Character Info (Spoilers)

[Charles Anderson

The main character of the book. In his life, he was born with misfortune. He lived a life being beaten up by his dad and was neglected by his mom. With his bad upbringing, he is a bitter person. When gaining his power, his greed and selfishness show.]


A black-haired beauty that had recruited Charles to work for her boss. She is often serious, but her mature image gets destroyed when dealing with her boss.]


The boss of the main character. She sees potential in our main character and recruits him for her amusement. Despite her cute stature and sometimes personality, she is sadistic. It was shown when she was gleeful at the suffering of the prisoners.]


She is Charles's maid, bodyguard, and combat instructor. Nene has a happy-easy-going personality and has a unique charm in her own right. Charles also thinks she is weird because, with her strength, she can quickly get anything she wants.]


Reina is a girl born out of a wealthy family. Due to an accident in her brain, she cannot feel most emotions. She requested Charles to kill her brother. After his death, he miraculously revived, and she regained her emotions.]


Rose is a maid that works in Charles's mansion. Due to her family's destruction, she seeks Charles to protect her.]


The second ranking in the overall ranking. Constance is someone who wholeheartedly follows god. She follows Charles due to his connection with "god."]


From a world lacking males, she was pressuring herself into forcing herself to flirt with a man. Seeing Charles, she makes him her target but fails to do so with Nene in the way.]


From the world of Gaia]

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