Quirks of the Soul (BL)

Boku no Hero Academia Fanfiction (BL/Yaoi/MalexMale) WARNINGS: Angst, Suicide Scare, Cutting. Something in Izuku's mind snaps when Kacchan flings the words "Make a leap of faith from the roof and believe with all your might that you will have a ‘Quirk’ in the next life" at him after he exploded his Hero notebook. It was the last push he needed to tip over the edge. Quirk!Izuku Pairing: Katsuki/Izuku ; BakuDeku Disclaimer: do not own the photo Discord: https://discord.gg/AzDQaDy

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Izuku got called into the principal's office after everything was said and done.

Since they'd managed to capture Shigaraki, they'd managed to put away many of the Villains that had appeared in USJ, even if they were mostly small-time Villains instead of anyone large.

Still, a Villain that was put away was one less Villain that could terrorize society, so the impact of Kurogiri defecting to their side wasn't as big either.

After all, Kurogiri had never shown himself as a Villain in the first place, never making his 'Villain debut' so to speak.

Not only that, he had information on the real leader behind the League of Villains.

So, they were here now, sitting in the principal's office.

Izuku had never seen the principal up close before, but his Aura was bright and curious – it also gave off a crafty feeling.

He had Kurogiri, Aizawa-sensei and All Might here, just in case Kurogiri decided to change his mind. Not that Izuku thought he would, of course, but it stood to reason that the Heroes wouldn't take this lightly.

And so was Kacchan, who was projecting an Aura that screamed he was unwilling and unhappy to leave Izuku here with a Villain that they had been fighting just barely a few hours ago, thus having bullied his way here into the principal's office.

"So, Midoriya-kun, are you willing to vouch for Kurogiri here?"

There was a budding emotion of worry and concern in Kurogiri, with Izuku soothed. The ex-Villain's emotions calmed lightly, yet he still felt the joy and curiosity that came from even having emotions at all.

Kurogiri subconsciously moved nearer Izuku, causing the rest of the Heroes to tense up, their eyes warily locking onto the ex-Villain.

Kacchan glared at the poor ex-Villain, wary but willing to trust Izuku's decision regarding him.

Izuku felt warm from the trust that he experienced from Kacchan's actions, squeezing his hand briefly before letting go.

"I am."

Izuku pressed over his feelings of trust and willingness to trust over to those in the room, allowing them to feel it just as he did.

While it might have been illegal and impolite for him to use his Quirk in a non-combat situation, Izuku was willing to pass it off as a loss of control on his part if it meant that he would be able to help his new friend.

Kurogiri drifted forward a little before he consciously drifted back when he noticed just how much his body language – even when it was mainly void – gave him away. The faint tinges of embarrassment coloured his Aura.

Izuku made sure not to remove his Aura from the ex-Villain at any time, knowing how traumatic that would be for the man. Izuku was here to help him, not cause him to spiral further.

The principal steepled his little fingers together, looking incomparably serious. His Aura, however, reflected the strong curiosity and delight instead.

"You understand that you don't have to be responsible for Kurogiri here, don't you? Should he wish it, it will be possible for our research department to create something that would allow Kurogiri here to feel again."

Izuku stopped before looking at Kurogiri, passing the decision to him. The Villain had a mind of his own, and it would definitely be better for him to have something that would allow him to feel again if only for himself.

Izuku couldn't be around him for days on end, not when he had his own life to live. Not to mention, when he eventually became a Pro Hero, he would likely have to split from the man.

Kurogiri moved forward, speaking for the first time since they entered the room. "I would be amendable to that. Yet, I wish to follow Midoriya-kun," the ex-Villain said. His voice was still raspy, yet there was more inflection to his voice now than it had before this. It was a good sign.

Kacchan bristled on instinct, only calming slightly when Izuku placed a hand on the blond's.

"I think that's better as well. I meant what I said earlier. I've already adopted him unofficially, so please allow me to make it official."

Aizawa-sensei and All Might didn't say a word. Either way it went, they would still be on guard towards Kurogiri until they managed to bring in the mastermind of the League of Villains and he managed to prove his trustworthiness.

"If you're sure," Nezu said, a feeling of glee lighting up his Aura. "Midoriya-kun, please understand that you will be responsible for the actions that Kurogiri here is responsible for. Should he turn back to the path of Villainy, you will be the sole person responsible."

Izuku opened his mouth, but he was cut off before he could reply.

"Wait," Kacchan cut him off.

All eyes in the office turned to his person, where he was frowning fiercely.

"I want to adopt him too." Kacchan casually dropped the bomb, causing the rest of the inhabitants to stare at him blankly.

Izuku restrained the laughter that wanted to leave him. He was also touched by the strong feelings that the blond was giving off from his Aura. Izuku could feel his willingness to share the burden, as well as the feeling of staunch determination.

Izuku wanted to give his boyfriend a kiss, but it would be remiss of him to do it here.

"That's fine," Nezu said blandly. This time, he didn't even turn to Kurogiri.

Kurogiri stepped forward to talk. "I am amendable to being adopted by Midoriya-kun and his friend, if that is what it takes."

Nezu nodded. "Henceforth, you will be Midoriya Kurogiri, son of Midoriya Izuku, joint adoption with Bakugou-kun here."

There was a faint, fragile hope and happiness that bloomed in Kurogiri's Aura, so awed and happy that Izuku felt himself smiling just by feeling it. There was a feeling of fragility and delicacy in Kurogiri's blossoming feelings, like a newborn discovering something for the first time.

Nezu shooed them out of his office in the end, taking care of all the troublesome paperwork. His mind was already running at full speed as he tabulated plans and adjusted them.

What an interesting child.