42 SS: Life Of A Maid (Part I)

[Rose POV]

How long has it been since I worked as a maid? Three to four days? This was an experience that I would've never thought I would do.

I was originally the daughter of a wealthy family. I had everything I ever wanted since I was a kid. Life was all sweet and all, but one day an incident happened.

My father is a ruthless man that has ruined the lives of many. Of course, I didn't know this since my father was secretive about his work.

He can't be a nice person by doing business, and as someone successful as him, he was bound to make an enemy or two. And because of it, the worst-case scenario happened.

My family was wiped out. They weren't killed or assassinated or anything. All the work that my dad had put into his business had gone bankrupt.

And the reason for this? It was revenge against my father. The 528 ranker, Julius Fowler, had ruined my father completely.

Like my dad, the Fowler family was a business that sold medicine. Investigating what my dad had done to them, I couldn't blame Julius Fowler for what he did.

At first, I despised him. He had ruined my family and destroyed all of my happiness. But in the end, I can't blame him entirely.

All my anger toward him had been directed at my father, but that was still pointless. He committed suicide after his business died, along with my mother.

My brother had left me alone to fend for myself. I hated this. What did I do to deserve this?

There were offers for me to become a mistress by these pigs. But that was something I didn't want. Even if I accept these pigs, I doubt I would be safe. Most of these rich people have no real strength.

After the death of my family, strength was the only thing that mattered. With enough strength, you can do whatever you want. What is the use of being rich if you can't keep it? Anyways, enough of my tangent.

Charles, my current employer, was worth watching. He may be a little young for my taste, but it shouldn't matter in a year or two.

Besides that, he was the perfect candidate. With him returning from the attack on London, his strength had drastically increased. He was even higher than Julius on the ranking, which could be called a genius.

But how do I get his attention? That cat maid and his fiance are always with him. There wasn't a moment for me to close in trying my shot.

I was confident in my looks, and they weren't inferior to those two. But even if I weren't, if there were no opportunity for me to talk to him, it would make this impossible.

Should I go into his room naked and seduce him? By the sounds of those two girls moaning during the night, I could say that he was a beast in bed.


Waking up from my thoughts, Ellena shouted right in my face. I was taken aback by her loud voice. She was usually meek and quiet like Bella.

"Sorry, I was thinking about something. Is there something urgent going on?"

Thinking about Ellena's situation, I pitied her. Even my situation, compared to hers, was more manageable, which says a lot.

Ellena was left out on the street by her ex-husband. Not only was she abused by him daily, but her ex-husband left nothing outside of the street.

While she was unlucky, she was also lucky at the same time. Not only did she get away from her ex-husband, but to find a job right away with the resources that she needed.

Ellena had been eating well, and her body had improved by the day. I wonder what husband would do this to her. She was talented in housework. Surely beating your wife wouldn't be an option one should pick.

"No, but Master should be back any time soon. We can't have the house being a mess."

I sighed. This house was absurdly large. It was larger than my previous house, and cleaning everything would be hard.

"Then where is Bella? We need every help we can get."

"Bella is already cleaning. In the other room."

Then I better start."

Grabbing a cleaning towel, I started with the desk. We were in one of the living rooms, and I started to clean.

The start of the day was rough, but everything was clean by the end of it. Bella, Ellena, and I were tired out from all this cleaning.

And with our work done, we went to the kitchen. Edna was already baking some snacks. She made us some snacks, rewarding us for our work.

"Edna, is this allowed? I don't want you to get in trouble."

Bella was worried that Edna baked for us. The master of the house hasn't permitted Edna to do so. Everyone here was worried that Edna would get in trouble because of it.

"Don't worry, dear. The cat girl has already permitted me to do such a thing. But I would have to make some for her."

For a maid to think she had that much authority in this house. As expected from one of Master's lovers. The position of wanting to become one of his lovers rose after hearing this.

"Edna~! I'm back~!"

The voice of an annoying cat could be heard from across the room. Nene, the master's favorite maid, had arrived and started eating everything.

I wonder how she could eat that much without getting fat. Does everything go to her chest? But staring at her chest, I could see why the master liked her so much.

Before the cat could eat everything, I took a piece for myself. Edna's food is always delicious. This is one of the perks of living in the place.

"She is amazing, isn't she?"

Bella looked at the cat and said with amazement from the looks of her eyes. Yes, she is, but that won't stop me from seducing master.

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