13 Floor Two Monsters I

"I should first of all test my skills to see their effects. I've never been to the second floor before, so this should be my actual first dungeon exploration. The first one wasn't exactly enjoyable, and I was not in control for the most part."

Victor went over his status screen one more time, and he then noticed that he hadn't checked the effect of the skill Rot Bite yet, so he did and also checked the one he got last, just to be sure.

[Rot Bite]

Any target bitten will be inflicted with rot and will slowly decay and rot away. The infected area cannot be treated with a low-grade healing potion or magic.

Duration: 10s

Level: 3

Mana cost: none

[Undead Aura]

Inflicts fear/terror/hallucination on targets that are affected. Duration varies depending on the target.

Level: 1

Mana cost: none

"The first one is understandable, but this second one is a bit vague. This kind of skill is normally active though, does that mean it needs a trigger? If so, what is the trigger?... System?" Victor queried.

[Yes. This skill is the type that requires a trigger to be activated. The skill takes effect when any creature before you develops any feeling of fear before you]

"Wow, is that so," Victor said, seeing how much power this skill had. "This is definitely one that I have to level up."

Victor also made a deduction going by what the system said. The target had to be in his presence, which meant someone watching him over a screen would not be affected. And after a bit more questioning, he found out that due to the skill's current level, the fear the opposite party feels towards him would have to be more than just a little.

"So tempting. I almost want to use my skill points to level this up, but no, I have to restrain myself and work towards building the perfect base for now. Besides, I don't need it for now." Victor said as he closed the system interface.

He had just entered the second floor, and hadn't walked much yet, he could even still see the entrance. The way it was after he got to the passage that lead to the second floor, the path gradually descended downwards for a while, until he emerged in another open area.

He began exploring, and only after some minutes did he encounter his first monster, a zombie, nothing special. The only difference noticeable was when the system identified the monster.

-Zombie LVL 2

"Oho, a level two." The rest he had been killing on the first floor were all level one. He wondered how many experience points he would get from killing it. So, like any other reasonable person would do, he attacked it. The poor zombie didn't even get a chance to respond before its head was smashed off its body. Apart from the exp, Victor didn't really like moving food.


Victor received a pop-up notification after the zombie fell to the floor.

After taking a bite, however, he found that he received the same amount of evolution material, 100. He quickly finished getting every bit of flesh he could from the dead zombie, leaving only some areas untouched. The insides of the zombie were rotten for the most part, so Victor didn't like going too deep and reaching those parts.

To his current pallets, raw or rotten meat wasn't all that bad. Rotten or bad meat only tasted like something similar to oats and the raw one he ate from the wolves wasn't bad either. Not tasty, but not irritable, just blend for the most part.

Since humans were so useless according to the system, Victor had no reason to eat any, which was also better for him. If he were to start eating humans, ahh, it just would feel a bit off. Though, he would have still done it.

Unlike the first floor where Victor came from, this current floor didn't seem to have many monsters moving around, and since Victor didn't exactly have a map, he could only walk around without knowing where to head to.

The dungeon layout wasn't at all like a labyrinth or a normal cave system with hollow passageways everywhere. Of course, there were some parts that were just tunnels and a direct route from point A to B, but for the most part, it was like an ecosystem with different layouts and creative structures. Victor himself could tell that the game developers weren't lazy and tight on the budget. That is of course if he was back on earth and playing video games.

At the moment, however, Victor had entered one of those passageways, and this one he entered was long. After walking for a while, his zombie eyes noticed something in the distance hanging from the ceiling, dungeon bats. He wasn't particularly afraid, after all, he was level 10. The only thing that worried him was the fact that bats never attacked in small numbers, and the way this dungeon was designed, monsters attack monsters.

Monsters attacking monsters in a dungeon would be normal, except for the sole fact that they both are mobs in the same dungeon, what was the need to attack each other?! "Alas, the creator is crazy," Victor said.

He had been moving forward without fear until he asked the system to identify the monsters, and what he saw brought him to a complete stop.

-Dungeon Bat LVL 4, -Dungeon Bat LVL 4, -Dungeon Bat LVL 4

-Dungeon Bat LVL 4, -Dungeon Bat LVL 5, -Dungeon Bat LVL 4

-Dungeon Bat LVL 4, -Dungeon Bat LVL 5

-Dungeon Bat LVL 5, -Dungeon Bat LVL 5

-Dungeon Bat LVL 4

-Dungeon Bat LVL 4...

And it went on for longer than initially estimated by Victor also. This was extremely dangerous!

Victor knew dying didn't mean the end for him, and he also didn't lose experience as a penalty for dying as one would in games, so in actuality, there wasn't much to fear. But, "rushing straight into a death trap. Isn't that just a crazy and unreasonable thing to do?" He said to himself.

Doing so was a good plan, but that was only if he had no other option, or in special situations, but now wasn't the time for that... or was it?

"If only I had a ranged attack or some type of AOE." Victor thought to himself, and that was when he realized. This situation was a special situation where he had to sacrifice himself for some important exp. "Let's do this. I'm kinda regretting not taking those adventurers' weapons." Victor said as he stretched his arms out a bit. His fingers were quite sharp and sturdy, so they made for good weapons.

Victor didn't hesitate and lounged straight at the first row of bats hanging from the ceiling. With his superior speed, he was able to fall about five bats to the ground with his first strike, and with his second he did the same or close. The remaining bats scattered around and started attacking Victor, to which he responded with his own series of attacks. He could follow their movements from one to another perfectly, as to him it was almost as if they were just flying like butterflies around him, albeit slower.

What he saw next surprised him a bit, in as much as it also brought a sinister grin to his face.

[A large portion of dungeon bats have been affected by the skill Undead Aura]

[A large portion of the targets have died due to the skill effects.]

[The rest are unable to move and have fallen]

Seeing this, Victor also saw the noticeable cut in the number of bats attacking him, but before he could do his job and kill the remaining, a string of notifications that brought joy to his face started coming in.

+10, +10, +10, +10

+10, +8, +10

+8, +10








The notifications kept flooding in. By the time he was done with the remaining bats, he had gotten over a thousand exp in total. He checked his status to see how much he got, and although compared to what he needed for his next level, it was quite sufficient.

Level: 10 (3450/8000) > (4756/8000)

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