114 Chapter 114: King

Race to the


Chapter 114: King

Tengyuan Kingdom-

Capital Province Yuanzou-

*crowds cheering*

People are cheering his name here and there as he enters the capital province of the kingdom

Hao Jiazhi and his army came back, they have won the war but they have also lost many soldiers, around 30-40K soldiers died on the battlefield

As promised, Hao Jiazhi will give full respect to the burial of these dead soldiers, and their family will be also properly rewarded and given all things that Hao Jiazhi promised before the war

In just 2 days they destroyed the whole army of the Liahua Kingdom

Something that no one would believe but if you come to know that those 7 million soldiers of Liahua Kingdom are some noobs, I guess you will believe then

Well let's not forget that this is another world and anything can be possible


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