Raging Orc Blood: God-Level Fusion Book

novel - Fantasy

Raging Orc Blood: God-Level Fusion

Shocking by the Sight

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Mitchell transmigrates to a world of sword and magic. This world has powerful mages who wield the elements as well as powerful warriors who can slice the horizon with their blades. The elves live permanently in the forests, while the dwarves hide deep underground. Some deities that live high above as well as violent orcs who live in the barren lands. It is survival of the fittest amongst the orcs. Mitchell is an orc in an awkward situation. He does not have the powerful body of an orc, nor does he have the elemental affinity that humans have. He is unwelcomed by the orcs and despised by humans. Fortunately, he awakens the God-level Fusion System and can strengthen his abilities by fusing items. He can increase his strength tenfold by fusing himself with the genes of an ant. He can enhance his arm strength by fusing the genes of a praying mantis. He can improve his defense tenfold by fusing himself with the genes of a turtle… After tens of thousands of fusions, an orc with unparalleled power is born into the world…


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