Quick Transmigration: Fairy Tale System Book

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Quick Transmigration: Fairy Tale System


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Every Fairytale supposedly has a Happily Ever After and In Every Once Upon A Time, the beautiful princess finally gets to marry her beloved prince, counterattacking to the top and becoming the Goddess of Luck. But in every fairy tale, who remembers the cannon fodders that have been trampled on and forgotten in their everlasting love story? In the story of Red Riding Hood, who recalls the Old Grandma that was torn to pieces, her flesh swallowed by the Big Bad Wolf?–– In the story of Cinderella, who remembers the evil sisters that cut their toes and heels off to fit into the glass slipper?–– In the story of the Little Mermaid, who can understand the pain of the little mermaid who danced and danced with bloodied feet just for the cheap love of a human prince?–– Countless secrets, countless buried lies. Then he can only use a bloodied knife to engrave his name onto their heart–slowly and carefully, savoring the blood that stained his hand with a coquettish smile, because who says that every Fairytale should have a Happily Ever After? First Arc: Cinderella is a Coquettish Green Tea (Mixed Ancient China Setting with supernatural elements .) Slowburn plot and romance. Stories within a story (Each arc is like a story of its own) Paranoid, Neurotic Gong x Lazy Black Lotus Shou. [Quick Transmigation] [Updates every other day] [Vote and comment to support the author's work] 《Every 100PS= 1 Extra Chapter》 《Every 10 Golden Tickets= 1 Extra Chapter》 《The cover is not mine. All credits to the owner. Please DM if wanted to be taken down》 Discord: TomatoesandCoffee#7004 (I don't bite) ^Want to support me more? Send me a kofi^ https://ko-fi.com/tomatoesandcoffee


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