Re: Evolution Online

On just another normal Monday, a new virtual reality game called "Evolution Online" launched out of nowhere and took the world by storm. People were blown away by the game’s hyper-realistic features and endless adventures. Everyone from small companies to big corporations and governments scrambled to get a foothold on this mysterious video game. But what they didn't know was that this game was actually a tutorial for the upcoming apocalypse that was about to hit the planet! The game was a precursor to the Earth's first evolution, where mana was going to be unleashed into the real world! Liam, a high school student who had faced numerous setbacks in his life, turned to 'Evolution Online' in the hope of changing his fate, but instead, he got trapped in the game's twisted world, and things went from bad to worse. When the apocalypse finally arrived, Liam barely managed to escape, but his situation didn't improve. Along with millions of others, he died a miserable death, unable to fight back and filled with regret. However, Liam's story didn't end there. He found himself inexplicably transported back in time before everything started! Armed with the knowledge of what was to come, Liam was determined to become the strongest and most powerful player, unleashing destruction upon the world that had ruined him before! This time, things were going to be different! ******************* Discord Link for chatting with author and character art https://discord.gg/XS7gWScKn8

Yolohy · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
1349 Chs

Can’t a man sleep in peace?

Alex looked at the guild chat blowing up, and she knew that it was going to take a while for things to calm down and focus to return back to the third wave of the apocalypse.

Until then, she did not plan on standing here and wasting her time. She wrapped things up in the magic shop and looked for the fairy to thank her, but Tilia was nowhere to be seen.

Alex did not know why the fairy helped them, but she had a feeling that it had nothing to do with her. It was definitely related to Liam. She thought about it for a moment before she shrugged and walked out.

As she came out of the magic shop, a group of people walked past her, all equipped to fight the undeads. Everyone waved at Alex, giving her a nod of respect.

  Alex also smiled. "I suppose it's time for me to start training as well." 

The undead were easy prey for her, so she had already planned for a dungeon run along with a few other members of the guild.