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VILLAIN!? Is that what you call me? Do you know what I have been through? Damn it! My fight is against the puppeteering strings of heaven itself. FATE dealt me this hand, and I'll find peace in it. Even if I have to end the world, I'll sit a king on its ruins. I'm not a good guy. I won't even pretend that I am. But then again, who in this world can truly claim that title? At least I know my heart. What about yours?" ..... Chiron lived an unfortunately miserable life as an orphan. Just when he managed to get rich as a result of a book about a world he saw in his dreams, he was murdered. He was even unable to enjoy his vast wealth before his death. But Fate had other plans for him. He was reborn in the same book he wrote as the main character. Appearing when he was about to undergo circumcision. But that was the least of his problems. After all, according to his book, the main character was to die at the end, risking his life for the safety of the world. To sacrifice one's self for the world was not his style. But the hunt for power and immortality---Now that was his style. However can he win when his enemy is Fate itself and the Gods that command it?...Especially with the Fate Change System he can never truly trust. ...... Note: The MC has no morality. Very Sick Shit happens in this book. I mean things that will make even your parents shy away. You have been warned!!! No Romance= (The Ancestors forbid it) Simping= (The MC would prefer Death please) Familiar bonds= (Family exists only for benefits.) Stray off the part of Power= (only to go kill a nation or something and we back on track) Note: So the first hundred chapters are endearing but very necessary. MC is at his weakest point ever. But it's also what builds his indomitable character and fearless nature. please be patient with it. The wait is worth it. {I never needed to say this before, but please read at least a hundred chapters before you leave a review. Thank you}

Dere_Isaac · Fantasy
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457 Chs

Victor's Sin of Lust {+18}

{Author's note: Please note that this chapter is not for the faint of heart, you have been warned. LOL}

While Chiron followed the woman with the weird robes to the shaman's temple, someone else was also visiting a different sanctuary.

It was Emma.

With the ring her master gave her, she breezed through the castle searching for any place with relevant information that could be useful to Chiron in the long run.

However, she found nothing.

The ring on her hand did not allow her become physically invisible. No! But it allowed her not to be detected by experts of all realms.

After all, this was a palace.

They were hidden experts that had their spiritual energy surveying the place.

These were high-level guards that were vested with the king's and the royal family's safety.

These guards were also in charge of protecting certain secrets. It was these certain secrets that Chiron had sent her to find out.

While exploring, Emma suddenly felt the pull of beautiful aroma.