265 The Confusion Amidst The Situation (Han, Lavelda, Liam)

There were things that occupied Han's mind now that he and the others were free to do what they wished before the important Dignitary arrived—and he had focused on the item in his hand. It was Timothy's memento that the young man refused to accept because he gave it to Grandma Moe.

"He's stubborn in his own way, hah." Han shook his head and placed it into his pocket. There were things that he didn't understand or comprehend right now, and one of them was Timothy hiding his ability to cast a Spell. And why out of all the Spells that he could learn… it had to be something that sounded dangerous. Albeit, that kind of made sense now that he thought about it since this was a world where monsters existed—so Spells like that were the norm, right?

But why did he hide it?


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