4 Chapter 4 Experiment and Appraisal

Mom and Dad is now out on hunting.

Elena is sleeping and I am in the garden.

Now let's start the experiments.

I will alter the chants a little by little and note them down in the notebook...

For a normal fireball spell you have to draw collection chat then compression chant after that combustion chant and lastly maintenance chant...

Experiment one...

Repeating collection chant twice and letting everything remain same...

Aaron repeated the first chant twice and the fireball became 2x big of it's previous size...

Hmmm...as expected the more hydrogen the more it will burn.

After that Aaron did some more experiments...

At dinner...

"So Aaron how does it feels to play in garden..."

"It's awesome dad.."

"I know..."

"How much did he want this time..." Mom suddenly spoke In a sad tone.

What is she talking about...


"How are we suppose to grow up our children if we gave him everything..."

"It's kindom dance this month in the castle we have to do what they say or they will kick us out..."

"How about we transfer to city you can support in construction and I can be a teacher we will live a better life..."

"I have contacted a friend of mine in the city he told me that the cost for a middle grade house is...2 gold"

Silence covered the whole room...

Is 2 gold really that expensive...

"For their future I am willing to do anything..." Hilda said with a serious face.

"You know that a slime core goes for 10 copper and horned rabbit's meat and core totally goes for 20 copper...it will take us many months if we take account for everything..."

"Then let's do it..." Mom smiled towards dad.

"Yes, darling let's do it..." Dad's eyes glowed with a motivation in them.

"Dad what's a kingdom dance..?" I asked with curiosity in my eyes...

"Aaron when a king's daughter gets married the king organise a grand party called kingdom dance for nobles..."

Oh so the farmers have to give 95% of their harvest for this kindom dance...tch...what kind of shitty king is he.

After having dinner...

Aaron went to his room and started to look at the conclusion of the experiments he has performed today...

1. If you repeat first chant twice the size of the fireball will increase but for some reason I can't repeat the chant for some reason...I don't know if my mana is low or anything else.

2. If you repeat the second chant twice the strength of the fireball will increase two folds.

3.Third chant never effects the even if you repeat it thrice.

4. Fourth chant also doesn't effects it.

5. If i repeat first and second chant twice on one try then I can make a fireball as big as of mom's.



Name: Aaron

Age: 3 years

MP: 18

HP: 10

Class: <none>

Skill: [Fireball Lv.2]

Free gacha: 100,001 (Time until opening: 2 years)

Blessing:<Elma's blessings>

Attack: 2

Defense: 1


I have noticed that when I use the strengthened formula then my mana goes 20 per minute.

But I have come to know that my skill level increased and my chanting time decreased by half.

It now takes only 30 seconds instead of one minute to perform this spell.

Well I will continue my experiments and wait for 2 years...and after that I will use gachas to strengthen myself...hehe.

Good night...

Aaron continued with his experiments and years passed...

After 2 years ....

"Mmm...what a good day it is today." A young man with black hair and red eyes came out of a small house. He was none other than Aaron.



Name: Aaron

Age: 5 years

MP: 380

HP: 10

Class: <none>

Skill: [Fireball Lv.4]

Free gacha: 100,001

Blessing:<Elma's blessings>

Attack: 2

Defense: 1


By doing some alterations in fireball spell I brought it to level 4 in two years...

I talked to my mother about magic and mages she said that only 20% of world population is mage class and they are very rare people.

She said that you can't use magic if you are not a mage...but then why can I use magic ?

Well not like it matters I will now open my gachas.

"Aaron it's time for the ceremony come get dressed..." Hilda shouted.

Oh no I forgot that today is the appraisal ceremony in the village chief's house...

"Y-yes mom.."

I think i will open my gachas after the ceremony...sigh

After getting dressed mom looked into my eyes with a serious expression...

"Look if you found out to be a farmer class don't get depressed mama will always love you..."

"Y-yes mom..."


She kissed me on my forehead as always and I bid farewell to her and Elena with my father...

Elna started crying as she saw that I am going away....she is now 2 and a half year old.

But when I look back and consider what mom said I am just a classless person until now so am I a good-for-nothing in this world too.

Or am I going to obtain a class at the ceremony. But I had readed so many Mangas in my previous life as Satoshi and not in a single one I had seen that mc gets born as classless but got a class later until he has a cheat....

But it doesn't matter I don't have a cheat do I....?

We walked to the village chief's house....father's expression looked dense by the step.

After we walked into chief's house a priest was sitting on the sofa at the front with chief and a knight in full shining metal armour...

"Ronald welcome...is he your son" an old man with white beard covering his full face spoke to Ronald.

"Thank you chief he is Aaron my eldest son...I greet the all mighty priest and knight commander."

"Haha...good good you shall now wait in the garden until everybody comes." Said the chief.

As we walked into the village chief's garden we saw a number of people there sitting with their childrens and waiting.

"Yo Ronald come here..."

A sound came from the crowd.


It was algar uncle who is calling us...

My dad sat near algar and I sat near Nelda.

"Are you nervous too...?" Algar asked Ronald.


"Me too."

As I looked at Nelda she was just looking down in clear nervousness.

"Hi Nelda..."

"H-H-Hi Aaron..."

Ummm I thought there was only one H in the word Hi.

"Don't be nervous everything will be fine..."

Nelda suddenly looked at me with a surprising expression.

"Aaron are you not nervous..?"

"No...because my mom said that she will love me even if I have the farmer class..."


"Yes ?"

"I am not nervous anymore thank you so much..."

Huh...have I done something special.

Suddenly a hand appeared on my right shoulder and Nelda's left shoulder....when I looked back I saw that it was Algar.

"Hey Aaron do you want to marry her..?"


"Hey algar they are just 5"

"So what ? In next 10 years they can get married and have sweet little kids..."

After listening this conversation nelda's face turned fully red as if someone painted on her face with red colour.

"Ladies and gentlemen now shall we start the appraisal ceremony.." the priest walked out with village chief and the knight commander with a crystal ball in his hands...

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