3 Six-Winged Succubus, Four-Digit Attack!

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Li Xiang could not help but frown slightly.

Compared to the outside world, the initial territory in the novice protection zone was indeed much safer. There were only a few ordinary wild beasts and no monsters.

Everyone watching was shocked.

"... It ended just like that?"

"... The Murloc King is finished..."

"Yeah... It's too wild. Even if he's talented in the beginning, he might not be able to keep his life."

"Oh my god, are the creatures outside the protection zone so terrifying that even C-Rank soldiers would be killed instantly?"

"I'd better just obediently explore within the territory... and quickly raise the rank of the soldiers."

"There are still three days left. Can we obtain enough resources to raise the current soldiers to a level higher than the Murloc's attributes?"

The chat channel fell into momentary silence.

Everyone knew very well that it was very difficult!

The difference in attributes between them and the Murlocs was about ten times. For F-Rank and E-Rank soldiers like them, they simply could not do it in the short term.

The only way was to rely on the strong!

Thus, a group of people sent friend requests to Li Xiang at the same time.

Since they wanted to suck up to a strong player, it was naturally the strongest one.

Li Xiang ignored them, acting very cold.

There was no other reason. It was precisely because the system notified him that half an hour had passed. The Demon Lair had produced its first contracted creature -- the Six-Winged Succubus!

The Demon Lair did not have initial soldiers. It only had a chance to summon a demon, and the grade was random.

He raised his head and looked in the direction of the lair. He saw a thick black gas fly out from within and land in front of him. Gradually, it condensed into a seductive figure.

Her skin was white and bright, and she wore a black corset that had materialized. There was a pair of small sharp horns on the top of her head, making her look somewhat cute.

However, she did not have wings, probably because her rank was too low, so she did not evolve.

Moreover, her appearance was somewhat young and tender, looking like she was only seven or eight years old.

Even so, she looked like a beauty.

"Greetings, Demon Lord!"

The Six-Winged Succubus knelt on one knee and placed her hands on her chest. Her head was lowered as she bowed to Li Xiang. Her attitude was as respectful as a devout believer.

In her heart, Li Xiang was the creator of the demon race.

No matter what orders he gave, even if she had to sacrifice her life, she would not hesitate.

The template of the Six-Winged Succubus appeared in Li Xiang's eyes.

[Six-Winged Succubus] (Boss-Rank Unit)

Quality: SSS

Race: Demon

Growth Rate: 10 (Full)

Rank: 1

Magic Attack: 500-1000 (+5%)

Defense: 200 (+2%)

HP: 3,500 (+2%)

Skills: [Kiss of Appeasement], [Whip of Excruciating Pain], [Invert All Living Things], [Invisibility]


"Damn it!"

Li Xiang cursed and rubbed his eyes in disbelief.

After confirming that he had not seen wrongly, he was overjoyed.

His first contract demon was actually so powerful!

Ignoring the stats on the panel, just the skills alone, there were as many as four!

After a simple look, both [Kiss of Appeasement] and [Invert All Living Things] are controlled skills, but one was a single target, and the other was a group.

Whip of Excruciating Pain was a skill with extremely high attack power. On the other hand, Invisibility could allow the Six-Winged Succubus to quickly escape from battle when its strength was lacking. It could be said that it had both offense and defense.

So what if he didn't have any initial soldiers?

Li Xiang laughed.

Hehe, he had a big boss!

This time, he had the confidence to go out and explore.

He rubbed his somewhat shriveled stomach.

The first element of survival was food. Filling one's stomach was the most important thing to do at the moment.

"Let's eliminate the threat in the territory first."

Li Xiang made up his mind.

Unlike the Murloc King, he would not rashly run out of the protection zone.

This world was so strange. Who knew if he would encounter an existence that could instantly kill a Six-Winged Succubus?

One had to be careful.

It just so happened that there seemed to be traces of cattle roaming in the depths of the plains. They should be the strongest creatures in this area, so they shall be used as practice!

Such violent creatures with rough-skinned and thick flesh might be a nightmare for people with weaker soldiers.

But for Li Xiang, this was just the beginning of an opportunity.

He did as he had planned and directly brought the succubus out.

After walking for a long time, he found that about twenty buffalos were looking for food.

They were extremely majestic, and each of them was more than five meters tall.

The succubus was not even one-third of the height of these creatures.

"Succubus, can you take care of them?" Li Xiang asked with some uncertainty. He could not see the monster's attributes and could not determine the difference in attributes.

The Six-Winged Succubus's young face was full of determination. "Demon Lord, please rest assured, this mission is not difficult."

Li Xiang hesitated for a moment. "Hmm... Let me see the power of your skills first."

He thought that if he could not fight them after controlling them, he could still run away.


The Six-Winged Succubus walked step by step towards the herd. She raised her hand and snapped her fingers.

Invert All Living Things!


Suddenly, the eyes of the herd turned red at the same time. It was like a demonic sound had entered their ears, affecting their minds. In the next moment, they actually started to bite and fight each other.

Li Xiang's eyes lit up slightly. This skill was pretty good. It could not simply be classified as a control skill.

Unfortunately, his Intelligence points were not high, so the duration of the skill was not that long.

After about ten seconds, the herd gradually woke up from their frenzied state and stopped. They all looked at Li Xiang and the succubus as if they had found out who the culprit was.

However, it was already too late.

In the chaotic battle, half of the buffalos were heavily injured.

The succubus drew her whip from the void, which became the last straw that pressed down on them.

The four-digit damage caused the buffalos to fall down one after another, completely losing their life force.

"How simple."

Li Xiang could not help but sigh.

The Murloc King was killing one opponent in a group. He was killing one group of opponents with one attacker.

At this rate, it was not impossible to deal with the crisis three days later.

[Ding, congratulations for slaughtering neutral or opposing creatures in the world, ruler. The "Survival of the Fittest" achievement has been activated. Bronze Treasure Chest x 1 is hereby awarded!]

"There's actually an achievement?"

Li Xiang opened his hand, and an ancient treasure chest fell into his palm.

Opening it, he saw that there was a ring inside.

[Storage Ring]: Has a space of 10 x 10 cubic meters. Can be used to store items.

Li Xiang directly handed it over to the succubus.

"Take care of these buffalos. Bring back all the useful materials."

"Yes, my noble Demon Lord!"

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