Chapter 3: Entering the Hall, Little Steamed Bun (Please Collect and Save)

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The term "ill-intention" is used subjectively and signifies uncommitted crimes. From an outsider's perspective, the best one can do is to verbally or mentally condemn the person. However, from the perspective of the potential victim's daughter,

slashing the offender to pieces would not be excessive.

But Xiao Yu was no ordinary girl. Even though she hadn't yet merged the vast information from her dreamscape, or perhaps because that information was fragmented and vague, Xiao Yu had already developed some of the rationality and judgment of a 34-year-old woman.

So the first thing she did was—crouch down and hide.

The cat, obviously not a fool, stopped meowing when she crouched down.

Only the cold breeze of autumn accompanied Lai Chun.

"Damn, it's so cold in this weather. In the winter, wouldn't even pee freeze?" Lai Chun was a scoundrel, full of dirty words. All the women and girls in the village had been taken advantage of by his vulgarities.

But he probably had poor eyesight, as he looked around the Wasteland from the street, but saw no one.

It wasn't that he didn't want to go in and look, but the stench was too unbearable, and he was covering his nose at the time.

"Where is that girl ..."

He walked a few steps closer to Xiao Yu, neither too near nor too far, and eventually, unable to bear the stench, he cursed and walked away.

When he was gone, Xiao Yu didn't get up. Instead, she sat on the ground.

"Hey, you're still crying? Can you be a bit more resilient? What you need to do now is..." The cat crawled up to her, but saw no tears, only a pale face in a daze.

"You look..." The cat chose its words carefully and said, "even more foolish now."

After that, it laughed heartily at its own wit.

Xiao Yu gave the cat a disdainful look, thinking it to be a moron.

Maybe her expression was too direct, as the cat stopped laughing and sat down on the ground, causing the two to face each other.

"Aren't you a god? Help me kill that guy, and I'll help you..."

"Don't even dream about it, I'm not going to help you!"

Both Xiao Yu and the cat spoke at the same time.

Xiao Yu frowned, while the cat seriously explained, "We gods can't abuse our powers to help the chosen. Life is tough, and you have to work hard step by step."

"Oh," Xiao Yu didn't insist any further, but suddenly questioned, "You've run out of mana, haven't you?"

The cat's fur bristled as it vehemently denied it, "How could that be? No way! Anyway, just say whether you want to work with His Highness or not. Otherwise, you might as well wait for your death."

It put on an expression that said how dare she refuse its help, while knowing full well how it was the much-needed Big Boss.

Xiao Yu's response was to stand up, brush the soil off her trousers, pick up the hoe she'd thrown away just moments ago, and turn around to leave.

The cat stared at her, disbelieving.

Xiao Yu walked away without looking back, her silhouette lonely and proud.

At that moment, their thoughts went like this:

Cat: I don't believe you won't be tempted. Sooner or later, you'll become this Highness's servant!

Xiao Yu: Hurry up and lower your price. If you shout "wait for you to come back," I'll turn around. Otherwise, have fun trying to sell it!

As a result, the two really parted ways.

Even young girls, young women, and kittens all have their pride.


When Xiao Yu returned home, she picked up her pen and homework, but her mind was focused on how to deal with the hidden threat of Lai Chun.

Tell the village elders directly?

There was no need for memories from the future to prove that this path wouldn't work. The rumors spread about her parents throughout the years by the villagers were evidence enough.

Taking Mr. Lu Xun's words into account, Xiao Yu felt that Chinese people have always been fond of interpreting others with the worst of intentions.

Many people's sense of superiority comes from belittling others verbally, and obtaining the approval of others, a sense of satisfaction that is beyond rational understanding.

——It's like a bowl of eight treasure rice when hungry, too satisfying to resist.

Wolfing it down, an ugly expression on their face.

Of course, in the mouths of those men, these rumors took on a more sinister tone, as they sought to take advantage of the situation.

Her mother had borne this painful environment at the time.

Unable to argue back, she could only endure the humiliation.

Initially wanting to tolerate it, her father wouldn't stand for it. However, Lai Chun's family had connections - his uncle was the village head and had some money. They gathered a group of people to beat up her father, inflicting a serious injury. Moreover, at the time, Lai Chun intentionally used a wine bottle to break two of her father's fingers.

For a carpenter, losing two fingers meant losing one's livelihood.

The Lai family then bribed the Zhunei Village committee, and the village heads of both villages shared a feast together. The next day, the matter was settled.

Afterward, Lai Chun continued to harass them. The men in the village talked dirty, and the village committee kept causing trouble.

With no other choice, their family had to leave the village, just as the cat had said.

This was the beginning of the tragedy.

——Lai Chun was the catalyst, the ignorance and selfishness of the villagers was the secondary cause, and human's inherent evil nature was the root cause.

Snap! Xiao Yu broke her pencil with force, her lips pressed tightly together.

She had to change the course of this tragic fate.

As the setting sun cast its light into the room, she started to form a plan, but it was still far from complete.

Xiao Yu got up and heated the meals. Soon, voices came from outside the courtyard.

It was Qin Yuan and Yu Sheng, returning home.

After a day's labor, they were both tired. However, their simple and easy-going nature, combined with working together, prevented them from giving in to the hardships of life.

But something seemed odd, as both of them looked at her when they entered.

Yu Sheng had already come forward and handed the basket he was carrying to Qin Yu.

Though without words, his eyebrows and eyes were all smiles.

Qin Yuan, who was usually silent and awkward, said at this time: "Your mother saw it."

Yu Sheng couldn't help but glance back at him: wasn't this what you said you'd bring back for Xiao Yu?

Qin Yuan went about tidying up his clothes and shoes, saying, "They can't eat that much, and if you're bored, Xiao Yu, you can keep them; they seem cute enough."

Qin Yu looked down at the little cat nestled in the basket. It seemed to have been washed by Yu Sheng, looking a bit cleaner, but...

Person and cat looked each other in the eye again.

Qin Yu: Not bored, not cute, very ugly.

Little Cat: Same to you, you're even uglier and stupid.

They were disgusted with each other but Qin Yu said nothing, and the family ate dinner happily.

Miao Miao Miao~~ the cat in the basket was not content to stay there and reminded the three people that it was hungry too.

Yu Sheng, always kind-hearted, immediately felt apologetic and stood up to give it some food.

Seeing that she hadn't eaten much herself yet, Qin Yu said, "Mom, let me do it."

She then went to pour a glass of water.

Huh? Both husband and wife were surprised, and Qin Yu explained hesitantly, "The natural science book says that the kitten was just born not that long ago and can't eat cooked food. Drinking water is fine."

You should only drink water! Who pressed the coffin board of your science teacher? The strength must be immense.

The cat glared at her as Qin Yu looked at it gently while feeding it water...

Water pouring into its nose.

Life is hard for a cat, just you wait!


The couple had gone to take a bath, and taking the kitten back to her room, the door was locked, when Qin Yu said to it, "It's obvious that you need my help, but you haven't revealed your terms for cooperation."

The cat was smart too, and realized that Qin Yu was not as stupid as it seemed.

"First, the future you see is not complete. You must have found out by yourself that what you know now is only what your family has experienced at this point. Later generations have already advanced. That's because your soul is fragile, and your brain capacity is insufficient. To get the real killer move to fight back, you need my help. I can give you the full memory of the future.

Second, ..."

Is there a second? What is it?

Is it soaring to godhood?

It puffed out its chest, "In the future, I will become super-duper cute, and you will definitely worship me as your ancestor."

Qin Yu: "....."

There was a moment of awkwardness, and Qin Yu lied, "It seems we both have great expectations of each other, so we need to start the first step of our cooperation now."

Start now?

The cat hesitated for a moment, swaying its tail, and looked at her with some wariness.

"You don't have to do any magic, just let yourself walk a few more steps and exercise your body."

A sixteen-year-old girl, with a gentle expression and tone, plus a naturally simple temperament from being born poor.

How bad could she be?

The cat admitted that in that moment, it believed in this country girl.


The next day, a person and a cat arrived at the east side of the village head's house in the neighboring Shangxi Village. It was only a few minutes' walk, the weather was nice, the sun was warm, and from behind a big tree, both looked at the three connected two-story buildings not far away.

It was the village head's house, much better than the Qin family's.

Cat: "What do you want me to do? As agreed, I can't..."

Qin Yu: "Steal underwear."

Clear and concise.

Cat: "!!!!"

Qin Yu explained, "In my memory, Lai Chun was very much loved by his uncle, the village head of Shangxi Village, but later he got into trouble outside and was arrested and sentenced. It was also discovered that he had been having an affair with his aunt for many years... do you know what that means?"

Cat: "You mortals are really immoral."

Qin Yu: "....."

Cat: "This thing is somewhat damaging to my reputation; as a god..."

Qin Yu: "Today, mom found out that the food leftover on the table was all eaten; I think I need to be honest."

Cat: "Underwear, huh? I remember."

The arrow on the bowstring had to be released. What's more, when recruiting followers, the boss had to show some muscle. Let's do it!

Qin Yu added cautiously and seriously, "Remember, steal the one with two small steamed buns connected together..."

The cat rolled its eyes, arrived at the corner of Lai family's wall, took a little step, and jumped lightly, landing 0.2 meters high on the wall—smashing into it.

Falling to the ground, it didn't matter; as long as the posture was graceful, it got up, brushed off its butt, and crawled through the dog hole.

Qin Yu: "....."

Truly a cat god who could bend and stretch. They must have been promising in the past and were bound to become great in the future.

As Qin Yu silently ridiculed and leaned against the tree waiting for the triumphant return of the Cat God, suddenly, a hand fell on her shoulder.

Someone was there.