26 God of Death

Squawk. Squawk. Squawk. Squawk.

The cluster of ravens cackled, filling the air with loud shrieking noises.

It was barely on the borderline and even a decibel or so higher would have forced the team fighting against them to cover their ears first instead of fighting to prevent their eardrums from getting punctured.

Alex immediately used her [Deafening Roar], coupled with her [Block], but the birds were far too many and their beaks were everywhere.

The group's health was dropping down too fast for even Mia to keep a steady hold on things. She frantically cast her heals, forcing herself to her limits to maintain absolute perfection in timing.

Liam sighed. He took one look at how things were going and he immediately shouted. "Get down!"

They were only a little over halfway through and he didn't want the group to be wiped out.

And since everyone had been listening to him since the beginning, no one thought twice about what he said and acted first, getting off of the mound.

Only after jumping down, they noticed that none of the ravens had followed them back and all the birds were now circling only around Liam.

"Healer. Keep up." Liam shouted, adding another instruction.

He didn't bother giving Mia more detailed commands because he was confident about her abilities. Also, he didn't have the time to spare.

Standing all by himself atop of the bloody mound, Liam's body was spinning and twisting in all crazy angles, his agility a notch higher than the ravens.

The three undead he had summoned were also busily fighting back, taking chunks of flesh and health from the cackling ravens, but it was clear that he was being pushed to his limits.

It was clear that he wouldn't last much longer but lasting so far just by himself was itself a remarkable feat!

Everyone was stunned silly. They watched Liam in a daze with dumb expressions on their faces, even forgetting that they could just climb back the mound and join the fight.

They couldn't take their eyes off of him as he contorted in various angles, dodging the trajectories of the birds and at the same time, slashing at them with his sword.

"How beautiful!" Alex muttered subconsciously.

Mia as well had her eyes peeled open, not missing a single movement on the man in front of her.

Rey, on the other hand, was watching on as if he was seeing a ghost.

With every second that passed, his movements became sharper and sharper and his random moves slowly became coordinated and beautiful like a dance rather than an intense battle.

All three gulped, watching him in awe. Sword slices rippled out in several directions, chunks of flesh and feathers flying everywhere.

And before long, the entire flock of birds suddenly dropped down dead.

[Ding. 10 Experience points gained]

[Ding. 10 Bonus Experience points gained]

[Ding. 10 Experience points gained]

[Ding. 10 Bonus Experience points gained]

Experience points rained down continuously, as the entire flock of birds was just like that taken care of by a single player.

[Ding. A new skill 'Sword Dance' has been created due to your actions]

[Sword Dance: Each Slash of the sword deals 200% damage; A critical hit attack deals 250% damage; Cooldown: 3 minutes]

Liam smiled at the new skill, feeling exhilarated after having executed the familiar set of moves perfectly.

He didn't want to use this so soon, as revealing it might bring a lot of questions but he didn't have any other options. So he just went for it.

[Awaken] Liam muttered again, this time a group of five bony undead ravens slowly rising up from the pile of corpses. He was already preparing for the next fight.

Unlike him, all the three spectators stood still. Even Alex was stunned speechless with nothing else to say. She inwardly felt embarrassed to have compared both of their gameplay.

One was like an aged wine while the other was like a cheap beer!

Liam turned to look at them and saw the worshipping look in their eyes. Heh. He chuckled inwardly. He was not used to being looked at in this manner.

He ruffled his head and muttered, returning back to dig through the pile of corpses. "You should stop daydreaming and get back up. The next group will soon be here."

The haul this time was quite good and the birds had dropped two skill books and one crossbow with good stats.

"Check this out." Liam threw the crossbow at Rey.

"Hey. How do you know all of this?" Alex asked, ignoring the equipment that was tossed. She climbed back onto the mound, with her gaze fixated on Liam.

"I don't. I am only roughly guessing." He didn't stop for answering her and continued to pocket all the copper and silver coins he found.

Technically, what he said wasn't wrong as his last estimate had been terribly wrong and way off the mark. Even they knew it. But Alex was not ready to give up just yet.

"What was that sword move thing you did? That was also a skill you learned from a skill book?" She asked again.

It was impossible for one person to have acquired so many skill books when the game just literally started so she simply couldn't let it go.

She glared at the guy as if he had stolen her lunch money from her.

Liam shook his head and looked at her. This time instead of giving her a random bullshit answer, he paused slightly. "I will explain it later to you. The next mob should be coming soon."

He turned around without leaving any space for the woman to ask him further questions.

"You!" Alex clenched her fists and glared at him.

Five undead ravens flapped their wings and circled around Liam. This coupled with the strong and powerful aura he was emitting, the man looked like a God of Death.

Alex gulped and pursed her lips. She angrily kicked a couple of corpses next to her feet as if checking to search for other drops.

Rey was busy looking at the crossbow in his hand and Mia looked around, also checking in between the corpses for drops.

But just like Alex her gaze as well ever so often flickered over in the direction of Liam, looking at him in a daze.

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