101 Chapter 101: 500,000

Race to the


Chapter 101: 500,000

Hao Jiazhi enters the hall in his normal Hanfu dress

Seeing Hao Jiazhi, Li Gang became somewhat happy as now he doesn't have to talk with idiot ministers and have someone by his side

Hao Jiazhi didn't want to beat the bush around and waste his time, so he went straight to the point

"Today, I am not here as the prince of this kingdom but as a General of my army

Emperor Hao Zhenya, I need your permission for a great cause that will benefit our kingdom and the people living in it. Will you listen to my request?" Hao Jiazhi asked as he bowed to the emperor

The emperor stayed silent and looked at Hao Jiazhi, from another side, Hao Ming spoke up

"For sure General Hao Jiazhi, but before we listen to your request… I would like to know just what is going on in my province Zhenzou?

Even though we sent an imperial inspector to check the province, no one was allowed to enter many districts and their movements were also under-watch


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