1 Prologue

Eden opened his eyes looking around. It felt good to be in Versal for more than ten seconds at a time. Usually, as soon as he was here he would be pulled to the next universe. He floated around with a malicious smile gazing at all the sea of planets surrounding him each representing a different universe. He blinked and an interface appeared in front of him. He used Versem to make sure that everything is under his control. He smiled wickedly. To think that he had to transmigrate in the multiverse into more than a thousand different universes to finally be free.

He was born in a modern era so to him the multiverse was just a theory not that he was interested in. He had way more on his plate like surviving. He was abandoned as a child and grew up in an orphanage. He started to work when he was ten years old and never stop until he built his empire at 28. His company was worth millions and when he could finally sit and enjoyed the fruits of his labor he died. He thought that he would cross the Nai He bridge and reincarnate but he quickly found out there was no way in hell anything good would ever happen to him.

As soon as he died he appeared in Versal the portal to the multiverse. He felt the system Versem bounding to him and had no more control over his actions. When the link was made he felt drawn to a planet and woke up in the body of a man named Eden. The weirdest part is that they were eerily similar and they both ended up having a difficult life and dying painfully. As soon as he died he was back in Versal again and was immediately sent to another universe. The second body he inhabited was called Eden as well and he struggled all his life and had the same terrible fate as him.

This went on and on. He quickly understood that god or whoever was doing this to him thought that he hadn't struggled enough in his universe so he felt that he should feel the pain that every Eden from every universe did. So he transmigrated in every one of his bodies from each universe having a pain-filled life and a miserable death. Over time he managed to siphon power from each universe by changing a small part of the lives of the Edens. He only altered something small enough that would go unnoticed by Versem.

More than a thousand universes later Versal and Versem are under his control. Now that it is he'll travel to every universe he hasn't yet and make sure the Edens have a good and long life. He's going to make sure that every person responsible for the demise of the Edens pays dearly.

He knows that someone had a hand in making sure that every Eden from every universe lives and dies miserably. He thought that he was vindictive but next to that person he is a saint. Once he has accumulated enough power he'll be able to track down the person who built Versal and Versem and kill him. Unfortunately, his list of enemies is long but that person went to great lengths to make sure that he pays. It's time to return the favor. Eden's eyes landed on a universe and he floated to it. He reached out with an evil smile and disappeared.

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