1 God to Mortal : Return to rewrite the fate

Year 3000, somewhere in outer space.

A being that looks like human but had

been turned into a god, hovering near

the burning sun. This god that used to

be a man had reached the top of the

Universe but it seems that there's still

something missing in his life.Several

minutes later, the god-man finally

moved. The arms equipped with multiple

devices suddenly rises. Time passed by,

he was glowing just like the sun in front

of him. An hour later, he stopped

sparing the sun from destruction.

Without wasting not even a second,

pressed several buttons in the device

equipped in his wrist. As soon as the

last one was pressed, the man suddenly


Earth, year 2050.

A woman in her early twenties, rated 9.9

in all aspect was driving a modified

ferrari 2050 model rushing on the open

highway. She seems to be in a hurry

that the speed can run side by side with

F1 racing cars. The area is not so

populated that the car was going in a

straight line when suddenly, something

appeared not far away. The beautiful

lady saw this and was startled. In a time

of danger, she still manage to think

clearly and step on the brakes. Although

there's a brake, the speed is to much

and hit something. The girl has no injury

but was very nervous. She got out from

the car and to her shock, saw a man on

the ground vomiting a lot of blood.

Without thinking anything, approached

and put him in her arm.

*Where are you hurt? You

must hold on and I will

send you to the hospital.

The words sounded but no one heard it

because the man who vomit too much

blood has fainted. Seeing this, the girl

was in a hurry, carried the man at ease

and put him in the passenger seat.

Quickly got in the driver's seat and

stepped on the gas heading to the


Ifugao Provincial Hospital.

The best hospital in the province.

In the Emergency room, one doctor and

three nurses was doing there job to

save lives.

Outside the room, a beautiful woman

was walking back and forth waiting

nervously. More than 30 minutes later,

the doctor came out wiping the sweat in

his forehead. Seeing this, the beautiful

woman went to asked nervously.

*Doctor, how's the


After wiping the sweat, slowly removed

his mask and said.

*There's nothing wrong

with the patient except that

he suffered a temporary

amnesia. This kind of

amnesia is not very serious

that the memory will come

back at anytime.

Hearing the words, the woman was

relieved and can't help to thank the


*Thank you doctor for

your hard work.

*You don't need to thank

me because it's my duty to

save lives. By the way, the

patient can be discharged

at anytime. Getting back

his memory can be done

at home.

After saying this, he left leaving the

woman alone. Looking at the doctor's

back, thats the time she realized the

last sentence.

*Home? What home!?

My home?

The lady is at loss saying these words.

She was thinking on how to deal with it

when suddenly remembered something.

*Ahh! I almost forgot

my grandfather's birthday.

Without wasting anymore time, finished

the discharged formalities and dragged

the confused stranger in her car. The girl

has no time to deal with this innocent

looking man right now and planned to

bring him in the party. The birthday of

her grandfather should be priorities and

other things will be done later. Stepped

on the gas, the car rolled leaving only

dust in the wind and no one knows how

many people went coughing...

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