1 Chapter 1: school starts

Konoha Village.

border zone.

Yakumo Jin woke up and started to prepare his breakfast which consists of milk, fried eggs, and bread.

He is a transmigrator, and he has been here for three days.

It was a cold night and the original owner died inexplicably at home, went to the Pure Land, or merged with his soul.

The original owner's parents were ordinary chunin from Konoha Village, they were cannon fodder.

His system awakened three days ago. It was not a complicated system, but a very simple single-player interface.

〖Daily task〗〖Weekly task〗

Along with crossing, this game becomes more essential, leaving only the most primal personal interface and task system, as well as a minor insignificant reward.

Name: Jin Yakumo

Age: 7

Constitution: 3.3 (stamina, physical resistance, recovery)

Strength: 2.7 (load, attack, etc.)

Agility: 3.1 (neutral reaction, running speed)

Intelligence: 4.2 (learning ability, mental resistance)

Immediately close the personal information bar, and click on the daily task interface, this interface will refresh three tasks every day, and each task reward is a small number of attribute points and 50 gold coins. Since the time of crossing is not Monday, there is no weekly task refreshed this week.

As for the gold coins, Yakumo didn't find any specific use. After three days of hard work (the task is just simple ex. making his food, cleaning the house, training etc.) he had 450 gold coins.

〖Daily tasks〗

"First, the beginning of a day is in the morning. 』

-Before eight in the morning, complete a five-kilometer jog.

Reward: 50 gold coins, 0.1 constitutions.

"Second, diligence can make up for one's clumsiness. 』

-Before eleven o'clock in the evening, complete and write a summary of the Will of Fire.

Reward: 50 gold coins, 0.1 strength.

"Third, the meaning of spring. 』

-Accept Mori Masako's bento and told her I like your bento the most.

Reward: 50 gold coins, 0.1 intelligence.

Even if he crossed the road, he couldn't change the nature of the game. Jin reprimanded himself, after eating a simple breakfast he then started running in the morning after a simple warm-up.

Breakfast, 7:40 am.

The location of Yakumo's house is on the edge of Konoha, and not that far from the death forest (the place where the chunin exams are held). He jogged to a bookstore. At this time, the first task had become ready for submission.

"task completed: rewards 50 gold coins, 0.1 constitutions."

The warmth flowed from the inside of the body to nourish his tired body. This heat flow came and disappeared completely in a few seconds.

This wonderful feeling is like being in warm water, and then being massaged by countless pairs of gentle hands.

"Bashi is very~"

If there is one word to describe this feeling, it is one word, cool!

It was this thrill of getting stronger that became the driving force for Jin. He dared to swear that this was a trick to keep players in the game.

After some haggling, he bought a copy of "Uketsugareru Hi no Ishi (The inheritance of the will of fire)" for one hundred and twenty taels. This was the reference material he needed for the second task.

At first, Yakumo tried to complete the task through some professional techniques (just browsing the book I think), but the result was a failure of the task.

Through a few observations, Jin found that some tasks are linked to the things he experiences this day which is equivalent to some kind of prediction. This morning, the third Hokage will lecture on the will of fire, and this will naturally contain a small completion of his second task.

A few days ago, to complete the task, he stayed up all night to read "How to Survive Alone in the Wild", "Necessary Qualities of Ninjas", and "Analysis Report on the Characteristics of Kunai and Shuriken".

In the morning, 8:30 am is the time when the third Hokage Sarutobi Hiruzen lectured the will of fire in the auditorium. As a freshman entering the first year, he was given priority to soak in the brilliance of the will of fire in the first few rows.

Sarutobi Hiruzen stood on the podium and began to briefly introduce himself...

"I am the third hokage Sarutobi Hiruzen I learned from the second Hokage."

" I was known for having proficiency over all forms of ninjutsu, to the point that I earned the title of Professor."

" I Commanded and win the Second Shinobi War."

Does this guy come from Versailles?" Yakumo couldn't help thinking in his heart as he looked at the emotional Sarutobi Hidden who was introducing himself on the stage.

Sarutobi Hiruzen let out a clear cough, looked around at the immature first-year students in the audience, and began to give a formal speech.

"The will of fire was proposed by the first hokage Senju hashirama...."

Jin Yakumo's eyes brightened below, and he quickly took out his notebook and began to record gradually showing deep admiration.

"As expected of a brainwashing expert in the ninja world."

Two hours later, Jin Yakumo couldn't help but sigh inwardly as he looked at the increasingly frenzied eyes around him.

"This also includes the study of success..."

In the blink of an eye, it was 12:30 pm, and Sarutobi Hiruzen announced his departure, but his face was rosy and showed no signs of fatigue.

"Old man, it's just long-winded."

The black-haired boy in the front row suddenly complained it was Yakumo's classmate Sarutobi Asuma who complained about the third Hokage in this tone.

Hey, Yakumo-Kun, your bento."

Mori Masako sat down next to Yakumo, took out an extremely delicate wooden lunchbox, and the aroma spread through the gaps of the wooden box.

Yakumo thanked him and stretched out his hand to take it.

Task three, trigger.

"I like your bento the most."

Jin Yakumo smiled and opened the wooden box, swallowing the seaweed riceballs and the fragrant soup in the lunch box

"Hey, Yakumo-kun, eat slowly."

Not far away, Kurenai turned around and chatted with Asuma about the afternoon class.

Mori Masako looked at Yakumo who was gobbling down and showed a smile. Since her parents passed away, she has not seen her friend happy for a long time.

"task three completed: 50 gold coins, 0.1 intelligence."

The cool energy gathered in the brain, and Yakumo completed the strengthening in a few seconds. Today, on the first day of ninja school, the class teacher will teach us about chakra in the afternoon.

Yakumo Jin's parents are both ninjas and there are couple of jutsu scrolls and scrolls for chakra manipulation in their room, but opening your chakra before the age of six will affect your physical development.

After school, Jin walked home with Mori Masako holding the scroll for chakra refining.

Mori Masako's parents retired more than ten years ago. With the contacts they made when they were ninjas they opened a ninja shop with no worries.

"Yakumo do you want to practice throwing kunai with me?" The two walked to the door silently, Mori Masako couldn't help but ask, eyes full of expectation.

"No, I'm going to go home and try to refine chakra." Yakumo replied coldly, closed the door on his own, and walked to the dimly lit yard, ignoring the gradually resentful eyes of the girl behind him.

He understands Mori masako's feelings for the original owner, and the understanding he has amassed since childhood. If anyone in this world can sense his rebirth that person must be Mori masako.

But the task is still to be done...