275 The Bargaining (Uriel + Timothy)

The Headmaster and the Professors didn't dine with the Lady of the Crowel House in person—especially when they realized what the real reason was for the Lady's visit. They tasked only a few Professors to watch over the Lady whilst the Headmaster and his wife talked with their grandson.

Swordsman Uriel was eating heartily at the dining hall when the trouble around Lady Crowel and Han occurred. His fellow Professor spoke up, "Ah, do you think we should intervene with that?" The Wizard Lavelda asked and fidgeted with her spectacles.

He eyed the boy and the Lady with one look and shrugged, "Probably some family quarrel, we don't have to intervene unless you want to cause more trouble."

"Right, the Thistlethorn Hunters." Professor Lavelda sighed, "I don't think it was wise for only the two of us to be left here and watch over the banquet in order."

"Are you saying that I wouldn't be able to handle those men?"


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