or Evil?]

Seeing this, a sneer spreads across his face once again before picking Evil.

"This should be interesting...!" The very idea of playing on the other side of the coin makes him grin in a sinister manner. This time he'd be playing with his true nature.


"Master Peng, Mr Wang has come to visit...He says He'd be the one in charge of tomorrow's movement to court, so they'll be moving you over secretly tonight" A maid calls out from the speakers.

"Damn dog came again, isn't it obvious already?" Grumbling, he quickly picks up his phone and made a text before sending it to Mr Wang.

After a while, he said aloud "Fine"

A few seconds later, "Master, Mr Wang says he'll get the car ready now, he says as for the other thing, He would see what he can do".

He snorted loudly, "at the end of the day, he just wants money".

'I'll see what you're planning tomorrow'

With that thought, He transferred some cash and set everything aside, he chose to create a character before dinner.

[You start off as as a young Qi Condensation inner disciple of a Demonic sect.

You start off as the last Nascent Soul elder member of a destroyed clan.

You start off as a Auroras Core young senior of a declining family clan.

You start off as a rogue demon cultivator of the foundation building stage.

( Character will be aged to fill the role, Choices available during decision making scenarios linked to your fate, options would also be slightly affected by your camp, personality and traits.)

A long list of options appeared but...

"this names are rather foreign to me" He mutters lightly before minimizing the page to look at the cultivation levels.

"Oh? Interesting..." He quickly made his choice, selecting the second option.

"Can't be a weak villain, If not there won't be time to set things in motion no?" he excitedly rubs his palms against each other, deciding to go full force into role-playing in this game.

[There are two Nascent soul beginner packages available, please select one only]

"Hmm, Bloodline package sounds good" He clicked his choice, then he was taken to the point where he can edit his character model.

Immediately, he was taken to a character creator that had a lot of options to choose from, then noticed that his character design would only start from a man in his late middle ages to an elderly looking old man.

He wasn't really bothered with this arrangement, and began to focus on shaping his characters face, He began to make a somewhat sinister looking man at around the age of a normal 60+ human, giving him a tanned skin weathered by the sun, a slight scowl was on his face as default, looking rather imposing with sword like eyebrows and long messy silver gray hair, his eyes were pitch black, like they wanted to suck you in.

For the build, he was made him with a slim body type, and some lean muscles. 5'7'' as the height which was later hunched slightly.

"This character creation page is quite extensive" the man muttered while staring at the screen with a slight smile, "oh? Traits and personality?."

'hmm how will this affect the character in game? Oh I can only randomize?, let me try that' Peng shui continued randomizing till the closest to something good was seen.

"Fifty three times!!, Looks like it can't be all good..."


: Intimidating Demeanor

: Prodigy

: Broken

: Calculating mind

: Villain's fortune

: Fugacious Aura

His character qualities were these six above.

'Oh my god, this combination "intimidating Demeanor" and "Fugacious Aura"... It's the worst but...it might not be actually bad, if my appearance was easily forgettable...' Peng shui tapped his finger silently on his computer table and began to ponder as he tried to understand everything.

But the maid came to remind him once again of his meal, so he quickly moved to the next one with a grumble.

Then he couldn't help frowning, "Personality is also random, hope it's not one of those situations where I'm done filling it up and I end up transmigrating... what am I saying, that's ridiculous." He couldn't help laughing at his own silly thought...


: opportunist

: Trickster

: Vicious

: Malefactor

: Arrogant

: Sensitive

: Authoritative

: Pretentious

: Resilient Mind

: Wild

: Interfering

There are a lot of personality traits as well but this also seems to be the best so far. There's also a few contradictory personalities but I don't even know what it's meant for, so I can't be bothered

It was now time to choose clothes for his character, it ranged from all sorts of robes through which he started going through and tried to match them to make his character look like what he imagined.

In the end He chose something deep black, with a purple belt, inside his character's clothes, it's torso was bandaged for some reason.

[Select a clan name...]

"Hmm, Fu ,Lu ,Gong, Gu...Gu!, Yes that's the one!" He says with excitement, purposely associating the word with poison in his head.

"As for the name... let's go with 'Gang!'...Gu Gang! Hehehe... no, let's...hmm Fang!, Gu Lin fang!?"

"Master, your dinner would be col..."

"make another one!" He responds nonchalantly while clicking 'confirm'.

"I can always make a different character in the main game..."

[opening Nascent soul beginner Bloodline package.]

[Please wait]

[This would be seen at the start of the game!]

[Thank you]

"It wasn't to be played now?... useless!" He grumbled as he silently went for dinner.

Once he was done with this, he went through some things he jotted down, so he wouldn't forget while receiving a massage from his head maid.

After dealing with these, he chose to go to freshen up after dinner.

At about 40 minutes later, Mr Wang came to escort him towards the convoy parked outside.

Peng shui was dressed in a clean black suit and had a teasing smile on his face.

'Wang Chou, you have avoided my eyes three times now...I wonder what old song has planned for me'.

Just like that, Their trip began and there was no problem with the convoy...it wasn't until they got closer to the city that Peng shui's instincts he had honed for all these years became more violent in it's warnings.

"Hey I need to use the toilet! Stop at the fuel station!"He quickly recognized the place and called out, the 'officers' agreed.

This only fueled his suspicion, 'since when have you all been so agreeable?'.

He got down from the car and went into the gas station's store under Wang chou's escort. When he got in, he gave a light nod to the CCTV before going about his business behind the store.


The sound of a gun came from behind him but he went on doing his thing and said with a laugh, "Yo Wang chou, you really want to shoot me when I'm having a...Ayaa just thought about it, it's not a good way to go".

Wang chou heard this and was surprised, "have you been suspicious of me?".

"When it comes to money grubbers like you, I'm suspicious of you all the most!" He tucked his lil brother in while wiping his hands on his trousers.

He then took a cigarette and lighted it up calmly under Wang chou's watch before stretching the cigarette case towards Him.

"No need"

Peng shui shrugs while tapping his palm with the cigarette pack, "Alright I'm done, when you see old song...uh Tell him... you know what, I'll tell him myself!".


A gunshot came from a cubicle in an inconspicuous corner and took down Wang chou. The latter was wide eyed and couldn't understand what happened.

He crawled for his fallen gun, but Peng shui was faster. He picked it up and listened, "hmm looks like you're all in on this, no one ran to come check what's going on".


"Boss!" A short looking male stepped out of the cubicle and grinned.

"The cubicle... really?! What if the fool checked all of them?".

Mouse thought about it and said "I'll still shoot?".

Peng shui froze for a second before sighing, "where's Long shen?".

Mouse handed him an ear piece, as soon as he put it on.

"Boss!!, I've missed you so much!!, Luckily, I and the boys succeeded in taking down most of Boss Song's boys at the south side district two nights ago...but...k..ko...Kong Ming is dead, Boss. Boss Song took him down personally".

"..." Peng shui frowned hearing that.

"Don't worry Boss, we'll get you out today..." Mouse reassured from the side.

'To think this all started out as competition for who would become the big Boss!' Peng shui thought while randomly finishing off Wang chou.


The others thought he was angry that's why he was acting out, so they went silent.

'I am the 'Boss', you don't want it so you got me arrested, so I turned you to a snitch in the streets and you got arrested, to think you came outside... it's about time I take you out' Peng shui mused with a rather troubling smile.

"where are you" He says to Long shen.

"On the opposite building, ready to cover for you two, don't worry, Boss, I can still monitor the CCTV."


"Yes Boss!"

While he was thinking, a voice came from Wang chou's body, *Psssh?! Wang chou how did it go?*

Immediately, Peng shui headed outside the toilet when Long shen's voice came in "Boss! They are approaching the Gas station now and they're alert, head out back... there's an entrance there!".

"Alright, Blow this up when I tell you to" Peng shui replied.

"Ok Boss!"

A minute and a half of running, Peng shui shouted "Now!!"

Bang! Bang!! Booooooom!!!!

Long shen shot a fuel Dispenser before hitting another spot with a second shot.

The explosion took place and Peng shui quickly flanked with Mouse, they shot down everyone at periphery of the explosion.

A gun fight ensued with two of the remaining cops until one was sniped by Long shen.

Mouse took a minute to kill the last one, but the sound of a truck's horn came from behind he and mouse.

Mouse jumped out of the way but Peng shui froze, 'No way! Truck Kun!!'.

And everything went dark...


[Proceeding with player Transfer]


A loud static sounds rang within his mind along with...



His ears were ringing and he felt drowsy as he slowly opened his eyes, someone kept shaking his body and he began to feel irritated. He found himself leaning up against a boulder in Rocky canyon, desert floor surrounded him as far as the eye could see.

Then he noticed that someone was beside him, a girl that looked to be around 16-18 years old, she had long black disheveled hair and big round eyes that looked red from crying.

"Father don't leave me too...!"

Upon Hearing her, a sharp pain spread across his body, starting from his head.

"Ugh!, F*ck..."


[Downloading Beginner package in progress...]

[Memory implant was successful and will be assimilated slowly]

[Begin movement tutorial]


[Find shelter before you are spotted once again.

+1 Notoriety]

With that notification, Peng Shui had gotten a summary of this Gu Lin Fang's life and has come to understand that their pursuers were the disciples of the ones that destroyed the Gu clan.

Presently, he was poisoned and was escaping with his only child Gu Linju.

"unbelievable!!" After yelling out, he quickly felt calm, as though someone poured cold water onto his brain but he was too anxious to think about the phenomenon.

"Ju'er, let's go" He said struggling to make sense of what was happening to him and subconsciously called the girl by her pet name, fortunately, it didn't stop him from moving.

"Mmm" she made a small hum, while coming to support him as they walked.

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