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Read ‘RACE : DEMON , HEART : HUMAN’ Online for Free, written by the author Rex_shed, This book is a Magical Realism Novel, covering Fiction, Light Novel, Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: MAR was a boy . whose life is all shit,when he was born his mother died , later his father died in accident, later his g...


MAR was a boy . whose life is all shit, when he was born his mother died , later his father died in accident, later his grandparent take care of him but still he his bad luck follow him and his grandparent house was set was on fire and both grandparents die in front of his eye..... just when his new life start again nicely..... in highschool with his friend . but he still keep distance from them . he started to have crush on a girl.... but kept distance ..... lastly girl knew his feeling and wait for him..... even till last year of high.... girl was unable to wait and accept other boy propose to make him jealous. but little did she knew that , that was her worst mistake . she was called in abondened building in name of date ..... and was....raPED by that boy and his friend of group..... when Mar got news he flew in rage and meet her in hospital .... he tell her his feeling all that he keep hidden..... lastly she was on her last breaths when he finish his words. In the fit of rage he search for the boy to get revenge for her.....he found him in jungle with other boys..... he kill them all.....little by little torturing them by cutting and breaking them. when all was dead ....he even kill him self near his girl gravestone...by murmuring ' I'll always only love you ' his soul leave his body and vanished from earth.....but little did he know.....someone was watching him..... ???: "did i did too much and kill him. *sighs* maybe i did well now that you endured the trail this long then i'll give you reward which is opposite of the trail ." unknow being then look toward Mar soul and said " Mar , the earthling YOU HAVE MY BLESSING THAT YOU WILL HAVE LUCK WHICH WILL DEFIES THE HEAVEN AND EARTH OF WORLDS . YOUR LUCK WILL BRING ONLY GOOD FOR YOU BUT WITH SMALL TRAILS TO GUARD IT .YOU WILL GRANTED THIS BLESSING IN MY NAME . NAME OF GREAT ANCIENT GOD #$@%%$$@^^@%@&_€@ NOW GO AND LIVE YOUR NEW LIFE AS I WILL REVERSE THE TIME FOR YOU TO HAVE NEW START AGAIN .....TO BE REBORN AGAIN " * DONG DONG DONG DONG * ....... ........ .... ... .. .-----------------------------------------------------------------------. HELLO EVERYONE I AM DARK . AND I HOPE YOU ALL LIKE IT... IF THERE IS GRAMMAR MISTAKE .THEN SORRY MY MAIN LANGUAGE IS NOT ENGLISH SO....I THINK YOU GOT IT... SO ENJOY.... b^d

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I like how even though he reincarnated he didn’t get a system like other similar novels, books, and fanfics. This makes it different and unique in my eyes. Even though the grammar was spotty and hard to read at times, I got to it’s most recent chapter just fine.


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