47 Unsuspecting Request (Part II)

Buying some medical products, the next thing we bought was an artifact that made liquidized mana.

This is an investment that must be made. The artifact was simple to use. If you let it stay in a place filled with mana, the artifact would gather that mana and make it drinkable.

Once you drink the liquidized mana, you will be allowed to absorb it. Drinking mana gave me a sense of satisfaction.

"Master, are you sure you want this~?"

"I'm sure... Even if it crushes a part of my heart. I love the feeling of drinking mana."

"It does give a warm feeling. I could see why you like it."

"Charles. Why don't you buy this? It's costly, but for you, it's a treasure."

A skill leveling capsule. Are these things common? This is the third one that I have seen. But is Reina even allowed to pick it up?

"How much does it cost?"

"Ten Billion."


Let's look at the bright side. Everything here would be fifty percent off. I'll earn them back. Yeah. Think positive.


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