1 Ch 1 Random (1)

Year 2025

Two shady looking men are having a conversation.

"Ah... I'm pretty sure IU-ssi is currently having a concert at Seoul right now... I could've been there you know, instead I'm stuck here with you because of a damn mission."

"With all due respect sir, I don't wanna be with you either, take a look at this."

"What's this? Oh! The ticket to the concert! How did you get this?! I standbyed the whole night online for this and I still couldn't get it!"

"He he he, do not underestimate the hand speed of someone who has been single for 25 years."

"...I'm gonna pretend I didn't hear any of that."

"You can keep the ticket sir, it's basically a paper waste now anyway."

"Paper waste?! Do you know how valuable this is to us Uaenas?! This is going to be my family heirloom."

"Sir, I dont think you an uaena, I think you are just craz-"

"Shh! Stop talking, hear that? Someone's coming."

The 'sir' peaks out from their cover spots and immediately dodge his head back, barely escaping death.

"Shit... I think I lost some of my hair."

"What should we do sir?"

"Retreat obviously. You are welcomed to stay and fight them though, maybe you can finally be useful by being a bait."

"No sir! Please don't say something stupid like that."

"Then stop asking stupid question! Move your ass and keep your head down."

They quickly run through the escape route they prepared earlier, an SUV is waiting outside.

"You drive, I'll shoot, proceed to the extraction point."

"Yes sir."


"The windows are bulletproof, so don't worry and leave the rest to me."


The chase lasted for an hour long, when they reach the extraction point, there is nobody else following them.

"Phew, that was close, you good sir?"

"No, that wasn't close at all, it was one sided. And I'm good thank you, just gonna report to the HQ and I'm done with my last mission."

"Your last mission? What do you mean sir?

"It means I'm retiring you idiot, maybe I can finally see IU in her next concert."

After saying that, he gets out of the car and walks towards the vacant construction site, there should be a chopper sitting there.

*sniper shot

"Argh!" He reacted as fast as he can, but still got shot on his right chest.

"Stay inside!" He stops his partner from coming out from the car. He looks around and manages to find the sniper's postion, which is in the opposite building. He quickly crawls back into the car and shuts the door before the sniper fire another shot.

"This is a setup, how did they find us so quickly though?" He presses hardly on the wound.

"That's because I'm the one who called them, stop asking stupid question, sir!" His partner pulls out a gun and points at his head.

"...I understand now, this is literally my 'last mission' isn't it?" He stares at his partner's eyes, as if trying to see through him.

"Yes sir." His 'partner' nods.

"Why didn't you do it during the mission earlier?"

"I didn't want to have to do it myself, you should've die just now."

"Well, what are you waiting for? Do it, I don't think I can make it any longer anyway."

"...any last word sir?"

"Thanks for the ticket junior." He pulls out the concert ticket from his pocket and looks at it for one last time.


The words on the ticket fades away slowly.


In an unknown space

"Dark... it's all dark, is this the afterlife? Maaaan, this sucks. I thought I will be able explore freely as a spirit or something."

"System activated, synchronizing... success."

Suddenly a monotone female voice resounded in the space.

"Huh?! Who are you?! Are you the one who is trapping me here?!"

"Pleased to meet you, master. You can call me Random."

"Master? Argh forget it... Miss Random, where are we right now?"

"Master, or more specifically your soul, is currently in a space called the random dimension."

"So you really are trapping me in here! Let me out, if I hurry, I can still make it in time to IU's concert! I could just fly there now, or even better teleport there."

"Let you out? Are you sure master?"

"Look, I don't have time for this nonsense, I'm in a very very bad mood right now, I just got betrayed by my so called partner, and you Miss Random is stopping me from seeing my first IU's concert! So let me out right now!"

"Affirmative, target for transfer... locked, transfer starts in 10 seconds, 9, 8, 7..."

"Thank you Miss Random! Finally!"

"2, 1."

The whole space turns white.


Year 2000

'Hmm, this isn't normal, I feel pain...? Where am I this time?' He slowly opens his eyes, a crying little girl's face appears in front of him.


That's the last thing he thought of before passing out.


Back into the dimension.

"Ehem. Miss Random, mind explaining what just happened?"

"Hmph!" (#`3´)

"...did you just pout?"

"Who knows~?"

"Wait, your voice wasn't like this, this is exactly like IU's voice."

"I'm just immitating the voice of the person that appears in your memories the most."

"Stop looking at my memories! That's private!"

"Hmph! Not to me~" :P

"Argh!!! Whatever, just explain what the hell happened just now."

"Well, you said you wanted out, so I did what you wanted, letting you out."

"Yes, but I'm dead, why was I in someone else's body, in that state too?!"

"You said you wanted to see IU, so I picked the perfect target for you to transmigrate into."

"You couldn't have find a better target?!"

"Hmph!" (#`3´)

"Of course, you did that on purpose. Fine, I'm sorry for being rude just now."

"You are forgiven!" (^-^)/

"Now, I want to know everything in full detail, and change your voice to someone else's."

"Let's see, you have a tier list in your mind for all the women you like, let's list them out."

Big screen:

Tier C - Too many

Tier B - Irene, Yoona, Tae Yeon

Tier A - IU, Wendy, Jisoo

"Like I said, stop looking into my mind!"

"Let's use this one..."


P.s I wanna try something new in this novel, I realize I had too many characters in my last novel, I will be reducing the characters in this one.

P.p.s This tier list is actually my personal opinion and there are still a lot that I missed out. Some of you might be shocked I put Wendy in tier A but in my eyes, she is like an angel. Feel free to share your tier list in the comment too.

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