264 The Upcoming Visit Of A Dignitary? (Mixed)

"Haha, thank you for paying my fine, Gesth. I think they would have never let me go if you didn't explain that I was under a contract," A burly man bowed his head to an old man. The two of them headed out of Gloria's Guardsmen city headquarters doors. "I really owe it to you—"

A heavy sigh escaped the old man's face, "It's deducted from your pay."

"Are you serious?"


Byron tried to protest and elbowed the old man's side, "What about the memory of all our times back in the good all days?" He glanced at the man and sighed, "Hah, you're really harsh as always.There's no friends or family when it comes to you, huh?"


Liam tried not to grimace, because it was far from the truth and he instead looked back. He caught the eye of the tired Guardsman shutting the door in their faces. But he was glad that the city was smooth enough with the process. Interrogation. Fine for those who could pay or jail for others.


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