Raiden's Storm (ASOIAF)

Arthur Astley, a man who has his wishes indirectly granted through a strange assessment in form of survey. He wanted to be a knight? Was born bastard of the drunkard king, Robert Baratheon. Liked rain? Spent his childhood in Storm's End. Wished he had physical gifts? Well, it goes without saying, he has the blood of House Baratheon and a system to boot. Simped for Raiden Shogun? She's right there. Though, nothing is ever quite so simple. His beloved Goddess is practically useless, majority of nobles look down on him due to his heritage and the conflicts of the ever-spinning Game of Thrones are on the horizon. Given the opportunity to succeed in his ambitions, Arthur... now Edric Storm is determined to make the most of his new gifts despite all the obstacles ahead of him. Tags: Weak to strong, Romance, Action, Adventure, System, Multiverse (potentially), Harem (possibly), Bannerlord-Skyrim-like System, character development, hot-blooded protagonist, strategic battles, handsome mc, kingdom building, reincarnation. One advanced chapter alongside a timeline are available in my discord server: https://discord.gg/JNz6rh9Xev 5 advanced chapters on my patreon (https://www.patreon.com/SovereignOfHeaven)

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[Author's note]

Let's play a game... spot the words WN shadowbanned (and so saw fit to erase my response)!:

I guess it could look that way to other people (last chapter being the same as chapter 13). As I see it, it's more him turning away from the mentality of doing everything for Raiden and being true to himself which is pretty much the opposite of chapter 13 and what followed. Of course, some people aren't going to like it and that's something I have to live with, I guess. If their relationship continued in the same way, it would've been more destructive than good. It opens way for Raiden to have more development since why would she bother changing if Edric glossed over everything that was bad about her and was completely loyal to her regardless? When I wrote this, I had three things in mind. Burying Alysanne physically and mentally while Edric begins to live for something that isn't Raiden and Raiden herself taking strides to improve as a person. I believe that long-term it's better (if not essential) for them to go through this hurdle to have a proper relationship in the future. Sure, it's not 100% wholesome or whatever, where everything goes right, but him being her devoted tool (robotic simp, in other words) wasn't that either.

(My reasoning for writing what I wrote. If you don't like it... well, I'm not keeping you locked up in my basement (or am I?))


Edric's POV, 1st.

I looked at my welcoming party keenly, scanning past every individual. There were plenty of highborn, and I knew all of them: the ladies who once pretended that I didn't exist or offered me rotten fruits (which was pretty funny, looking back), the little lords who looked down on me and whose approval I gained overtime, the knights whom I sought to learn from, Maester Jurne, who educated me, Ser Davis, who instructed me in martial affairs, and Cortnay Penrose, who was my guardian.

On this day, they all knelt to me.

I noticed a familiar face, who almost seemed like a stranger. Proud and tall, he knelt. A man-grown he was now, in blue-gold velvet coloured after his house colours with a budding beard. An old rival and friend, Robert Buckler. By his side knelt the same pretty blonde-haired and blue-eyed lady who my drunk self had stolen a kiss from.

Did they get married? 

I only gave her a glance, smiling at Robert.

'Good on you, buddy.'

"I won't have you kneeling all day long, old man." I chuckled, shaking my head. "Everyone rise."

"When you left Storm's End, you were but a budding young man but you've returned as imposing as your father once was." Courtnay Penrose remarked with a smile. "I am no longer worthy of being your guardian, Your Grace."

"Unworthy? You are anything but unworthy, Ser. A lot of what I've accomplished can be attributed to your splendid teaching."

"You've learned the art of flattery, eh." He smiled, nodding slowly. "I am honoured, truly."

"Let's not spend more time in this cavern…" I glanced back. "My companions and I are rather hungry. Me being the hungriest of all."

"I see." Courtney Penrose nodded with a smile. "I would not have it said that I allowed the King to starve."

"That would be treason of the highest order." I jested.

"Aye…" He chuckled. "It would be."


It was strange to sit at the highest seat in Storm's End's main hall, for it had always been Renly's or Cortnay's in his absence. My table was full of my companions, the Tyrells, Martells, and Starks. It was lively, to say the least—it always was with the Martells around.

I was particularly hungry, attacking almost every dish like a deprived man who hadn't seen food for three days. 

"No one's going to steal your food from you, Your Grace." Robert approached with a smile, looking around. "So many prestigious individuals... I feel like a stranger."

"Don't feel intimidated, Robert." I looked up, chuckling. "What have you been up to?"

"Can't say my life has been nearly as interesting as yours. I am no King nor have the honour of being a Kingsguard." He looked at Loras and then Arthur. "However, I am a knight now."

"Oh? That's good." I smiled, nodding. "What were you doing during the war? I would've seen you in the field if you had been there."

"I was ruling my father's lands in his stead," Robert replied simply yet with a proud tone, smiling. "Protecting the land from common outlaws and the like, manging my smallfolk and seeing that order was maintained. Not nearly as glorious as leading a campaign against rebelling kingdoms, I must admit."

"An important duty nonetheless." Arthur nodded. "I am certain Bronzegate was well under your care."

"Aye..." Robert grinned slightly, glancing at Cynthea, who stood quietly beside him. "I also had the pleasure of marrying my lady love."

"Congratulations." I chuckled. "You're not maidenless anymore."

"The Gods were most kind to give me such a pleasant and beautiful wife." Robert nodded, glancing at Arya and then turning back to me. "Speaking of... is that the famed Arya Stark of Winterfell, your betrothed?"

"What of it?" Arya questioned.

"His Grace will be a lucky man." Robert smiled - a smile I found to be wry. Undoubtedly, he found it amusing that the King has a less attractive partner than he does. "So... what's that you're drinking - water?"

"Mhm." I nodded.

"That just won't do." Robert raised an eyebrow. "You come home after all this time, dressed in such fancy velvet and with a crown on your head... and you won't drink to celebrate? This is your day; why restrain yourself? You ought to loosen up, Your Grace."

"You know what happens when His Grace gets drunk." Arthur chuckled.

"All the more fun." Robert shrugged. 

"The boy is right." Oberyn stroked his chin. "It's not right for everyone but the man of the hour to celebrate. Pour His Grace some wine."

"I agree." Arianne chuckled. "A little wine never hurt anyone, least of all a strong young man of your appetite, Your Grace."

"I do propose Stag's Fury..." Robert laughed. "Do you remember what happened that night? It was wild, truly."

"I don't want any Stag's Fury near me..." I chuckled, shaking my head. "Not even a drop."

"Come now, Your Grace... does a simple drink unman the greatest warrior in the land so much?" Robert questioned, raising an eyebrow. He was clearly tugging on my pride.

"... Fine." I chuckled, taking a deep breath. Why not? One night wouldn't hurt - as long as I don't overdo it. "But you first."

"Fair play."

I forgot the strange taste of Stag's fury, bitter at first yet delectably sweet afterwards. When you had some, you'd only want more. One cup turned into three, and three turned into seven...


[3rd Person]

"Why do the Gods give us such blessings? Why, it's to find bliss in the beautiful world they created. They give us the ripest of fruits, the warmest of summers, the most fulfilling of wines... there is beauty everywhere one looks, even on the darkest of days."

Edric spoke to the main hall, feeling especially talkative. He had his share of Stag's Fury, which was famed for its strength when it came to wines.

"A toast... the seventh... to our Gods!"

"To the Gods!"

The hall cheered and joined in, drinking alongside him. The feast continued with a dance, and Edric was not shy in the least—quite the opposite, in fact. He danced with every lady that met his fancy, which was quite a number that night.

"For someone who's drunk his fair share, you dance quite well," Arianne remarked with a seductive smile, realising that he was looking down. "Don't lose focus now."

"I have two good reasons to." Edric grinned slightly, spinning her around. "You're playing a dangerous game, little princess. Lingering around a stag only means there is a greater chance that you might get poked by an antler."

"Is that so?" Arianne smiled, lowering her tone so that only he could hear. Her eyes narrowed slightly as she looked down. "I wonder, are you as grown down there as you are everywhere else?"

"Wouldn't you like to find out?"

"Oh, I will." Arianne smiled knowingly. "Mayhaps sooner than you think."

"Is that so?" Edric chuckled. "You forget that it's my decision whether or not I entertain you."

"Oh, but I see how you look at me..." Arianne pursed the side of her lip. "Deep down, you know what you want. The man, the conqueror, in you seeks to grab hold of me and do as he likes. The boy... he thinks of duty and honour, whose dry kisses have left you with so little pleasure in life. A King should do as he likes-"

"... Hmph." Edric chuckled, slipping his hand to firmly grasp one of her breasts. "You're absolutely right."

"Oh..." Arianne's eyes widened for a moment. She practically froze in place as her lips curled into a smile.

"They're rather smooth..." Edric observed, letting go. "Mayhaps I should have you massage me when I am tired."

"... Of course... you need only say the word, Your Grace." Arianne nodded after recovering from her daze, winking. "I dutifully serve at your pleasure."

"Dutifully..." Edric remarked, laughing as he walked away.

Margaery observed the sight with a slight smile, even though she was burning on the inside. As for Arya, she made her displeasure more apparent with a wolf-like stare aimed at the far more womanly Arianne. If stares could kill, Arianne would be mince meat. As for Sansa, she looked at herself and wondered if that was his type... 

When Edric was done playing around, he was chilling with the boys.

"I am Dalog, son of Dalog." Edric mimicked one of the mountain clansmen he had fought: "I like Big Boy Warhammer. I kill Big Boy and take his hammer."

"So, what - you smashed his head in?" Robert chuckled.

"No, I dropped it to the floor and let him pick it up." Edric smiled. "I told him he could have it if he could raise it with a single hand."

"Well... did he?"

"One hand? Dalog can pick it up with his little finger!" Edric returned to his impersonation, reaching down to grab his warhammer with one hand. "Uuuugh... AUUUUGHHHHHHHHHHHH... Dalog strong... Dalog can do this, Dalog can lift hammer!"

Robert burst out laughing as Edric's face turned red.


Edric raised the hammer, acting as if the force was too much and collapsing to the ground.


Lightning struck in the distance and shook everyone up. Edric got up, laughing.

"I struck him with lightning as he fell to the ground. Clearly, Dalog, son of Dalog, was not worthy of wielding my warhammer." 

"Aye... only one person is!" Robert nodded, patting his shoulder. "King Edric Storm, Lord Protector of Hammers."

After spending the entire night partying, the guards were the only people who weren't wasted. Edric stumbled his way into his old bedchamber, which was in no way fit for a King. However, he was fond of it and refused any other quarters.

"Man..." He sat on the floor before his bed. Raiden Shogun floated in front of him. He glanced to the side and waved his lowered hand. "Shoo..."

"You should sleep."

Edric raised his hands and cupped his face. He proceeded to rub his face for a time before lowering his hands. Raiden was still staring at him. After a deep breath, he raised himself up and fell headfirst into his bed.

Some time would pass...

The door creaked open and Edric slowly opened his eyes, glancing to the side.

"Who dares trespass my domain?" He jested, turning to see Margaery in a lavish dress fit only for the highest of ladies. "Oh... are we making a bastard tonight?"

Margaery blushed sweetly, turning away. "I don't believe so..."

"Uh-huh." Edric chuckled. "Forgive me for my vulgarities... I am rather drunk."

"I take no offence to it, Your Grace." She stepped closer. "May I sit?"

"Make yourself comfortable." Edric tilted his head slightly. "I assume it was your brother who let you in."

"Mhm... the night is dangerous for any drunk King."

"And you're keeping me safe?" Edric raised an eyebrow.

"More or less." Margaery smiled, tilting her head as she looked into his eyes. "Who knows what terrible lady would take advantage of you?"

"Ah... indeed." Edric chuckled. "Alas, it might be too late... one of those ladies has already infiltrated my bedchamber." 

"I only mean well, Your Grace. I wouldn't do anything against your wishes."

"Is that so..." Edric smiled slightly. "I'd like you to comfort me."

In time, Edric rested his head on her lap as she stroked his black hair and sang to him. He felt at ease, like a cube of ice melting away into a hot spring. For a time, he wanted to imagine that he hadn't been King... but an ordinary person in the embrace of his significant other. 

"If I was not the King, would you still be by my side?"

He questioned, even though the answer was clear to him.

"... Of course," Margaery answered, smiling oh so sweetly as she raised one of his hands and held it against her face. "How could I deny the hero who has captured my heart? You are my true knight, crown or not. I would ride with you anywhere, from Dorne to the North."

"When you say such sweet words..." 

Edric paused, looking up at her as his lips curled into a slight grin. 

"You should be prepared to pay the price."