8 Dantian awakening Invitation

Just then, from the side of his eyes, Chiron noticed a dangerous projectile whistling through the air, heading straight for Nora's head. Chiron immediately turned, using his body as a shield.


The stone hit but it made home on the back of Chiron's head.

Nora was taken by surprise of the sudden turn, however, she looked up only to see her big brother smiling at her. Then she saw it. drops of blood sliding down his neck.

Meanwhile, a boy and his friends not so far away were lamenting his miss.

Chiron turned to him. His name was Cablen. He was twelve years old and was Chiron's cousin. This was not the first time Cablen and his friends were picking on Chiron and his sister.

Since the Circumcision Ceremony, Chiron had been considered usable-trash by the members of the clan. But being ostracized was not just because he was a Tamashi. It was actually because of his father.

Aleen and the Chief of the Clan were twins. In fact, they were identical. Therefore, the struggle for everything and to also become chief arose from an early age between them. At the end of the day, Aleen lost the title of chief to his brother and who ended up becoming a Chief. However, the bad blood between the two was still strong.

It was so bad that Aleen was forced to live a distance away just at the very rare of the clan, close to the dormant volcano. The Chief also passed along this hatred for his brother to his son.

And now, the next generation continued the trend.

Whenever Cablen was bored, he would come and pick on Chiron and Nora. This had happened so many times that it had now become a norm.





More stones were thrown, with most of them making it to Chiron's body. He embraced Nora tightly. Protecting her from the venomous stones of the bullies. He just could not allow anything to happen to her. After all, she was currently his most prized possession.

"Hahaha! hey Tamashi! don't tell me you are training again. Don't worry there is no need," Cablen teased.

"Yes! Trash will always be trash!" another of Cablen's friend's added and they burst out laughing.

After Cablen and his friends had had fun, they became bored and left.

Chiron released Nora from his embrace. She took a look at him, her brother's body had now been filled with little streams of blood coming down.

Her brother had protected her against bullies to his own detriment and this touched Nora's innocent heart to no limit. She couldn't help but break down in tears. Chiron comforted her as they both went back to the house.

As he did, Chiron had a sly smile on the corner of his lips. With his current strength and knowledge, teaching Cablen a lesson was a piece of cake. But Chiron did not have his eyes on temporary gains, but rather on the far future.

Also, he did not want to affect Fate too much now. Especially considering the fact that he was still a weakling. By now, he knew that his decisions were too detrimental to his life. What was necessary was grinding through the pain.

At least for now.

It excited him when he saw Nora cry. The more emotional she got about him, the riper she became.

The two got back to the house after Chiron had finished his meal. In front of the house were two men talking to their father. From their distinctive dressing, Chiron instantly knew that they were elders of the clan. They handed over a scroll to Aleen at the entrance and quickly left.

As they passed by Chiron and Nora, the two children bowed their heads in greeting. Although they bowed, Chiron still noticed the look on their faces when the elders looked at them.

It was a look that stated total disgust. The Elders did even reply to the two and walked away.

Chiron held Nora by her hand and led her to the house.

"Greeting's father!" Chiron and Nora bowed in unison.

Aleen smiled and nodded at both of them as he opened the scroll to read it's content. After that day two years ago that Aleen tried to kill Chiron, he had never attempted it again. In fact, he behaved as if nothing had ever happened and only portrayed himself as a loving father.

Of course, Chiron also pretended like nothing ever happened.

Aleen instructed Chiron to bring a stool and sit close. Chiron did as he was told.

"Chi chi!" Aleen addressed Chiron by his pet name, "this scroll in my hand is a summon by the chief and the elders of the clan for the spirit Sword selection. As a member of the clan, you are eligible to attend. Tomorrow is going to be the Dantian awakening and you are going to be in attendance."

For any ordinary member of the Chikitsa clan, this was supposed to be incredible news. After all, it was the day that the next generation of warriors was going to be born.

The Dantian Awakening was the opening of the spirit center in the body. It was the source from which it was to be birthed and controlled through the meridians.

The Dantian Awakening was also the start of schooling within the clan. Clan members would be taught how to use the sword and merge it with Spirit energy.

This was indeed a great thing. But for the Tamashi, it was different. The Tamashi did not possess a Dantian and the Spirit energy in his body ran freely and wildly through the Meridians.

According to Chiron's memories of the book, it was the day that the Tamashi was handed the forbidden technique to learn. This was the technique necessary to be cast on the Tamashi's body in order to sacrifice his life and protect the clan.

This technique was definitely bad news to any Tamashi that had come before Chiron. Because the day it was used, was also the day they died...

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