2 Chapter 2 Spells

It's been 1 year and 3 months now... since my re-birth into this world of magic.

I started walking on my feets and started talking like a one year old child.

"Good morning Aaron."

*Chu* Hilda entered my room as she kissed me on my forehead.

"Ma...ma" I tried to act like a child.

"Oh my sweet child mama is here to feed you."

She unfolded her dress to breastfeed me...

After that she putted me back into the cradle.

It's winter now...and according to analysis there are 4 seasons like on earth and 7 days in a week with 12 months in a year.

But they didn't gave names to months.

I think I born on 25th of December and it's a day celebrated here as harvest completion day.

"Aaron I am going to help your father in hunting so go back to sleep like a good boy ok..."


"Aaron father is here to give you a kiss..."


"My cutie your daddy will come back as fast as he can..."

"Darling I don't think you should come with me in this state..."

What state...is something wrong with mom ?

"Don't worry honey it's my 1st month so nothing will happen..."

Ah...so I am going to become a big brother...well not like it's something totally unexpected.

I pretended to fall asleep in front of them...

"Oh and you should revise the spells..."

"Honey don't worry I am using them daily for 6 years now."

Hmm...revise spells ?....Are they written on a paper or something.

"But for your safety I will take a look at them again is that ok..."

"I love you darling"

"I love you too honey"


Hello...? There is a child asleep in this room.

They kissed again and after that Ronald left the room.

"Ahh...let me just warm your room Aaron..." Hilda said as she lifted her hands in air.

After closing her eyes she focused for 1 minute and spoke slightly...


Suddenly out of thin air a football sized ball of fire emerged and covered the whole room in a blanket of heat.

"By Aaron dear we will be home soon..."


After 10 minutes of their leaving I woke up and walked out of the wooden cradle. The surface of the room is warm.

I have seen mother performing that spell a number of times but when I tried to do it...it never worked.

I have tried saying 'Fireball' a number of times but nothing happens...Is my mana not enough to do it...?

But after listening to today's chat I think there is a written method on how to perform these magic spells.

Aaron slowly opened the door with his tiny hands and walked out slowly.

As he walked out of the room he saw a rectangular table in the middle of the hall and four chairs one on each side.

There was one wooden door on the left of the hall and one to the right.

Aaron noticed one more door just besides his room.

I think it's my parent's room. I should find something inside.

Allen opened the door again with his full strength and got inside somehow.

There was a double bed in the middle of the room with white bedsheet on it. A shelf adjecent to the bed and a study table on the top left corner of the room.

Why would a farmer need a study table it should be for mother's use. But the biggest question is...

How to get on the top of it...?

Aaron suddenly remembered something and fastly came out of the room.

He walked to the right room in the hall and saw that it was a kitchen.

He then walked to the left room and saw that it's the bathroom.

Aaron picked up a empty wooden bucket from the bathroom and moved it to his parents room by sliding it on the floor because it's too heavy for him to pick up in hand.

He puts the bucket upside-down and leans it against the chair of the study table.

He then walked up on the bucket and from the bucket to the chair.

He then saw a single book with a thick cover on the top of the table.

There was a star made on its cover and something is written on the top left corner in an ancient language.

Magic spells for beginners... What the hell ? How am I reading this language ? Is this an effect of Elma's blessing.

Okay let's calm down and start reading it.

Aaron slightly opened the book and started reading...there were two lines written on the first page...

'Mana is an energy which can be used to do anything in this world. You can do the impossible with it.'

After reading these two lines Aaron's eyes sparkled with a glow as if he found out a treasure.

He then flipped the page and saw a paragraph on the top with a image of magic circle on the bottom.

He started reading the paragraph first...

'This is the first basic magic spell of this book if you want to perform this spell then you have to memorize the magic circle given below and draw it in your mind again when using it...'

Aaron then took a glance at the magic circle...

It was a circle with four different spells around it...

First spell for Collection...second spell for Compression...Third for Starter...and Fourth for Maintenance.

But what is collection, Compression,starter and maintenance stand for here.

Ignoring these words Aaron then closed his eyes and started making an Image of the circle in his mind...


Suddenly a fireball which is the size of a baseball appeared above Aaron's hand...


Aaron let the fireball lit for a specific time as he counted...



Suddenly the fireball disappeard...



Name: Aaron

Age: 1 year

MP: 00

HP: 10

Class: <none>

Skill: [Fireball Lv.1]

Free gacha: 100,001 (Time until opening: 3 year 8 months)

Blessing:<Elma's blessings>

Attack: 2

Defense: 1


As I thought...

It takes 10 mana to use the spell fireball for 1 minute.

I got a skill too...if it's level 1 then what is mom's skill level...

I think I will do the calculation in my room...

Aaron returned to his room and started to stare at his status.


It takes 6 minutes for 1 mana to recover....it means 1 hour for 10 mana and 2 hours for my full mana to recover.

Now how should I increase my level...shall I do some experiments now...


Oh...they are back.

"Hah...we got 30 slimes and 2 horned rabbits today."

"Yes...I will now prepare dinner."

Slimes are the lowest monsters I think.

I should sleep now.

"Hilda darling how did this bucket came here..."

"Huh...bucket ?"


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