113 The News

A/N: What's good everyone? I was ill for the past couple days, that's the reason why I couldn't update the book with a new chapter. Now that I'm back, I see that I owe you guys two bonus chapters for 200 and 300 power stones, so that'll be coming alongside the next chapter.

I'm not at a hundred percent yet, but I'm good enough to write, plus I missed work for three days now and couldn't even call in to tell them that I was sick so... Yeah. I might not update in two days, maybe in three, for sure by then.

Also, I wanted to inform you all that I'll be introducing two new tiers for the privileged chapters next month, so get ready. It might be something like five advanced chapters, and Ten advanced chapters.




The thought of eating Deacon and gaining his impressive regenerative ability was the very first thing that came across Victor's mind when he heard of the immortality, the only thing that kept him from doing just that was simple.


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