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Yao Wang was an unrivaled genius who transcended the world of cultivation by practicing the evil Dao, obtaining heaven-defying growth and doing hell smiling evil. The path of righteousness has dealt him a bad hand; first, he was denied his rights as a prince, and second, his brother was killed for loving the empress; however, Yao Wang sought vengeance on behalf of his big bro and killed both the emperor and the empress and was met with a large crowd of Immortals who fought endlessly with him for weeks until his demonic power was sealed, rendering him powerless. But he was reincarnated after summoning his death dragon with his last bit of strength. He reincarnated in a new world, a modern cultivation world, with a little bit of his previous life strength, becoming slightly overpowered. Will he remain evil and the sadist he is as a past timer, seeing new born technology and new born methods of cultivation, even after discovering he has a little bro?

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[Character art for past life Yao Wang in comment section]

Yao Wang's death dragon, Daemon, is awakening.

The light from heaven is holy, and its brightness can blind anyone's eyes; the light from hell is unholy, and its brightness, like that of the sun, energizes the powers of demons.

What does lightning have to do with the death dragon? lightning? What injustice that the heavens are attempting to obstruct the death dragon's work in order to save his followers.



Each lightning bolt that struck the oval was followed by earth-shaking thunder.


The oval has begun to crack, as a thunderous crack sound resounded! Daemon has absorbed enough lightning power to break free from the confines of the oval that it inhabits because it cannot survive in an environment devoid of demonic essence.


Following an explosion, a loud roar resounded, piercing through the Immortal's ears, causing some to faint and their ears to bleed, while the weaker ones died instantly.

What should you expect from a death dragon? Everything it does spells death; anyone who does not believe in the evil path will be harmed by even the sound of its voice.

The shadow of a dragon covered the entire mountain and a small percentage of the earth in the sky, in sync with the sun.

The earth trembled, heaven wailed, and hell got goosebumps as a heaven-defying aura was released.

"The righteous path is unholy; all you have to do is behave righteously while your heart is evil. I'm evil, and I'm proud of it, but you're righteous, and you're not proud of it. The end is near for all of you, but I, the demon Yao Wang, will not die alone. So long, cretins."

"Daemon, your master is about to issue his final command; spare no one."

The body of an evil Immortal fell into an eternal sleep with those last words, and the soul wandered determinedly into the depths of the portal of death, wavering inside with a cold aura that caused the Heavenly grim reapers to shiver and give way without reaping this soul that the heavens are afraid of.

Drifting down the multicolored portal to any direction it may lead to, no one knows where they are going after death, and Yao Wang is no exception.


Yao Wang's soul was falling in sync with the invisible force when another external force intervened and drew him away.

Yao Wang's soul was now following this new path that led him to light, a large ball of light that shone brightly like the sun.

A majestic figure appeared, dressed in black and gold robes, a majestic crown on his head, and a smile on his face, a smile that Yao Wang had seen before.


Yao Wang's soul came to a halt, and he discovered that he could move his soul as if it were his own physical body, no longer controlled by the force.

"Long time no see, brother, welcome and thank you for vengeance on my behalf."

This majestic figure spoke with maturity, authority, power, and sovereignty, shocking Yao Wang because it was the voice of his big bro, Wang Chung.

"Big bro Wang Chung, it's you, why are you here, the clothes you're wearing are different, and your aura is heavenly."

"Haha, he's still the same curious little brother I know. Well, I got lucky because after dying, I wasn't reincarnated but was summoned to be one of the gods' students. After one of the gods was killed by another, a battle royale ensued, and luckily, I won against all of the gods' students and assumed the mantle of the new god."

After falling into the cold hands of death, heavens considered his unfair treatment on earth and granted him a chance to not be reincarnated and become one of the god students.

"Heavens, you say?"

"What's it?"


"All right, Yao Wang, I'll give you the option of not being reincarnated; instead, you'll be my second in command as the god of mortal cultivation."

Something as large as a house that shone like the moon projected the two brothers before they could reach an agreement.

"Damn, those cretins are at it again."

Wang Chung frowned, his body launching from the ground at breakneck speed like a space shuttle.

Wang Chung's hands released a blinding light that rivaled that of the glowing up, and when he collided with it, it exploded into large balls of flamy lights that fell downward towards Yao Wang.

"Damn you cretins." When Wang Chung realized Yao Wang was in danger, he cursed himself and began flying downward to save his little demonic brother.

Nonetheless, he was slower than the light, which was only a half-meter away from Yao Wang.

"Goodbye, big bro; I wasn't going to accept your proposal, so don't feel bad; I died a second death as a result."

As the ball of light collided with his body and exploded like a grenade, Yao Wang smiled.

The explosion injured Yao Wang's soul, but he did not die; however, the light created a force that pushed his soul back into the reincarnation portal.

"Yao Wang!"

A god wept as he watched his brother pass through the portal of reincarnation.

Yao Wang's soul traveled through the portal of reincarnation.


'So, I'm still alive, huh?' 'Who am I?' After waking up, Yao Wang reflected.

His vision was blurry at first, but it gradually improved.

His body had strengthened, and he could now move freely.

Waves of memories entered his mind: they were memories of this world Yao Wang whose body he was in at the time; this Yao Wang is an orphan with no meridian and he has a little brother.

This world is a modern world, similar to his previous cultivation world, in which the body can be nourished through the accumulation of energies.

However, in this world, most cultivation theories have been improved, while others have been abandoned.

Moving metals (Cars) have been invented to improve transportation, as have many other things, but the main theory of this world is cultivation.

'I guess I reincarnated, but in a strange world, these brats have defied the cultivation theories, and I'd certainly make them pay for it.'

"You're awake, big brother."

Yao Wang noticed a cute young boy of almost 12 year old with white blonde hair sitting close to the bed he was lying on when the voice of a little boy entered his ear.

"Hey little one."

"Big bro why are you so different, c'mon I'm hungry and need to eat before I die but there's no food in the house."

'Shit, I have to play the big bro like Wang Chung this time, hah, this brat is so much like me in my previous life before embarking on the evil path and becoming a demon.'

Yao Wang is evil and will let go of anything that stands in his way of greatness, but he was once a little boy like this his little brother, so his heart didn't carry the desire to kill his own blood brother as his own brother didn't kill him back then.

'Unlike Wang Chung, I will not sit and watch this new lil bro suffer while the good things in life lies in front of him.'

[Character art for this life's Yao Wang and Theo Wang in comment section.]

"Is your name Theo Wang?"

"Don't tell me you forgot my name because you've been sleeping for almost a week, big bro. I thought you were dead, but I knew my big brother would never abandon me."

'Well, your big bro died a long time ago, but why was he even dead?' huh, he tried to raise his cultivation from rank 5 human to rank 6 human by cultivating a Rank 2 beast unwillingly, wait? why are they even using such absurd method as that. Damnit, these fucking future culltivators have changed a lot of things.'

Beasts ranging from small beasts like parasites to large beast like the mountain ranging elephant are tamed, refined and cultivated for the power which they posses.

Modern cultivators believed that their forefathers could not absorb energy and use martial arts techniques, but could only use the energies of beasts.

According to their beliefs, the greatest cultivators were those who possessed dragons, with the death dragons owner atop the list.

"I believe I am a god in this world; how ironic that I once had a death dragon."

"Brother, why are you talking to yourself when I'm starving?"

"All right, let's go get something to eat."

"But we don't have money."

"Money? We'll have more of it when we return; just get that black golden sword for me."

"Are you going to sell the sword? Remember, that was the only thing Dad left for us."

"Silly, I don't want to sell it; let me put it this way: I'm going to kill some people and get some food."


Theo Wang inquired, his eyes wide open.

"Probably something like that, stop wasting my time, let's go or you'll die of hunger."

Immediately Theo Wang left the room..

In front of Yao Wang, a dark vortex appeared, it was circular and it moved very fast, sucking small objects like papers into it.

Out of it, an undescribed power was released and a black entity with sparkling black and red colour was coming out.


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