662 Massacre

In the dead of night, suddenly, loud sirens blared everywhere, and the city that was supposed to be sleeping was unexpectedly wide awake in dread and panic. 

Police cars and ambulances lined the streets as everyone tried to make sense of the terrifying event that had happened in the span of a single night.

All the local news channels were going crazy, repeatedly reporting the same news. For the first time in a while, something other than the popular video game had occupied the headlines.

"Two hundred men killed overnight! Who is the prime suspect in the Gu family massacre?"

"No witness alive! No evidence left behind! Police are helpless! Was this a gang fight between rival families?"

"Gu family mass murder! There is a serial killer loose in the city! All the residents are advised to stay inside and lock the doors. Call the police if you see any suspicious activity on the streets."


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