1 Prologue

I watch the vast land in front of me, green as far as the eye could see. Illuminated by the only source of natural light in the darkened sky.

A single shadow extends over me and a forest to the east. Even without looking, I could tell; the looming tower was anything but symmetrical.

A breeze passes by, with the only noise taking to the air being the rustling of the bag I clenched onto tightly.

I didn't know how to feel. One second, I was walking out of a convenience store, counting the remaining change after a purchase that couldn't be considered dinner nor a late-night snack, and next second, I find myself stepping onto a soft and luscious patch of green grass… not the earlier concrete pavement.

I find a rock to the left of the tower, illuminated by the moon that also felt very odd where it sat and I lay on the rock, trying to come to terms with the very light-novel scenario.

I feel the familiar bump of a block and naturally reach for it. Pulling out from my pocket was the familiar metal feel of a smartphone, lit up with a famous character from some famous anime I was watching what should've been 5 minutes ago…

5 pm, no date, no signal, and 98% on battery…

I had gotten out at 2 am on a school night, with 50%... It didn't add up…

"Where… am I?" I sigh, looking at the unfamiliar satellite that I can only hope is also called the Moon.

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