Raising A Child In The Apocalypse Book

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Raising A Child In The Apocalypse


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Meet Allen, your typical office drone who'd rather face the plague than another day at work. His mundane life takes a bizarre turn when a mysterious call warns of an impending alien doom.   Brushing it off as a prank, he playfully selects on his monitor, 'Quantum Synthesis' as his battle skill, unknowingly activating a system that will change his life.   Returning home, Allen discovers his niece, Lianne, left under his care. The babysitter bails, citing Lianne's hyperactivity. Armed with a wad of cash and a note from his sister, Allen begrudgingly becomes the weekend babysitter. Little does he know, this mundane task is the key to surviving the apocalypse.   As chaos descends, Allen receives a peculiar notification: Lianne is now the link to his Quantum Synthesis System. To upgrade his skills and survive, Allen must keep Lianne happy. The more satisfied she is, the more powerful he becomes. It's a weird symbiotic relationship between caregiver and quantum warrior.   As Allen navigates the apocalypse, dodging alien invaders, and discovering the importance of parenting, he stumbles upon a community of survivors. Together, they embark on a hilarious journey filled with misadventures, family bonding, and unexpected friendships.   Can Allen, armed with a quirky skill and an even quirkier niece, find a safe haven in this apocalyptic mess? ––––––––––– Updates daily by 02:00 GMT+8