Quick Transmigration: Changing the Male Lead's Terrible Fate Book

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Quick Transmigration: Changing the Male Lead's Terrible Fate


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On the fourth day of May, Kevin was murdered in his apartment. He has no enemies and no friends. His parents have their own families, and he lives alone in a 200 meter square apartment – in other words, he does not have anyone who bores hatred against him. But he died. And the police concluded his death was an act of revenge homicide. Kevin pondered who would kill him when he suddenly woke to unfamiliar surroundings. And it took a few minutes to be processed in his head… Why are the furnitures so big?! The bed's mattress is so wide it's like the whole floor uses it as a floormat! The window is so high Kevin felt he was inside a church with glass walls as high as a three-storey building! Even worse, the appearance of a flower vase at his side is as tall as him! What the hell is going on?! [Host, you now possess the identity of the Male Lead's precious cat!] Kevin: What did you say? [Current Mission Progress: 0%] [Host, please work hard and prevent the Male Lead's terrible fate!] Kevin: …… What nonsense?! I just died! ………………………. [Host, the villain is one step closer to harming the Male Lead's life! Please prevent them!] Kevin: …… [Host, a villain's lackey wants to kill the Male Lead! Please stop them!] Kevin: ….. [Host, the Male Lead incurred a huge loss because of the villain, please bring him home and pamper him well!] Kevin: …… [Host, the Male Lead is injured because of the villain! Please nurse him back to health!] Kevin: …… Am I the Male Lead's mom or a pet?! ______________________________________________________ Updates are on Wednesday and Thursday.


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