82 Unassigned Stat Points

Liam chuckled and did not say anything to the girl. He calmly took the two rings and studied their attributes.

[Specter Halo] (Uncommon Rank)

Intellect +3, Agility +3

[Undead Halo] (Uncommon Rank)

Strength +3, Agility +3

[Wraith Halo] (Rare Rank)

Intellect +8, Agility +5

Additional Skill: Mana Regeneration is increased by 2%

"Great! It's not just Uncommon Rank." After reading the items' description, Liam was quite pleased. 

Rings were already good drops as there was no limit to how many rings one could wear. Most players roamed around with all their fingers covered by three to four rings each.

On top of that, these stats looked quite good, and especially the Rare Rank ring's attributes were good enough that it could be easily used until one reached Level 50.

The equipments in the 'Evolution Online' game were categorized into several ranks starting from White, Common, Uncommon, Rare, Unique, Epic, and Legendary.


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