1 A Wrong Turn

'How did this happen?... How did my life become like this?... Ahh, yes. It all started on that day.'


Victor used to be just like every other person, normal. He finally graduated from University after six years, even though his course was a four years course. The place his parents lived, their family house, was close to his school, 4 hours of driving and it's home sweet home. "I'm finally done with this shit."

"You're not leaving now are you?!" A beautiful young lady said to Victor from a distance. She and a small group of her friends were coming out of a building in the school when she sighted Victor. 'Shy Victor, was he trying to escape just now?'

"Oh, uh, yeah!" Victor looked around slowly to check if people were looking. Just then, his voice was loud since he shouted, so he moved closer to the girl before he said another word. "I was thinking of going home now. If I leave now, I might be able to get there before it gets dark.


'If only I left then. If only I didn't listen to her.'


"Oh come on, you can't leave today!" The girl said.

"Hey hey, lower your voice!" Victor said as his eyes scanned the surroundings to see whether people were looking.

"There'll be a party later tonight at that famous club west of town, you have to be there."

"You know I don't do parties and stuff like that."

"Come on, for me? Do it for me." 'There's no way I'm letting you go that easily.'


'If I had been just a little selfish.'


"Taxi! 10 Bottles," Victor told the driver the name of the club as he sat.

As they drove away, the taxi stopped on the way to carry another person. The taxi continued driving, but after some time it deviated from its original path. 'This isn't the right way.' Victor thought but remained quiet. As they kept going further away from the actual place, Victor started getting suspicious and could no longer keep quiet. "Hey, sir! This isn't the right way. Don't you know where 10 Bottles is?"

"Shut the fuck up and sit still." The man sitting beside him who joined him in the taxi said while holding a knife to his neck.

Victor sat back slowly and remained silent for a while. "What is the meaning of this?" He said.

"The next time you talk, your neck goes." The man replied.

After the taxi had gotten far enough for the men, the driver drove them off-road and after some time, they arrived at a spot with rocky ground.

"Bring him out. Let's get on with this asap, I got better places to be." The driver said while exiting the vehicle.

The man behind opened the door and dragged Victor out. When Victor saw that he wasn't tied and the men only had a knife, he immediately made a run for it, summoning all the speed he used when representing the track & field team to run as fast as he can. If he was fast enough, the two men wouldn't be able to catch him, he would not be dying that day.


The sound of a gunshot rang out through the place as Victor's body fell to the ground. He wasn't dead, but the hollow point used on his leg did a nasty job.

"Alright kid, I got a kid your age so I always hate to do this, so I'll make it snappy."

The adrenaline in Victor's body had suppressed the pain from his torn leg, so he didn't shout or anything, just some heavy breaths here and there.

"You messed with the wrong guy's girl, or, as I know, it probably happened that she messed with you. She has that bad habit, even though she knows how it goes." The driver said while changing the pistol's cartridge.

"So it was Kassie."


"Hey, the rain is coming, don't you think you should skip your talking today?."

"That's right. Well! Farewell boy, say hello to my wife for me."



'If only I didn't listen to that bitch.. Too late now anyway. I wonder if it'll be heaven I'll be going to or hell.' As Victor thought in a solemn voice while basking in the comfort of the darkness that surrounded him, a bright white light showed over his eyes, but as weird as it felt, he couldn't move his body, so he was unreactive.

As the light ceased, he could feel a sensation in his body different from the soothing one he felt moments ago, and it wasn't at all soothing, just weird. 'It feels as if I'm standing, somehow. Do I have a body? At least I should be able to open my eyes right?.' ... 'Nope, I... Oh, oh, they're opening, slowly…'

After his eyes opened completely, what he saw shook him a bit, but also confirmed one thing, 'I went to hell huh?'

Surrounding him were at least 15 undead, zombies that unnaturally resembled one another, and the fact that he was in their midst confused and frightened him to a certain extent. He could tell he was there, but at the same time, he couldn't control himself and felt like he was just a spectator in the body. As the head turned, Victor noticed something, and that was the fact that they were in some kind of cave or underground. Also, he didn't really feel like he was in hell. There was no fire, no endless screams of pain and suffering, and there were no demons around.

'What exactly is this place?'

As they kept walking, something appeared before his eyes, 'Is this what I think it is? Are you kidding me?' 'I've seen this concept in some manga I've read before, but I still can't believe it. Is this a gaming interface panel? It looks like one, but why's it blank in many places?' Just as Victor was thinking, something appeared on the interface.


[Initiating System]

[System Online]


After a slight delay, some information was displayed on a system panel before Victor's eyes.

Level: 1(experience bar)

Name: Victor Witts

Race: Human



Hp: 100

Mp: 0


Strength: 10

Agility: 12

Sense: 6

Vitality: 8

Intelligence: 10

remaining stat point: 0

[Skill tab]




The system went haywire as it showed the red error message that kept blinking while the buzz sound pierced Victor's ears. He tried to cover his ears, but his hands wouldn't move. 'What's happening?!!' The panel went blank and everything displayed on it disappeared.

[System Error Rectified]

Level: 1(experience bar)

Name: Zombie#2314

Race: Undead(Zombie)



Hp: 50

Mp: 0


Strength: 6

Agility: 5

Sense: 15

Vitality: 2

Intelligence: 0

remaining stat point: 0

[Skill tab]



'No shit, I'm so slow, everything adds up now. I got isekaied!'

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