1 Sign-In Job System. (Rewritten.)

Feng Lin was a straightforward second-year college student. He'd been having the time of his life, relishing every moment of his carefree youth.

I mean, how could he not, with a girl that pretty and who actually cares about him?

Being a reincarnated soul gave him an advantage intellectually, and he was recognized as a prodigy as early as his freshman year of high school. Not to mention the fact that the cheat he had been carrying during reincarnation was about to be activated.

Except for a few things, like when strangers stared at him with murder in their eyes, he was the happiest he'd ever been in his life.

Feng considered how he had already begun to accustom himself to the hostile looks from others. During the time he was waiting, his girlfriend's class was about to end as well.

They were about to begin living together because he had agreed to rent a single apartment with her there. Consequently, there will be more opportunities to speak with her and see her.

Feng is thrilled by the possibilities for their future collaboration. which caused him to smile awkwardly when he noticed that someone was laughing at his appearance.

"How stupid!" Feng opened his eyes in response to a pleasant voice and turned to face Li Lan, the woman he had been dating for the past year.

"Lan-Lan. Your classes are finished, right? Then, before going to look for that, we should leave and get something to eat." Lan grinned broadly, remembering that Feng had never attempted to coerce her in any way during the course of their one-year relationship.

Although he was regarded with contempt by others, she appreciated the attention he gave her. But Lan was convinced that her boyfriend would no longer be a straightforward individual.

"Okay. But first, I wanted to express my gratitude for today's assistance." Stating that Lan kissed Feng while tipping her toes. Feng, who was shocked by the event, became aware of the notification when it began to ring inside his head.

However, he later forgot about it and kissed his girlfriend while holding her by the waist.

"Okay! We are in public, big boy, and that is already enough for the thank-you gift. Our new apartment is perfect for carrying on this conversation, right?" Feng smiled and kissed her a little before holding her bag and taking the seat behind her to let her sit.

"Thanks! The work is getting harder and harder. But, thanks to you, I've been able to keep it up all this time."

Feng smiled at her weary countenance, then reached for the coffee she enjoyed drinking at this hour.


"Here, drink this; I knew that you would say that." "So, I had it prepared for you." Lan blushed, happy, and took a sip, noticing that the ice cube had been freshly placed to make it this cool and refreshing to drink in this heat.

And by the look of the sweat on Feng's face, she knew that this dunce could have done it to set it up for her.

She poured the rest into a cup and pushed it to Feng, who looked at the mug and took it.


[Host has been synchronized.]

[Sign In Job Free System.] [Will Activate Soon.]

Once again, while sipping his coffee, Feng heard the sound and chuckled at the message.

Actually, he had to fulfill a total of 12 requirements before the system would allow him to begin using it. And he'd been working his arse off for the previous five years to achieve it.

"Hehe... This will make it so that I can get to the top of the social ladder much more quickly." As Feng did his best to conceal his happiness, he laughed quietly to himself.

"So what happened?"

'Hello, Feng!'

"You seem particularly cheerful today." This boy in front of Lan was the one she'd been seeing for the past year. This allows her to read Feng's emotions with remarkable accuracy.

"Your apartment probably isn't making you that happy, so why are you bragging about it?" A sudden awareness of being watched caused Feng to turn his attention to Lan.

After he turned around, he noticed a young boy smiling politely as he observed him and Lan-Lan. But as he looked at the young man, Feng's expression froze and his thoughts erupted in rage.

Lan looked stern as she disregarded the other person and walked up next to Feng, her arm around his shoulder.

Put him out of your mind, Feng. As far as we were concerned, he was completely irrelevant. Let's move in together to that new apartment we found, and remember to bring all of our stuff from our old place of residence.

During their conversation, Li Lan brought up Feng's dispute with the Churan, which Feng had been aware of. She grabbed Feng's hand and dragged him because she couldn't stand to see him humiliated in front of Churan.

The speaker exclaims, "Oh my God... A loser who knows he's going to lose is avoiding me by hiding behind a girl. Churan kept the same expression the whole time." He gave Feng a sidelong glance before grabbing Lan's hand to prevent the two of them from leaving.

"Release my hand..." An angry expression formed on Lan's face as she regarded Churan. The shock of this revelation was evident on Churan's face, but he maintained his grip on her hand nonetheless.

With the force of a punch slammed on his face, he was sent knocking down some chairs.

"Agh!!!" There was complete silence in the cafeteria, save for the sound of one person groaning. Lan glanced over at Feng, who stood holding his hand and watching the boy who had been knocked backward.

Lan had never seen Feng so enraged in her life.

[_First Profession initiated: Royal Club House Street Owner. (Category: Management.)_]

[_Initial-Reward of the first profession: Hidden Boxing_]

"Don't touch her, not even with your bare hands." "The next time we meet, I will kill you with a blow to the head."

Feng spat at the man, then he and Lan left the cafeteria together. Both of them left the cafeteria without turning back.

"Wow! wow, what a fantastic blow."

"My goodness, Feng, I've never seen you so angry before."

Feng took a deep breath as he exited the cafeteria; after all, it was the first time he had resorted to such violence.

The question of whether or not he could exert self-control over his strength was therefore of paramount importance to him. Like everyone else, he hoped that cretin wouldn't have to spend too much time in bed.

"Hmm! Sorry, I let a guy like that grab your hand. Just a second while I check to see if he was holding on tightly or what." Lan burst out laughing as she glanced at Feng, who was examining her arm with a mix of casual interest and mild concern in his eyes.

"No, it's fine; rather, I was concerned about you, idiot." "Because of him, we have lost a lot of time, so come on and hop in my car because we are leaving right now."

Walking to the parking lot, Lan and Feng found Lan's Audi, his most standard vehicle, waiting.

Popularity and a price tag of about 362 thousand RMD made the Audi A4 a desirable choice.

"As cool as ever. I can't believe how long it's been since we shared a car together."

Feng sat in the car as they drove away from the university campus where the story of the 6.7-foot-tall, silent dragon who had punched out a man had made headlines.

Keeping an eye on the car as it receded further from sight.

There was a girl sitting by the window who smiled as she sighed and then suddenly looked very serious as she walked toward the dean's office. She was holding out for a specific individual while waiting with an application in hand.

"Yes, that's our Feng! I had no doubt that he was also putting in serious time at the gym. Inconceivable that he would be a wimp."

She smiled at the prospect and went to knock on the door of the school's top administrator. At this, a heavy smell and voice echoed from the room, while a man walking beside her wrinkled his nose.

"Miss, please allow me to take care of this for you." He had hoped to complete this task on his own, but the girl ignored him and walked away without giving him the letter.

"Hmph! To do so would mean that you would only be looking out for your sister and not doing anything to aid Fen-Fen." The girl walked toward a specific class while muttering to herself angrily about past events and ongoing problems.

To the extent that she would need assistance, she would likely ask for it.

The two of them might be able to convince the moronic principal to leave the office room if they can just stop doing that vile thing.

"Bao is way too lucky today." The young woman mumbled to herself as she made her way to class.


"Royal Club!"

Looking at the name of the hotel, Feng did not know whether he should laugh or cry. Due to the hotel's location within the Royal Club House Street jurisdiction, he was effectively the de facto boss of the entire estate, including all neighboring structures.

According to the system.

If Feng is successful in completing all of the system's quests, he will receive a percentage of the company's ownership ranging from 40% to 20%. Where he was about to finish his very first quest!


[First Request. Get the contract from the handler. Without letting others know about your identity on the first day.]

[Reward: Initiating Strengthening.]

[Second Request. Resolve the problem of the vicinity crisis due to the overpopulation of gangsters.]

[Reward: 10% Shares + 100 Proficiency points.]


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