1 Chapter 1

I had made up my mind, after a few weeks of thinking, of deciding, finding the courage, tonight was going to be the night. Putting it off was no longer an option, I would be going home in a week or two.

Since coming here until our house was put back in order after the floods she had been nothing but nice, loving almost, and I am sure those little looks she constantly gave me were a come on. Especially when her dickhead husband wasn't looking.

I call him dickhead in my mind, he is really Uncle John, she is Aunt Beth. She is my mom's younger sister, a lot younger. And Aunt Beth is a real looker, he is a dim wit in my head. How he ever got with her is one of life's mysteries. The reason I was going to do this in the night and not

She had and does always say that only a bomb would wake him up, that when he slept it was like he was in a coma. Beth knows I fancy the rocks off her, I have let her know many times without actually saying so. So tonight should not be too much of a surprise, I hoped.

Today her sly looks to me were telling me she was more than interested, that some fun was a goer. I would not disappoint, if I did then I was in bother. My dick was ready, I was ready, I hoped she would be. I set my alarm for 2 am, and put it under my pillow so it woke only me.

It did wake me, and my dick was at the ready already. I had showered earlier, wore only pajama shorts. I got out and put the side light on casting my room in shadow. I went to their room and slowly opened the door. Beth stirred and looked over her shoulder. I waved at her and then beckoned her to come to me.

She looked at him, then slid out, so far so good. As she came toward me I saw she was wearing only a short nightie, even better! As she got to her bedroom door I went to mine, she followed me. I got behind it and when she came in I silently closed it.

"Mathew?" she whispered, "What?" Saying nothing, I picked her up and carried her to my bed. I got on with her and immediately started kissing her. She muffled protests into my mouth, but when I squeezed her ample breast, then found a huge nipple she groaned.

I could tell she was trying to say "Mathew," into my mouth. But now I already knew no alarm was going to be raised.

I slid my hand down and cupped her pussy, she lifted her knees. I tongued her and she sucked it. My finger slid home and Beth collapsed in me.

She was mine, I berated myself for waiting all this time, I could have been screwing and fucking her for weeks, damn it! Her hand slid into the back of my shorts, I lifted my hips, she pushed them down, now we were both talking from the same page. Aunt Beth, my mother's youngest sister wanting cock, my cock, and she was going to get it as often as I had the opportunity to get it in her.

I have to admit I was a little disappointed it went so well. I had wanted a bit of messing around to convince her. But hey ho, gift horses, mouths, and all that. I took mere seconds for me to be freed and a heartbeat for her to grab my now raging dick. She knew we were safe, Uncle dickhead would not wake up.

I got over her, and her killer eyes got me, they stared into mine with complete need in them. Her beauty shone through, I kissed her she kissed me back then tugged me to her pussy. I pushed in, we both gasped, then I was away an Beth was too. Her nails dug into my back, I almost felt them scraping bone, her feet drummed my ass, her teeth clamped on to my shoulder. Beth bit and sucked, I would have a superb land mark, teeth mark later This was my first real visit to heaven.

I gave Beth what I never knew she had really been missing, good solid sex from her dickhead husband. Her long dark hair spread about my pillow, in the semi darkness she looked like what she was. My Aunt Beth, my mom's youngest sister is a beautiful to die for sexy angel. If he had have walked in I could not have broken the angels grip on me. I bashed away, I know I shot my load but it made no difference I swept on. Beth came with me, she whimpered through her teeth.

I really was building a head of steam now, I felt my balls roil, I was coming again. Beth's teeth left me.

"Mathew, please?" she breathed. I shot her dead and stilled gradually, sweat dripped from me into her mouth, she sucked tasted and swallowed. Now her arms were around my neck and in between gasping for breath we kissed, we kissed a lot.

I stayed in her but she rolled us on to our sides but keeping me in. Now we were level. I played with her tits and nipples, she smiled and giggled and moaned, it was wonderful. Beth took the upper position which I was quite happy about. Then she really kissed me, and I mean she really really kissed me.

An hour later after another fuck, she fucked me actually she went back to bed. The following night as I went up, I said.

"See you later," I said it to Beth, uncle John grunted, she smiled and nodded her head, she was an hour earlier and I had not set my alarm.

Aunt Beth was hot, and I mean hot, she looked fantastic in the gloomy light. I could see she was wearing whatever it was for me. She really is a beauty, just like my mom but about 6 or 7 years younger. It is easy to see they get their looks from my Grandpa, who at 65 to 70 still looks good.

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