Quick Transmigration: Goddess Of My Imagination

Ali Avery was a successful young man adored by everyone. But things were not as they were shown to the life. Shunned and betrayed by his peers... He was hiding among happy facades. Everything changed for him on one fateful night when he awoke in a dangerous new world with a completely different body, and his guardian angel was also there to accompany him. A world where the impossible was possible while the imaginations were the reality of the dreamer. 'Am I a Goddess? I'm just a little different.' 'My imagination can become real magic, but isn't this energy point a bit too much?' Stranded in the new environment, new life, new strength, and new possibilities... How would he/she survive? --- Sequel: My Goddess is Good at Pretending

YuuZu · Fantasy
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1032 Chs

Poor Spirit Beast

Elysia woke up from her rest, and by that time, she was feeling much better. She no longer felt pain or fatigue. As a precaution against threats, Elysia checked her surroundings with her scanning capabilities. After making sure it was safe, she stood up to look at the situation outside.

'Is it nighttime? I slept until the night... This is not good. The night is even more dangerous for me to get out. I'd better go back inside to wait for morning to come.' Elysia returned to her hiding place after seeing that the sky was already dark. She returned to sit in the blind spot of the ever-shining aurora crystal light.

'Sigh... What do I do now? I can't go to sleep again after my rest, right?' As she muttered in her mind, a soft growl sounded out from her stomach.

Elysia hadn't eaten anything from the booty since noon. On her 'escape crime scene' trip, she only drank water to prevent dehydration. Now, it was night, and of course, her stomach protested as if it was asking for food and drink.

Hearing that, Elysia slightly blushed while holding her stomach with both hands. However, she suddenly turned pale and quickly checked her surroundings. She was worried that the sound of her stomach earlier would call for danger.

She let out a sigh of relief after her worries didn't come true. Then, she took some bread from her [Space Storage] and enjoyed a simple dinner in silence without the slightest sound.

The dinner ended with a satisfied stomach. Elysia returned to her train of thoughts about the magic that she still didn't understand.

'Is that maybe true? When I was a child, I remember reading a book about magic that really caught my eye... I knew it was a child's story, but at this point, it proved true that magic is a manifestation of the imagination in the mind. Hmm...' Elysia tried to remember many things ranging from fiction, fairy tales, and novels that she had read in the past.

When Ali had free time, he spent part of his time reading many things. He had always been a loner because of his extraordinary imagination and mindset.

Feeling sufficient about several things, she immediately experimented with a lot of trial and error by relying on her theory and imagination. She resembled the magician in a fairy tale who was trying to create new magic. Some things could be realized, but many didn't even have any effect.

After trying a few things, Elysia scanned the surrounding 200 meters for any danger. She periodically performed the scan for her safety. Then, she tried to realize her imagination in the form of real projections of life elements such as fire, water, lightning, etc.

Her repeated experiments with the elements took quite a while to find enlightenment. She managed to make it appear on her palm after imagining the element's detailed structure.

Apart from mastering various elements, Elysia could also use telekinesis-like power to move small stones with just her will. Unfortunately, she became exhausted and felt weak from the experiments, probably from using too much energy.

It was a late night. Elysia could only sleep and hope to wake up in the morning. She returned to the same hiding spot as before and sat down like a dignified girl.

She was still wearing the dress, and she tried to adapt quickly to this new situation. Inevitably, she had to act like the girl in one of the stories she had read before.

Her lack of experience with friends made her not know much about other people, especially about women. Because of that, she chose the ever-lucky protagonist from a particular story as her role model.

As soon as she closed her eyes, a large creature approached quickly towards the cave where she was hiding.

Instantly, she opened her eyes and raised her awareness of the imminent danger. A large creature resembled a tiger but with a slightly purplish-black color and a pair of wings on its back immediately entered the cave.

'Out of many places, why did you choose to come to this barely visible cave!' Elysia could only curse her wish a moment ago. Instead of luck, disaster came to visit.

'The tiger seems to be seriously injured... Hm, what about the tiger's status?' Elysia took a little peek to see the black tiger's status screen. It was a scary scene, but she did it with great care and consideration.

<| 141 810 Lv. | Spirit Beast Quantum Winged Tiger 124,500>

'I am dead!' Elysia no longer dared to peek for even a second longer. She exclaimed frantically in her mind just because of that tiger's status.

Even though the tiger was severely injured, the level difference between the tiger and her was still too high. If Elysia was desperate and determined to attack, she would just be the tiger's dinner menu. One failure would lead to a tragic dead end.

Just by comparing the tiger's size and herself, the results were easy to conclude. Elysia's small body might just be a snack for the tiger. Understanding the urgency of the sudden danger, Elysia could only try to eliminate her existence for the hope of survival.

She forced herself to remain calm, slowed her heart rate, softened her breathing, and she leaned back in the same sitting position without moving as if she was just another inanimate object.

'What should I do now? I couldn't stay on guard like this all night... Should I kill the tiger? But how?' Elysia tried to find a solution.

Unfortunately, all the methods and scenarios that came to her mind would only lead to tragedy. It was mission impossible for her to inflict 810 damage on the tiger given their huge level difference.

Feeling tired of thinking without a solution, Elysia just closed her eyes as if she had given up on fate. She was still exhausted from the previous experiment.

Elysia assumed she could level up by killing this dying beast. However, because of their level difference and mental exhaustion, she could only sit like a rock and hope that the tiger would leave soon.

An excellent opportunity to level up by killing a spirit class beast could only be missed.

Her calm and peaceful state, despite her mental fatigue, made her look like she was floating, but her body had to remain on the ground. Feeling something was wrong, she immediately opened her eyes again. Surprisingly, the floating sensation was still there, and she could feel it for sure.

It took her a while to realize that she was floating with a body that glowed white and was somewhat transparent. One silly thing, she saw her body in front of her.

'I'm really floating! But my body is there... Ooh! I can pass through my body! Eh? I could feel my body still breathing even though it was slowly getting weaker and weaker. I can feel she still me... So, what am I right now? Spirit or ghost?' Elysia wrestled with her own thoughts and examined a few things.

'At this rate, I'm sure I can kill the tiger without a dead end.' Elysia muttered with determination and conviction. She was content to fly here and there. Even her transparent self could touch physical objects if she wanted to do so.

Elysia accessed her [Space Storage] after hovering right next to the tiger. She passed through the tiger's body in search of its vital point.

When the target was found, she immediately took the Lv. 50 Dagger from [Space Storage] and stuck it right into the tiger's heart. She quickly removed the translucent effect of the dagger as soon as she released the dagger's grip. As a precaution, she also moved away from the tiger as quickly as possible.

In the tremendous shock, the tiger felt its heart pierced by a sharp object. The tiger roared loudly in pain from the painful internal wound before he fell helplessly and died.

'I'm sorry big tiger. Your presence really threatens my safety. I can only pray that your soul can rest in peace in the afterlife.' Elysia prayed for the tiger she had killed unjustly before returning to her body.

If the tiger could hear her thoughts at that time, the tiger would immediately scream and curse the cause of its unnatural death.

The tiger was a Spirit Beast with high intelligence. When the tiger was hunting in a new area, the encounter with a group of humans was shocking, but they only suddenly attacked.

Even though the tiger managed to kill several humans, the battle against the many humans forced the tiger to run away with serious injuries.

After running quite a distance, the tiger found a hidden cave near the valley. Without wasting any time, the tiger immediately went in to recuperate. Instead of recovering, the tiger was killed without knowing why or how.

The tiger would not rest in peace like Elysia's prayer if the tiger knew the cause of its death. Perhaps, the tiger would curse Elysia or something like that. Poor beast.


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