Quick Transmigration: Goddess Of My Imagination

Ali Avery was a successful young man adored by everyone. But things were not as they were shown to the life. Shunned and betrayed by his peers... He was hiding among happy facades. Everything changed for him on one fateful night when he awoke in a dangerous new world with a completely different body, and his guardian angel was also there to accompany him. A world where the impossible was possible while the imaginations were the reality of the dreamer. 'Am I a Goddess? I'm just a little different.' 'My imagination can become real magic, but isn't this energy point a bit too much?' Stranded in the new environment, new life, new strength, and new possibilities... How would he/she survive? --- Sequel: My Goddess is Good at Pretending

YuuZu · Fantasy
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1032 Chs

Journey to the West

Since Elysia was stranded in this world, Elena was sleeping beautifully, she didn't know anything that happened, and anything that might cause them to be stranded in this world. Elena who had always 'inhabited' in her [Soul Realm] was only dragged along.

The two of them are currently floating together watching the stars and galaxies from the universe that seem to have no end.

Elysia talked a lot with Elena in her [Soul Realm]. The seemingly unlimited universe where they were floating was her [Soul Realm].

"But you're so rude, waking me up by yelling at me as a 'ghost'... Do you think this beautiful sister resembles a ghost? Hmm..." Elena already knew the ins and outs of Elysia, and now she is back to the topic of what just happened.

"Uh... I'm sorry. I'm really surprised to see a figure right beside me when I just got here." Elysia is a bit embarrassed to remember that. She goes through far to her own soul and not her body.

"Um. All right, I forgive you. Then I will be your sister. So, call me Sister Elena from now on." Elena nodded feeling pleased. After all this time, she finally had someone to talk to and now decided to make Elysia her younger sister.

While Elena was in Ali's [Soul Realm], she could only observe him without being able to talk or touch, and only because of her presence that actually protected Ali from many tragedies.

"Um. Sister Elena. Please take care of me." Elysia felt no objection because Elena seemed more mature than she was now.

Elena who heard it nodded gently with a sweet smile on her face before hugging Elysia. "Yay! I am now your sister! Since I will always be stuck with you it is better to have a close relationship."

Elysia who was hugged also felt happy and hugged back. Elena has always been with her even from birth as Ali on Earth. At least, she is the most trusted person in her life.

Until there, Elysia suddenly remembered something very urgent. "Um... Sister Elena, you know, I came here because I tried to get back into my body when I entered my spirit form. How do I go back to my body?"

She worries that her body still in a dangerous place without protection will get bad luck, remembering that the loud roar of the tiger might call out bad news.

"Hmm... Your spirit came out after you entered the 'state' and became a spirit form. When you try it again to enter your body in the same way, you actually enter here... What if you try again from here?" Elena only gave a solution for a retry.

Elena did not know much and Elysia, who was in the same condition, knew this. Therefore, she tries again to the previous state by calming herself first and trying to return to her body after closing her eyes.

After a while, Elysia opened her eyes again and still saw Elena before her in the same place. After that, she tried several times with the same results, all attempts failed.

"This didn't work, Sister Elena... Looks like the way back is different from the way out." Elysia seemed a little disappointed and still worried about her body.

"Hmm... Let me try it." Elena saw the pitiful face of Elysia who felt uneasy, and she tried what Elysia did with a few different additions as an experiment.

"Um. Please." Elysia now looked at Elena who tried an experiment similar to the one she had done before to return to her body.

Suddenly, Elena who was floating in an upright position as if a marionette doll that has broken her string and seemed to be falling down. Elysia who saw it readily caught Elena's body.

Actually, their bodies would still be floating, but it was only a sudden reflex of Elysia who thought Elena's body would fall and immediately catch her.

"Sister Elena? Are you still there?" Elysia patted Elena's cheek gently to confirm her condition, but Elena did not respond and made Elysia start panicking.

Elysia who was panicking tried to think of a solution, but suddenly a familiar voice came directly into her mind. 'Ely... Can you hear me?'

'Yes, I can hear you. Where are you, Elena? Elena's body did not move or speak, and Elysia responded by speaking in her mind.

'I'm in your body. I seem to know how to get back into your body.'

Elysia was relieved to know that Elena was fine. 'What's the situation there?'

'Hm... Here is a large black tiger body and we are in a place like a cave with lots of aurora luminous stones.' Elena used Elysia's body to see their present situation.

'*phew* that's good Sister Elena, the danger hasn't come yet. Can you get rid of the evidence there before we leave?' Elysia heaved a sigh of relief.

'Why don't you do it, you can get back to your body.' Elena was confused.

'It's not like that, Sister Elena. We are still in danger, after the tiger's roar, I'm afraid someone will come.' Elysia is still worried about failing to return to her body, the situation outside still feels threatening and they should leave there as soon as possible. She did not have time to try again, fearing danger would come.

'Um. OK. What should I do?'

'Get rid of the evidence by putting the tiger body in [Space Storage], and then go away from there as far as possible.'

'But how?'

'Can you feel anything like storage space in my body?'

'Em... No. I can't feel it.'

Elysia became confused, when she was about to kill the tiger by planting a dagger directly into the heart of the beast, she could access her [Space Storage], but why Elena couldn't even feel it.

'Can I see what my body sees?' Elysia asked to ensure further action.

'I do not know. How about you try to close your eyes and try to feel where I am now. Maybe you can see what I see.' Elena just answered casually, not knowing whether it would work or not.

Elysia closed her eyes and did what Elena suggested. At that time, she could really see what Elena was seeing.

'Sister Elena, now I can see what you see. Can you touch the tiger's body?'

'OK.' Elena leaned closer and touched the tiger's body with her hand. After that, Elysia tried to put the tiger body in her [Space Storage].

Suddenly the tiger body touched by Elena disappeared without a trace as if it was just an illusion.

'Wow! The tiger just disappeared!' Elena exclaimed excitedly.

'We better get away from there immediately.' After successfully get rid of. the tiger body, Elysia immediately exclaimed anxiously, afraid the danger would come suddenly.

'But these auroral luminous stones are so beautiful. Can you save it too?' Elena looked at the aurora stones on the cave wall with sparkling eyes and begged Elysia about it.

'*sigh* Alright, now touch the aurora stones and I will save them to [Space Storage].' Elysia could only sigh helplessly and obey her request, so they could run away from there immediately.

Elena cheerfully touched the aurora stones which instantly vanished as soon as she touched them. The aurora stones in the cave quickly disappeared within 5 minutes and only filled 20 percent of her [Space Storage] capacity.

Besides the bodies of the victims and the 'booty' that Elysia had kept before, plus the bodies of tiger and aurora stones, her [Space Storage] only had 15 percent of its capacity left.

Elysia thought she should immediately bury the bodies of the previous victims to free up space.

After they kept all the stones, Elena immediately went outside the cave. 'Where are we going now?'

'Go westward.' Elysia gave instructions and Elena obeyed without obstacles. She has gone west so far and will continue to go in the same direction to get out of this vast forest zone.

Although they did not know where they were going, Elysia knew that if she went in the same direction then she would be able to get out of this forest, and at least be able to find a human city later.

Along the way, Elysia was able to detect a distance of 200 meters around her body even though she had not returned to her body and was still in [Soul Realm], She just told Elena about the situation and threats around them.

The moonlight still shines brightly in the night sky, Elysia is sure of the direction by calculating the position of the moon and its shadow to stay west. Elena who was in the body of Elysia continued to the west knowing they had to leave their initial position as far as possible.

The tiger had previously come with a heavy wound, with a loud roar before, 'something' that caused such serious damage to Level 141 Spirit Beast might come to check.

Elysia's body is currently undergoing drastic changes that she is not aware of, even Elena is not aware of it. Her hair lengthens a little and starts to turn wavy, her hair color starts to turn golden, her eyes start to turn golden with a unique pattern inside, and her body also starts to change.